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Chapter 13 


In my dozens of letters to the IRS, SSA, banks, Justice Department, tax experts, Department of the Treasury, State Department, OMB, GAO, lawyers, and Congressmen; I never got a direct answer about the following laws and fundamental principals. Try getting your own non-answers. If you persist in your inquiry, you will arrive at the truth by noticing what questions they won't answer. [Tip: don't bother talking to self-called Christian lawyers].

1. Applying for a Social Security Number is entirely voluntary and is in no way mandatory, or required, or coerced. There is no law that requires you to get a number. There is no penalty for not getting a number.
2. Compelled signatures are invalid. If an Application form was mandatory, or required, or coerced, then it would be invalid and inadmissible in Court. That's right! YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER WOULD BE INVALID IF YOU WERE REQUIRED TO GET ONE.

Forced Contracts are void. Compelled signatures are inadmissible in Court. But deception by the master deceiver or his disciples is allowed. It is your duty to know the truth and avoid deception. The Fifth Amendment prohibits the government from forcing you to sign "Confessions." Even on Income Tax Forms, as in the Garner case, which I'll quote later.

3. If any law requires you to have a number, they would assign you one without your signature (and over your objections). But there is no law that requires you to have a number. Without your voluntary signature, they do not have a right to kidnap you and force you into their jurisdiction. The GATT Treaty changed this, in November 1996 they started numbering their "Collateral."
4. You've exchanged real rights for civil rights. You cannot be punished for failing to get a number that you are never required to get. No rights can be denied for failing to get a number. The government can not interfere with your natural rights by requiring a signature. Not your right to contract, not your right to earn wages, nor any other natural right. By the term `natural rights' I do not mean "entitlements" such as welfare or social security payments. Welfare and social security (and bankruptcy and divorce and food stamps and abortion and interest and public education) are privileges of being within the government; they are not natural rights. They are NOT available to regular people. Government Socialist Benefits are doled ONLY to the Wards of the government. These are privileges, not rights, even though they are often called "Civil Rights."
"Civil Rights" are the opposite of natural rights. Real rights come from God and are inalienable. Real rights are the ones that existed before government existed. The people who created your government hired the civil servants to help them protect their rights. "Rights" do not come from government. Here is the distinction:
    • Real rights cannot be regulated.
    • Civil rights must be regulated. According to Nickell v. Rosenfield (1927), 255 P. 760: "A `civil right' is a right given and protected by law, and a person's enjoyment thereof is regulated entirely by law that creates it."
As further proof that Rights cannot be denied, here is an interesting Court case to study. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission v. Information Systems Consulting, Civil Action CA3-920169-T in the U.S. District Court, North District of Texas, Dallas Division, filed 1/27/92. The employer, Information Systems Consulting, had hired Bruce Hansen, a Christian Fundamentalist who did not have a Social Security Number, then fired him for refusing to get a Social Security Number. The EEOC charged the employer with discrimination claiming that the SSN is the "Mark of the Beast." The employer settled out of court.
5. You waive ALL your Rights by volunteering for a number.

There are less than a dozen federal Court cases where someone was required to get a SS Number. ALL of the cases involve people who are applying for welfare benefits, yet had religious objections to getting a number. I could not find any Court cases where an average citizen was required to get a number. Ever since SSN's have existed, no religious objector (other than Welfare Applicants) was ever required by a Court to get a number. Not to get a job or open a bank account or pay a tax. ONLY WELFARE APPLICANTS ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE A SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER.

Throughout history, those who voluntarily become slaves in order to care for their families, are permanently marked and serve their master FOREVER (see Exodus 21:6).

You have a natural right to sign Contracts. Like Esau, you can (with an Oath) sell your birthright for a bowl of stew (Genesis 25:33). At least he ate what he bought; you sold your birthright for the mere promise of a future bowl of stew. (By the way, God hated Esau according to Romans 9:13 and Malachi 1:3)

By signing a Contract to apply for a future bowl of stew, you have enlisted in your federal government. You've accepted a dual citizenship, both state and federal (acknowledged by the U.S. Supreme Court in the 1875 Cruikshank case and now allowed to be a presumption that any Court can make unless challenged, by the 1938 case of Erie RR v. Tompkins, 304 US 64). In Appendix C, I prove that you do not have access to the first eight Amendments in the Bill of Rights nor a right to a trial by jury.


6. Only those who have a number must disclose it whenever disclosure is required by law. Only Wards of the government are required to have proof that they are Wards of the government.
7. No one can disclose a number that does not exist. No one is asked to disclose a number that does not exist. No one is required to go out and get a number just because a law asks those who have a number to disclose it. Example: there is a law that says employers must ask for employee's "Green Cards." This doesn't mean you have to go get one.
8. Some employers must ask for a number, but No employer is required to obtain a number (except perhaps civil service jobs, as I explained earlier). Unless you consent, employers cannot seize part of your pay without a Court Order. In fact, if you are a non-resident of Washington D.C., an employer has to request authority to act as a "Withholding Agent" (per section 3504-A of the Internal Revenue Code) and forward his request with a Form 2678. If you sue an employer who takes what is yours, the IRS will not back them up in Court. (And, by the way, your labor is your property. Your Constitution prohibits an unapportioned tax on your property. Also see Appendix G).
9. Banks will ask for a number for interest bearing accounts. You can still get a non-interest checking account without a number, but you still need government ID. But beware, you still grant the government the Power of Attorney by getting a bank account, even without a number.
10. Banks and employers are required to ask for a number, just on the chance that the Applicant might be a Ward of the Treasury Department. A numbered person does not have a right to partake of Contracts with banks or employers. He has waived his right to earn wages. The Ward has a government granted privilege, not a right, to participate in Contracts for wages or in Contracts for interest (more about interest laws later). These are taxable government privileges, not rights, and the government requires the disclosure of the SSN so that the government granted privilege can be taxed. This is a legitimate indirect excise tax that need not be subject to apportionment.
11. The Social Security Administration became an independent Agency on March 31, 1995. It now involves the U.N.. More about this later.

Be cautious when any law says that you must fill out a Form, or that you must get a number. The term `Must' often means `may.' (See Appendix B).

The U.S. Supreme Court in U.S. vs. Minker, 350 US 179 at page 187: 
"Because of what appears to be a lawful command on the surface, many citizens, because of their respect for what only appears to be a law, are cunningly coerced into waiving their rights, due to ignorance."