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Licenses To Practice Law

{State of Alaska}

In The Matter of Amy Mead

"Judicial Candidate for the Superior Court at Juneau, Alaska"

Letters to Governor Bill Walker
Letters to Alaska State Legislature
Letters to Alaska Judicial Council
  Letter - Duel Office Holding - (08-13-18)
       Includes Alaska Attorney General Opinion No. AN2016101165
  Alaska Judicial Council Judicial Selection Survey for Juneau Superior Court Judge - (07/02/18)
  Letter - Chief Justice H. Bolger - (08-03-18)   Qualifications of Alaska State Judges - (06/12/18)
  Letter of Teastimony - Office Qualifications
of Judcial Candidates - (08-03-18)
  A visit to the Office of Alaska State Governor - (07-30-18)  
  License to Practice Law (Amended) - (07/23/18)  
  License to Practice Law (Clarification) - (07/15/18)  
  Governor Bill Walker [Judges and the BAR] - (07/09/18)  
  Qualifications of Alaska State Judges - (06/12/18)  
  Defects of the Constitution for the State of Alaska - (02/11/17)  
E-Mail Messages   


   A Visitation by FBI and U.S. Marshal Service   Alaska Attorney General Opinion No. AN2016101165
       This "Attorney General Opinion" addresses "Duel Office Holding."
   Judges and U.S. Constitution, 14th Amendment (Introduction)   Open Letter to Alaska State Legislature - (12/26/13)
      This letter addresses the influence of "Jews" on the "Politics" of "America."
   Letter - Office Qualifications of Judges and Attorneys   Open Letter to Agents of the Crown
       This letter addresses the creation of "BAR Associations."
   Licenses to Practice Law - State of Alaska   The BAR Card (An Overview)
       Membership "BAR CARDS' are not "Licenses" to "Practice Law."
  Office Qualifications of Candidates for Judges   Letter - Enrolled State of Alaska 'HJR 27' - (07-10-09)
       A good review of the U.S. Constitution, Fourteenth Amendment.
  We Americans Own America  
  Amended Letter - License to Practice Law of Judges Video  Video - Creation of the Birth Certificate Trust
       The conversion of a "Human Being" into a "Legal Fiction."
    Obama Birth Certificate (Hawaii - Kenya)
       This is a "Microfilm" record of "Birth" of "Hussein Barack Obama" which is on file in the State of Hawaii.  It is not the "Obama Whitehouse Website" paper "Birth Certificate" as purportedly "Photoshoped" by a "Staff" member of "U.S. Representive, Nancy Pelosi."




Be forewarned!  Those who are poor and middle class citizens

have no standing before the "Courts" as a "Pro Se" litigant.

No "Attorney" of the "BAR Association" will help you prepare a "Case"

if you cannot pay their $300.00 per hour "Attorney Fees."


Many who have visited this website have expressed a view that it is

a waste of time to resolve their grievances with the government

through the use of a pen and paper.  In the "State of Alaska," no one

has been able to locate any "Civil Complaint" as filed with a "Court of Record"

which has ever been ruled in favor of a Plaintiff "ProSe" Litigant for over twenty-years.






Revised: August 13, 2018