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by Leslie A. Lummis,


As written by Lee Brobst, and as published by the Duck Club News Digest, Stockton, California in October 1983, in a report entitled "The Alarm is Ringing".


      The Federal District Courts are the only courts in the country that have jurisdiction in Limited Liability (cases) for the Payment of Debts. Every time you are hauled into a Federal District Court on a tax matter,.. or what you think is a tax matter,.. the judge issues a decision, and expands upon the Maritime Law.

      While you are involved in Maritime Law, if you are damaged by a seaman, you cannot collect damages due you caused by a seaman. This is the reason why people who file civil rights suits against the IRS and judges get shot down.

      The required report method? You lose because of failure to state a claim on which relief can be granted. You are a seaman aboard spaceship Earth trying to redress a right, but you have no rights when you're involved in National Credit.

      Once you understand the maritime law and how it works everything falls right into place including the Internal Revenue Service. In maritime law they have what is called double insurance. Its very common because of the complexity of the goods carried on each ship they make sure there are two insurance policies so if one should fail the other will take its place. The first insurance policy is Social Security and the second one is the Income Tax.

      Quoting Mr. Brobst, "Limited Liability for the Payment of Debts works like this: I heard there was a man in Missouri by the name of Layne Crist who had left his beans in a grain elevator for storage. When the elevator announced bankruptcy, Crist went to the elevator to get his beans out. The elevator people said he couldn't take them out but Crist forcefully removed them anyway, where upon the Elevator prosecuted him. They could do so because Crist no longer owned the beans!

      They had been stored in a commune,.. an elevator in which there were multiple demands on stored property. So when Crist went back for his beans he was arrested for stealing property. The reason? That property belonged to the Commune,.. that is to everybody that deals in the public National Credit. He enjoyed Limited Liability for the Payment of Debts.

      There was another thing that Crist didn't know. He never owned the beans in the first place because he was involved in Public National Credit and he got a loan to grow the beans,.. so there was a lien on the beans before they came up out of the ground.

      Now he also owns a tractor. That is he thinks he owns a tractor, but whenever you can't perform on a loan everything you have becomes pledge for your activity. So, in such a case ,..one really "owns" nothing! One becomes a feudal serf upon the land.

      The minute you quit performing, the authorities will confiscate everything you own and eject you from the land. That is the "CON" game they have going under the IRS Federal Reserve System!

      To free yourself from these restrictions, imposed under the Maritime (Admiralty jurisdiction) , you would have to sever yourself from Social Security, liquidate your home mortgage, give up bank accounts, and liquidate all loans. Everything that ties you in to the Public National Credit. Otherwise everything you make, or will make, becomes a common pledge to the national security while you're on a "joint venture for profit".

      Now perhaps you can understand how you can be involved under the Federal system, which ties you in with "Maritime" Laws and subjects you to "Admiralty" jurisdiction under the law.

      For banks, Limited Liability for the Payment of Debts works like this. Let's say that you owe me $10,000, and you have $10,0000 in a savings bank but the bank collapses. You think you're OK because the bank has FDIC to protect you. But the Bank relies on Limited Liability for the Payment of Debts and the insurance company that operates under Limited Liability is the FDIC and for every dollar you have in the bank there is only  cent available upon demand. So if you have $10,000 in the bank you can't pay me, and I can't pay my bills either.

     Quoting from Mr. Brobst:

      The IRS Tax Court is a court of insurance right out of British law. It is called a 'Court of Insurance' in Blackstone's Commentaries, Vol. 3 or 4.

      Our Federal District Court judges are set up as judges of Maritime law. Once you get into this and understand it, you will see how the Federal District Courts work. Maritime law was separate from the rest of the court system. When you went into a maritime court, the papers you received there stated in the caption at the top "IN ADMIRALTY".

      I found out from Benders Federal Practices Manual, Vol. 1, that the hiding of Admiralty law started in 1966. At that time, our courts joined admiralty with other law forms, so if you went into court on whatever type of case, whether In Equity, common law, or some other form, you would not know, or be told that your case would be in "Admiralty", but it would be switched into Admiralty without your knowledge. Thus you no longer know what is going on in the Federal courts.

      In Maritime Law , your insurance is good for a year at a time, just as the IRS asks for payment of their "insurance premium," a year at a time. You have to re-program your mind to think: "insurance" in place of "income tax". We are not dealing with real money today, backed with gold or silver... We are dealing with maritime law and credit, and this is something you must remember.

      When people revoke their marriage licenses they have a common law marriage and the State loses its jurisdiction over them. That is one way of beating the community property laws.

      Twenty years after enactment of the Federal Reserve Act, on June 5, 1933, during a Banking Holiday which lasted for three weeks, Congress enacted HJR-192 to suspend the gold standard and abrogate the gold clause in contracts.

      This resolution declared that "Whereas the holding or dealing in gold affect the public interest, and are therefore subject to proper regulation and restriction; and whereas the existing emergency has disclosed that provisions or obligations which purport to give the oblige a right to require payment in gold or a particular kind of coin or currency,.. are inconsistent with the declared policy of Congress,.. in the payment of debts."

      This resolution thereby declared that any obligation requiring "payment in gold or a particular kind of coin or currency, or in an amount in money of the United States measured thereby, is declared to be against public policy; and, Every obligation, heretofore or hereafter incurred, shall be "discharged" upon payment, dollar for dollar, in any coin or currency which at the time of payment is legal tender for public and private debts."

       Note that the words do not talk about "payment" of debt, but clearly states that "Every obligation,.. shall be discharged." Once we understand the facts, a light comes on with regard to our understanding of what has been, and is, going on in our courts.

      Every court in the land is operating under the jurisdiction of Admiralty, and in this jurisdiction, among other things:

           (1) The jury if there is one, is merely advisor to the chancellor (judge), 
           (2) The advisory jury must see and hear only the evidence that the judge must see and hear only the evidence 
                        that the judge permits,
           (3) The Advisory jury must take the law as the judge dictates it to them;
           (4) Substantive common law (Bill of rights) is not cognizable,
           (5) There is Limited Liability for Payment of Debt,
           (6) There are no such things as rights, only privileges,
           (7) Performance is compelled for receiving benefits from privilege.

       Proceeding with the observations of Mr. Lee Brobst:

       I am now going to take you back in time to 1933. Because there was an Act of Congress known as HJR 192 that suspended our gold standard. What this did was to forbid the American people to pay their debts at law. The only thing we have been able to do since then is to SKIP paying our debts! When you cannot pay your debts at law, you are put into the jurisdiction of "limited capacity" which limits you from performing an act,.. and this is you are prevented from paying debts. What happened in 1933 is this: When Congress suspended our National money system they opened the flood gates for Maritime Law to come inland, into situations formerly dominated by common law.

      Now the founding fathers set up two jurisdictions for us in this country. One was the Maritime Law and the other was the Common Law for local use of the states. So when Congress suspended the gold standard they thereby released Maritime Law into land areas formerly dominated by Common Law.  The effect was to destroy what is called the "allodial land title" which is the substance of common law.

       In 1933, we went into instant "bankruptcy" or "receivership" to the private Federal Reserve Corporation. All of \our money went into the hands of a private group of bankers who are the stockholders of the Federal Reserve,.. the central bankers from Europe, in cooperation with some of our own.

        So what happened is this: The bankers started creating check book money over our land title which means that this involvement which has taken place since 1933 changed America from a common law "allodial" system into a common law feudal system.

       Upon the total bankruptcy of America the powers that be who own the Federal Reserve System will foreclose on the U.S. Treasury.  In the process, they will have turned the U.S. into a private profit making corporation for their exclusive benefit, and you will be but a serf in their employ.

       An insurable interest, under Maritime, triggers a multiple of things, such as: the liability for a State Income Tax, a County Income Tax, a right to work tax, etc.  It triggers additional insurance policies to protect an "insurable interest" under Maritime.

       When we plead a tax case in court, we think we are pleading taxes, but the judge takes a different view of it, that it is a matter of insurance in a Maritime contract, and that it heretofore comes under "Admiralty" jurisdiction and procedures.

       Under Maritime Law, we are responsible for any loss which occurs while involved in maritime commerce. Under the common law which prevailed prior to this case (1948) we were responsible for our debts. If you and I own a ship and we want to transport goods to Japan, we solicit people to ship goods with us. Three days out of port we are hit by a severe storm which damaged goods on board our ship.

      Under the common law, we would have been responsible for the loss of goods on board. The shippers saw this as a threat to maritime shipping so they induced Congress to pass a law which is called "The Public Liability Statute", which was passed on March 3, 1851. So as a result, the ship owners are now exempt and the shippers are responsible for their goods, under maritime law.

      Now in 1933, when we lost our public National money system, we were all thrown into national bankruptcy under law and insurance. When you are involved in maritime law all your property, including the shirt on your back, is a common pledge for the security of everyone concerned.

      In years past, it was too dangerous to ship money. The maritime law supplied the credit system to replace money,.. a credit system which has to deal with bills, notes, and checks as we have today. So this is the modern way,.. bills, notes, and checks, simply paper, called "money." All this is legal under authority of mercantile law under "Admiralty" jurisdiction.

      According to Mr. Brobst, the foreclosure of America by the Federal Reserve System will occur when the debt becomes so large that we can no longer pay the interest, or the interest exceeds the principal. According to Mr. Brobst, at that time the powers behind the Fed will own all the land titles and we will all be but serfs upon the land we once owned.

      Finally, having introduced you to the implications of Admiralty laws, as described by Mr. Brobst, we encourage you to research some of our writings which describe why we must replace the fictitious so-called "Federal" Reserve System, with an Association of States, thereby reasserting our control over our future, whereby we become tax-free once again.