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Your Social Security Card is the Mark of the Beast

Bible predictions have now become true.

There is verifiable evidence that all these Bible predictions have become true: 
A second beast that came up out of the earth, while exercising the authority of the scarlet first beast who raised up out of the sea, upon whose heads is the name of blasphemy, has deceived you into worshiping (with a perjury oath) a substitute god to get a graven Mark, issued by a final world government, symbolically in your right hand and forehead, that you must use as a banking authorization number.
This seems so straightforward to me, that I don't dare dismiss the evidence. Could the other elements of this prophecy also be true? Let's take a closer look.



This essay is published for Bible believers who suspect that we are in the end times, and would like more proof. If you are not a Bible believer, skip to the court decisions in Appendix G to prove for yourself that without a Social Security Number you would have kept your right to earn un-taxable wages.

It is my Christian duty to warn those who have an ear to hear. Do not be lulled into waiting for a one-man world leader to issue an implant in your right hand. The final moments of world history are unfolding before us.

A Social Security Card has all the attributes of the Mark. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, so I will present ample proof for you to consider. I'm confident that these verifiable proofs will withstand scrutiny. If you don't want to believe the evidence, then prove it wrong. Don't simply deny. A denial disproves nothing. Your Bible instructs you to prove all things and hold fast to that which is good. Don't dismiss my message until you've read my Chapter "Answers to Skeptics."

Satan has a counterfeit authority to obey. It is a very close imitation to legitimate authority. Obedience to counterfeit authority is mutiny against lawful authority.

Disclaimer: I have not confirmed some of the cited references, especially those of early history. Please don't use anything until you are satisfied that the references do indeed confirm what I am passing along to you. I will correct any errors. Another disclaimer: If you want legal advice, consult your lawgiver.

I don't claim to have any divine interpretation of Scriptures. I merely rely upon history to show that prophecy finally has come true.

This is not a Manual on how to survive without a Mark. Those who refuse the Mark will not be able to sell their labor, buy housing or conduct business. But, you already knew this. You just didn't expect it so soon. You will end up jobless, homeless and without the means to survive. I don't want you to risk death avoiding the mark until you are well prepared for the consequences of your stand. On the other hand, I cannot advise you to compromise with evil just to save your life. While He was speaking of the end times, Christ Himself said: "Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it;" Luke 17:33. And, "the cowardly shall have their place in the Lake of Fire." Revelation 21:8. This is the second death. Narrow is the way which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

For those of you who decide to take a stand, may the Holy Spirit comfort you in your persecution.

Steven Dudley Miller, editor