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[The Exempt Elect]

The following is presented "as is", just as it was first published in 1983 in a book titled "The Tontine Government."  This transmission is not offered for general consumption, as only a very small percentage of what you will understand or appreciate its contents, and it is for that very small percentage that it is primarily being offered.

[EXON: "(In Britain) one of four yeomen of the guard who act as commanding officers in the absence of higher authority. Also called EXEMPT."]

      The Federal Reserve Act transferred the money making powers of the United States to a private group of bankers who then set up the fractional reserve system of banking. Under the charter granted to this private corporation, there was a stipulation that if the American people did not agree with its operation, the people had 20 years to oust the corporate charter. They could (or were entitled to do this) by the use of an ancient Common Law Writ called a Quo Warranto ["quo warranto" means "by what right?"] After 20 years it becomes a matter of Public Policy; Public Policy being a part of the Law of Nations under the Law Merchant. Twenty years puts us to the year 1933, which is the infamous year the Congress suspended our Public National Money System (Gold Standard, House Joint Resolution 192, June 5, 1933) and put an end to the American people being able to "pay" their debts "at law." Upon reading the debates of the 73rd Congress in 1933 on the subject of the gold standard, one learns that on June 5, 1933 America became bankrupt; being unable to tender in "payment" of debts.

      But that is only part of the story. What you probably also missed was the part where America was re-insured by a credit policy and this was done under the Statute of 19 George II c. 37. At the stroke of the pen, American lost its Constitutional government in "payment" of debts and its 18 delegated powers, along with its allodial land titles and all the "law" that went with it. Instead of "paying" taxes to support a democratic-republican form of government, where the people are sovereign, we now have a parliamentary-republic in which the Congress is the sovereign. But more importantly, all we can do is a compelled performance in "discharge" (NOT PAYMENT) of debts. These "discharges" are nothing more than insurance premiums to the Federal Reserve, which is a Tontine policy which is re-insured by a credit policy.

      The idea of a Tontine scheme is nothing new, but has existed in one form or another since the Roman Empire. As time went on, it became more sophisticated up to the point where it is today. The first Tontine started in America in 1791. By the year 1880, Tontines were very numerous and were quite corrupt. There was practically no end to their power due to the immense amounts of money involved. As a result of this money power, the Tontine insurance companies were buying up businesses and controlling the government. As a result, the Tontines became so corrupt and gross that they threatened the American family and the very basis of the United States of America. This corruption spurned the Armstrong Committee in the year 1905 to investigate the Tontine insurance companies. After a long investigation, the committee recommended that the state legislatures pass legislation banning Tontine schemes. This was done under the non-forfeiture statues. The owners of these Tontine schemes saw that their whole world was about to collapse because of the pending legislation regarding their schemes. They immediately went to work to establish a federal system to both broaden the scope of their operation and avoid the problems of operating in individual states. This was the start of the Federal Reserve System in 1913. The Tontine policy is a gambling policy, or what is called in the law, a wagering policy. The cunning plot to reinstitute the Tontine scheme at the federal level in the name of the Federal Reserve is by all means cunning and despicable. This is the basic groundwork used to enslave the American people.

      Their next move was the suspension of the Public National Money System (HJR 192) in "payment" of debts, and then 5 years later, the Erie Railroad v. Tomkins 304 U.S. 64 case, which opened the flood gates to flood the country with insurance script, debt and credit in "discharge" of debts.

      The plot to enslave the people thickens even more because until the advent of (HJR 192) and the Erie Railroad decision, the Maritime or Admiralty Law now prevails over the entire country through re-insurance of a credit policy mentioned earlier. The second a person touches the credit system of the Public National Credit (Federal Reserve) they have involved themselves in a Joint Maritime venture for profit in a Tontine policy of limited liability for the payment of debt. The joint venture being the use of the communal credit, Maritime Law is a credit system, and finally, you have created an insurable interest because you used the credit system of the commune. The insurable interest is what the federal income tax, right to work taxes, property taxes, and all the other obscenities that you can think of are about. These are not taxes, but insurance premiums on the use of the credit for profit.

       In the case of De Livio v. Boit, 2 Galliston, Mass., Federal Case No. 3776 (1812), it was held that insurance is a maritime contract, therefore, of Admiralty Jurisdiction. A person's involvement in Maritime Law (communal credit of the Tontine, HJR 192) means you are on a voyage and hopefully it will be successful (gambling) and you will make a profit. Under limited liability for the payment of debt, the limited liability is provided by the insurance premiums you tender (your taxes).

       Common Law insurance is for the security of the family unit and not for profit. This means that you want to place yourself under the Common Law rather than the Maritime Law, unless you are greedy, corrupt and in control of the system! The principles of Maritime Law is not family, but rather for profit, and under Maritime Law you can be (and are) compelled to carry insurance (pay taxes -- a form of protection money) and you are now beginning to see the mess this country is in and how we got here.

      The gold bill being promoted by Rep. Ron Paul from Texas is another hoax by the enemy in order to destroy the Federal Reserve, thereby allowing the Class "A" stockholders of the Tontine to foreclose on the United States Treasury, whereby all the land titles will be totally locked up along with the highway system that has the U.S. in front of the route number, the Library of Congress will be confiscated and all the truths about the corrupt Tontine will disappear forever. These are only a few of the foreclosures to come. Rep. Ron Paul's gold bill is a private gold system owned by the owners of the Tontine swindle. This gold bill will not repeal HJR 192, nor will it be a Public National Gold Standard owned by "We the People" in "payment" of debt.

      The Formula of the Federal Reserve is as follows:

       Fractional Reserve Banking is a Tontine policy, re-insured by a credit policy in the form of ex-chequer annuitie bills generating an over insurance, which is split with the Class "A" stockholders of the Federal Reserve and the United States Treasury. This split started in 1946 to fund their socialistic programs whose effect catalized small investment and over-consumption, postulating traded discounted script, compounding on Tontine principles, whose price premium is being confiscated through insurable interest at positive premium, positive premium, reflecting inflation.  

       As one can see, the freedom movement has been taking an historical approach to the problem and this has been in error because nowhere in the history of the world today have we dealt with the issues that we are confronted with today.

       An interesting fact, as a result of the Tontine (Federal Reserve), HJR 192 and the Erie Railroad decision, is this: there is no longer an immovable law (Common Law) of the world to guide commerce. Everything is in collision through a Tontine (gambling policy) for profit (greed) under limited liability for the payment of debt, ala John Calvin and the Teutonic Order. For more information on the Teutonic Order, see the "Black Book of the Admiralty" 4 volumes, the authority on Admiralty Law. The above Tontine, HJR 192 and the Erie Railroad decision, 304 U.S. 64, has now turned private enterprise, not free enterprise, into public law under the International Law of Marine Insurance under the guise of National Government. This law of insurance (limited liability for the payment of debt) has superseded the Common Law and equity. All the Law and equity has been dismantled and replaced by a wagering policy of insurance under Admiralty Law.

      Since HJR 192 and the Erie Railroad decision replaced the immovable law (Common Law) with the movable law (law of marine insurance), then it follows that there are in reality, no Common Law juries today. Today's juries decide no issues of Law. Today's judges, state and federal, are now more properly Vice Admiralty Chancellors ruling in marine insurance and the juries merely advisory councils which serve as the conscience of the Vice Admiral (after being instructed by him). The legislature (sovereign) has already ruled by passing the statute initially. One has to remember that we as a people and a nation are bankrupt and insolvent, being unable to determine our own destiny because we cannot truly "pay" our debts. You are not responsible today for what you do, Common Law, however, is full responsibility for your actions.

      Organized religions of today teach the Tontine principles of the Teutonic Order. Proof of this is that the church will not marry you unless you get permission from the State. The license, incidentally, is purchased with Tontine insurance script. This license requirement is a direct result of the church having its franchise to operate from the State under limited liability for the payment of debt (forgive our debts as we forgive our debtors). For more on John Calvin, read Thomas Jefferson's letter to Dr. Benjamin Waterhouse, June 26, 1822. For profit, because the church is tied into the Tontine credit system and is gambling to make a profit. Ultimately, what this all means is the One World Corporate Church (EXON) operates for profit while its debts are passed on to the reprobate or non-elect slaves on Space Ship Earth. This "good ship Earth" concept is important because it allows the law of maritime insurance and not the Common Law to operate and our freedoms are based on the Common Law as prescribed by our Founding Fathers.

       The law of maritime insurance (Tontine) imposition is destroying families by turning them into warring cannibals. The order of the day will soon be murder, rape, robbery, distrust and lack of respect for your fellow man, along with unidentifiable fatherhood to be a corporate cog in their machine to worship their coal-tar god of EXON. This will all work for the benefit of the people of EXON (the elect) who will be exempt from all liabilities. These EXON are the last survivors of the Tontine swindle, such as George Rapp and his Harmony Society that became the first Tontine court case in America. In this case, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court upheld the people's right to enter into a commune and each surrender his property into one common stock for the mutual benefit of all. Schriber v. Rapp, 5 Watts 23 (1836). It is this very case that opened the door for the destruction of America and its precious document called the "Constitution of the United States." The Class "A" stockholders of the Tontine Life Insurance Corporation of limited liability for the payment of debt called the Federal Reserve. They will own everything on the face of the Earth and the non-elect reprobates will be locked into performing as slaves. The non-elect will be forced to use all the EXON's phony products so the EXON can show a profit. Thomas Jefferson said it will take mankind at least 2,000 years to overthrow this slavery should we become totally locked into it.

      This may sound like an insane story, but it is true, nevertheless.  

Lee Brobst - Lecturer