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Chapter 7 



In the entire history of Social Security Numbers, there have only been six people who have been told by a Court to get a number. Note that ALL OF THE CASES INVOLVE PEOPLE WHO WERE PARTAKING IN WELFARE.

  • Bowen v. Roy 106 SCt 2147, 476 US 693 (the only Supreme Court case
  • Callahan v. Woods 479 FSupp 621 (reversed by 658 F2d 679
  • Chambers v. Klein 419 FSupp 569 
  • McElrath v. Califano 615 F2d 434 
  • Doe v. Sharp 491 FSupp 346 
  • Green v. Philbrook 576 F 440, (reversing 427 FSupp 834)

There is NO other Federal Court case requiring someone to get a Social Security Number. No one in authority has told you to get a Social Security Number. Except for these six welfare recipients, there are NO other federal cases requiring someone to get a number. Not to work, not to pay a tax, not to open a bank account, not to drive, not to vote, not to cash a check. [I've been told, but could not confirm, that there was a Florida case where someone was told by a local court to get a SSN to register a boat]. NO COURT HAS EVER REQUIRED A WORKER TO GET A SSN, not even a federal worker. There are plenty of cases where workers who already have a number are required to give it. Once you are in their snare, there is permanent slavery.

Again, throughout history, only Socialists have been required to have these Socialist identifiers. There is no government requirement for ordinary people to get a number. ONLY the Beast (the red Beast of Socialism, Revelation 17:3) requires ordinary people to get a number.

In one case, the Court concluded that someone who was receiving welfare didn't have to number their children because of their belief that the Social Security Number was the Mark of the Beast. It would be worthwhile to read the case Stevens v. Berger, 428 F.Supp. 896. Also related to SSNs for children, read the third Callahan case 736 F2d 1269