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{In The U.S. District Court For The District of Alaska}

 Epperly vs. Potter & Cribley

"Ad Valorem Property Tax Immunity"

Plaintiffs Defendants 
  PDF  Complaint - (08-01-2017)   "Hyperlinks" Enclosed Throughout Document.  PDF  Bud C. Cribley
             - (08-14-2017)
Notice of Removal
(Federal Officer Removal)
     PDF   Exhibit "A"  Letter to Assessor
"Challenge of Jurisdiction"
 PDF  Bud C. Cribley
             - (08-16-2017)
Motion To Dismiss All Claims Against Cribley With Prejudice
     PDF   Exhibit "B"  United States Homestead
Land Patent No. 1188129
 PDF  Robin Potter
              - (08-24-2017)
Motion To Dismiss All Claims Against Robin Potter With Prejudice
     PDF   Exhibit "C"  BLM Administrative Hearing
No. 1641BLA126
 PDF  Bud C. Cribley
              - (08-28-2017)
Cribley's Reply In Support Of Removal And Motion To Dismiss
     PDF   Exhibit "D"  New West Materials vs. Interior
BD. of Land Appeals,
No. 05CV403
 PDF  Robin Potter
              - (09-07-2017)
Reply In Support Of Potter Motion To Dismiss
     PDF   Exhibit "E"  U.S. Court of Appeals
for the Fourth Circuit,
case No. 05-2362
 PDF  Robin Potter
               - (09-07-2017)
Potter Non-Opposition To Epperlys; Motion To Amend Plaintiffs Opposition To Defendant Robin Potter's Motion To Dismiss
     PDF   Exhibit "F"  U.S. Supreme Court
case No. 07-44
  PDF  Robin Potter
               - (09-29-2017)
Potter Opposition To Epperly Motion To Amend Complaint
     PDF   Exhibit "G"  Assessor, Robin Potter's and
BLM State Director, Bud C. Cribley's
"Letters of Response"
     PDF   Exhibit "H"  Gordon Warren Epperly's Letter
"Misdirected Ad Valorem Property Tax Billing"
 PDF  Notice of Correction - (08-07-2017)
 PDF  Proof of Return [Defendant Robin Potter]  
 PDF  Proof of Return [Defendant Bud C. Cribley]
 PDF  Answer to "Minute From Chambers" - (08-14-2017)  
 PDF  Answer to Cribley's "Motion to Dismiss" - (08-25-2017)  
 PDF  Objection to Potter's "Motion to Dismiss" - (08-30-2017)  
 PDF  Motion to Amend Objection to Robin Potter's
                 "Motion to Dismis" - (09-01-2017)
 PDF  Objection to Cribley's "Reply In Support
                  Of Removal
" - (09-06-2017)
 PDF  Motion to Amend Complaint - (09-12-2017)  
         PDF  [Proposed] Amended Complaint with Exhibits  
 PDF  Objection To The Use Of Legal Fiction Names
                   - (09-14-2017)
 PDF  Reply Support Of Potter In Motion to Dismiss
                   - (09-14-2017)
 PDF  Notice of Payment of Real Estate Property Tax
                  - (09-18-2017)
 PDF  Exhibit - Idaho Attorney General Opinion No. 96-2
                  - (04-18-1976)
   PDF  Homestead Land Patents versus
Homestead Patents In Fee
- (09-25-2017)
State of Washington
Attorney General Opinion No. 70-11
- (06-04-1970)


Objection To Potter Opposition
To Epperly Motion To Amend Complaint

- (09-29-2017)


U.S. Congress Declares
Zoneing Ordinances of States
 Do Not Apply To
"United States Homestead Patented Lands"

- (10-17-201)
Court Documents Miscellanous
 PDF Minute Order From Chambers - (08-14-2017) e-mail logo E-Mail Message   The Want of Delegated Authority of Defendant Bud C. Cribley
 PDF Minute Order From Chambers - (08-16-2017)  
 PDF Minute Order From Chambers - (08-17-2017)  
 PDF Minute Order From Chambers - (08-29-2017)