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By Lee Brobst 

      People are becoming more concerned of their real property rights today than ever before.  This has been brought about by the ever-increasing controls that Government has put on the land such as all environmental laws etc.  This is a direct result of the people dealing in the debt/credit banking system, i.e., writing checks and using credit cards, There is an alternative to writing checks and that is the use of bank money orders. People must also learn responsibility for their own welfare.  The debt/credit system puts more demands on the land than the land can cope with. In other words, the debt/credit system creates checkbook and credit card money out of thin air. The goods that are produced do not come out of thin air but the substance of Mother Earth. If you have enough people using the debt/credit system motivated by wants instead of needs, there will come a time when Mother Earth will rebel against the abuse. We are at that point in time now.

      Those who are next to the land such as the family farms are more in touch with reality than the average person because the farmer knows you only get out of the land what you are willing to put into it.  The family farmer knows there is something going on that he cannot survive but he can’t put his finger on it. Hopefully, this information will be of help not only for the family farmer but also others who want to do something to stop what is happening to them.  In order to keep up with all this insanity, the farmers, and I use them as an example, have to dump more man made chemicals with its toxic results on the ground and plants, that in turn produces food that is contaminated with toxins in addition to no nutrient value worth mentioning. There should be 90 minerals and vitamins in the food we eat, instead there is from 7 to 22. In turn the farmer has to use even more chemicals to order to make ends meet. What life did exist in the soil is gone. In turn the people eat the food and they become sick. In turn they go to the allopathic medical system that is not designed to cure diseases, only relieve pain by three methods, burn, butcher and drug.

       The cause of the disease or ailment (lack of minerals) is never treated only the symptoms, in order to perpetuate the disease that was treated earlier. In fact the medical system calls it practicing medicine. In the mean time, the farmer has a legal problem because he is going to loose his farm because of some violation of some endangered species act or, because he cannot get enough from his crops to make a living, so he goes to a lawyer. The lawyer practicing law charges him x amount of dollars to fight the farmer’s dilemma and the farmer looses in court. Again the lawyer goes to court addressing the symptom and not the problem. The cause of the problem in the beginning is your involvement in the debt/credit system under the civil law but, instead of going into a state court to battle under the states common law where the endangered species act has no standing, the lawyer goes into federal court under the civil law and the federal court judge says to the farmer, you violated the endangered species act so off with your head.

      The people have to understand that the nation went bankrupt (insolvent) in 1933.As a result, we lost our free enterprise system under the common law of the states to a private enterprise system under the civil law to a quasi federal government.  Since 1933, we re-insure each other in a debt/credit relationship of compelled performance where there are no absolute property rights, only relative rights.  In other words, with relative rights everybody in the debt/credit system has a claim on everything you think you own.  That is how all these Government agencies can impose controls and taxes on personal and real property.  You have a feudal lease on the property.

      You must go into the state court with an action of trespass against the Government under the common law but, you must be free of writing checks and use of credit cards, i.e., contracting yourself into the unincorporated side of the banking association and the civil law system that it represents.  Otherwise the court will rule under the civil law based upon a presumption that you are part of that communal system.

      Under the communal system, there is so much debt created against the land, that when you can no longer perform to meet the demands on that land you will be forced to either sell to some land developer or be forced to leave the property because you never owned the land in the first place despite what you believe. Someone else will take over like some mega international corporation with a bottomless money pit and proceed to produce even more mineral depleted food because the corporation is not interested in mineral rich food, their only interested in the bottom line of huge profits to satisfy greedy CEO’s and stockholders.  It must be noted here that new broadcaster Paul Harvey announced in the spring of the year 2000 that 33,000 acres of farmland are being lost every day to developers of housing projects and or shopping centers.  Harvey also announced in the summer of the same year that Argentina and Brazil notified United States that they cannot supply us with all of our food needs but, nobody is listening.  Is this part of population control along with the fact that Monsanto, Cargill, and ADM have complete control of the commercial seed supply in this country.

       Regardless of who you talk too, or articles you read concerning Government; they have one thing in common and that is, the Government and the bankers are in one gigantic conspiracy against the Constitution and or the people. The truth of the matter is, the people are in one gigantic conspiracy against the Common Law that is embedded in that Great Charter of Incorporated Powers called, “The Constitution of United States of America” and its first 10 Amendments thereto; not to mention the States’ constitutions with their original Articles of Rights. All one has to do is watch TV and see that 95% of the advertisements on the TV concerns either credit cards or drugs, both of which sink the Common Law with its liberties into a vast quagmire of debt and oblivion as neither offer a final solution. They are designed to get you back into the squirrel cage as quickly as possible in perpetual performance to our wants and not our needs.  The common law will take care of needs and not our wants.

       The public policy conspiracy is not yet in high gear, when it gets there, what you are witnessing today is only child’s play. One thing is for certain, if you want to be healthy, you are going to have to grow your own food, probably inside shelters. Otherwise, your offspring will live to the ripe old age of 30 by consuming more and more toxic chemicals in order to support corporate communism under mega international corporations flying the United Nations Flag in their quest for huge profits. Yes, the debt/credit system that you are part of is tied into the United Nations. You the individual have your hands around your throat and are squeezing. When you decide to be free of the parasites in the United Nations you can let go because your remedy lies in the Common Law of your State.


All information posted is the opinion of the author and is provided for educational purposes only.  It is not to be construed as medical advice. Only a licensed medical doctor can legally offer medical advice in the United States. Consult the healer of your choice for medical care and advice.