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NUL TIEL RECORD. No such record. A plea denying the existence of any such record as that alleged by the plaintiff. It is the genera1 plea in an action of debt on a judgment, Hoffheimer v. Stiefel, 17 Misc. 236, 39 N.Y.S. 714; Watters v. Freeman Bros., 16 Ga.App. 595, 85 S.E. 931. Judgment of nul tiel record occurs when some p1eading denies the existence of a record and issue is joined thereon; the record being produced is compared by the court with the statement in the pleading which alleges it; and if they correspond, the party asserting its existence obtains judgment; if they do not correspond, the other party obtains judgment of nul tiel record (no such record).” Black’s Law Dict. 4th ed.