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 Lesson Eight

Eventually, if you begin to think of these three very different families of mankind on the earth, the question of the responsibility for sin in the Garden of Eden must be addressed. Did Nachash or Satan have any children? If we ascribe Cain to either, is there any point of presenting to that wretched seedline the Gospel of Christ? If that enmity is perpetual, and God implies that it is, and Christ verifies that it is, then is there any point in witnessing the Roman Road to them? No, for this seedline will always be at war with Christ. They are not His sheep and they cannot hear His voice. His sheep know Him, and He knows them. It is obvious that any missionary efforts toward the Children of the Wicked One are doomed to failure, and a complete waste of time and money. Worse than that, it is an insult to our Christ and His ministry and truth. The worst insults to Christ have always come from the Christian humanists, who generally refer to our King only by His first name, Jesus.

Nowhere is it stated that Satan and His Bands are going to be able to "get right with God." This Satanic seed, those whom Christ identified as being "of their father the Devil," are not going to be "saved" and that determination was made before the foundation of the world, and signed and sealed by the Word of God in Genesis, Chapter 3. Why bother to extend the Gospel to them? So, to further establish what we taught earlier, there is no way that all men can be saved, for Satan's seed are obviously excluded from those glorious ranks. /1

How about the rest of Chay's children living contentedly in the Land of Nod? Were they a party to the sin of Adam and Eve? Of course not! God would not hold accountable to those who had such a perfect alibi would He? Since Chay's children are not descended from Adam, they were never placed under the Law of Moses. Thus, they are not under the jurisdiction of The Law, and lawfully they are not, and never were, sinners. Since that is true, why would they need a Saviour descended from Adam, their non-Kinsman, in either the spirit or the flesh? Do you see now the reason for the absolute futility of sending Christian missionaries to Africa, India and Asia? Those good folks are not under the penalty of the sin of the Garden or of the Law of Moses! Also, they are not the put-away-in-punishment sheep of the House of Israel.

If you will now take time to read Genesis, Chapter 5 to at least verse 8, you will see the generations, or the descendants, of Adam. Even though Cain was born of Eire, it is clear that Adam was not his father. This alone is enough to disprove the Scofield and modernist idea that Satan's seed must have been a "spiritual one" while Adam's seedline was a physical one right down to Christ. Himself. We have no intention of letting Satan off the hook as so many of my friends are inclined to do with their "non-seedline doctrines." You will note that the descendant Abel was not listed either, because he is the product of Eve and Adam while they were in the sinful, unforgiven status. So, the only true son of Adam and Eve that has ever been recorded is Seth, whose name means The Substitute. The Bible says that Seth was created in Adam's Image.

This wipes out that pseudo-scientific speculation which alleges that since Eve had carried Cain, his blood had mingled with hers, that some of Cain's Satanic traits would come down to Seth in a later pregnancy and he would be "a little like Cain." They use this false argument to support their theory that there could not have been a physical seed of Satan introduced into our mother. Eve. That theory, is unknown by genetic professionals, /2  as to either mankind, cattle, dogs, and other domestic animals today. Certainly at the beginning of Creation, that was not the case. The Bible is clear on that matter.

The Substitute was in Adam's Image, or likeness. From The Substitute, married to one of his sisters, which was not a genetic problem in those days, comes his son Enos and all the rest of his family.

Almost the entire Chapter of Genesis 4 is devoted to the subject of Cain, from his birth to his punishment. Our Heavenly Father wants us to be able to recognize him both in his physical traits, and also that he will always be a fugitive and a vagabond in the earth. God wants us to notice that the Serpent race cannot get the earth to give any increase, and hence this is a people who are never seen in the farming business. They cannot earn their living from the soil and they would always dwell in the cities.

The Seed of the Serpent have a built in propensity to do evil. They are incapable of doing otherwise. As with the bee who builds his nest as he does without knowing why, so too will the descendants of Cain eventually expose their God directed traits and instincts. Among Cain's descendants you will find one named Tubalcain mentioned in verse 22. He is one of Satan's seed that the modern Masons apparently think so highly of that they make a point to always mention his name in every Lodge meeting. Are most Masons aware that their hero, Tubalcain, is descended from the Fatherhood of Satan in order to make possible their Brotherhood of Man? No, the Masons are as ignorant as the average Christian as to what they are doing. Certainly, they do not realize that when they open their Lodges in the 3, with the Six pointed star of Moloch resting on the Bible, that they are actually worshipping that ancient god of the East. If Christians knew it, they would stop.

How can we identify Satan's Seed so as to withhold all missionary efforts and government foreign aid to them if we are unaware of what we have taught so far? How can we be able to guard against their deception and intrinsic treachery, if we hold the thought-theology that all men are created equal or that salvation is to be offered to everyone? Knowing now the enmity placed by God in Satan's Seed people, and its intended direction, where would you expect to find their lies to be directed the most heavily? Would it not be against Jacob's children, the Caucasian Christian people? Would it not also be in an effort to hide their origin and to pretend to be among the Seed Line of the Woman?

Fortunately, there is no difficulty in identifying Chay's children as they have moved across the earth since the good old days in the Land of Nod. Since Chay's descendants are under no inclinations directed by God to have enmity age against the Image people of the Woman's Seed, Christians need not be constantly afraid of forthcoming treachery. This is hardly the case with Satan's Seed who have also relocated about the earth since those days East of Eden. Satan's interracial melting pot has been boiling for centuries. Thus, many of Satan's descendants, with their intrinsic traits well intact often pass among us unnoticed. Many, as Christ's tenure among them indicates, pretend interest in His Ministry, only to be exposed for what they were by Him, right in front of his Judean and Galilean associates. Not having a quick and easy identifying slogan to present to His Disciples, Christ could only advise His followers to inspect the fruit and ignore their words. Even by that early date, Satan's Seed had penetrated the organized church and legal professions. They sought to destroy Him either through their wicked thought-theology or by the law.

John, the Baptist, a man of ready discernment, let his contempt for Cain's kids show no moderation when he addressed them with these words:

"O Generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come?" -St Matthew 3:7

The clear implication from his words was that certainly he did not warn them. The Greek word here translated generation, is gennema, literally meaning "off-spring or race." Vipers is from the Greek word echidna, meaning literally or figuratively, "poisonous snake." Curiously, this word echidna appears only four times in the Bible, and each time it is pinned on the Jewish Pharisees or Saducees. So, by the authority of the Word of God, Christ, and St. John, The Baptist, we know who the Seed of the Serpent was in those days.

While pretending to be interested in the Righteous Way, the software of their God-directed instincts betrayed their hidden agenda. For publicly identifying the race of The Serpent, John the Baptist's head was delivered on a platter to a dancing damsel! (St. Mark 6:28) The gypsy dancer gave the platter to her mother, who, no doubt, had instructed her that it was even more valuable than half of Herod's kingdom.

Christ was the other person who had the courage to publicly identify the Serpent Seed, as the physical race of vipers, and you all know the outcome of that social indiscretion. As time goes on, in this Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, it may become illegal under some so-called "hate-crime statute" to even publish this private letter quoting the Word of God regarding the various races of mankind.

To retrace our conceptual steps for a moment, I admit that I do not know very much about bees. If a hornet and a wasp were to land right here on my computer keyboard, and my life depended on it. I could not tell which of them was satisfied with a mud house and which would soon join his brethren in the paper nest in the Sweetgum tree. Only an expert in bees could do so, and bee-keepers reading this letter may wonder why I cannot distinguish what is so glaringly obvious to them. So, being a novice at bee-inspecting, all I can do is follow that creature and observe his handiwork. So, that's a wasp! But, within an hour I might still be as ignorant as before. You see, my eyes are not trained to notice all of those tiny distinguishing differences between the various kinds of bees. All I can tell you is that if it builds a nest like a hornet, it must be a hornet.

Mankind, however, is not so easily identified, and so important is the line of the descendants of Adam, as distinguished from the Serpent's Seed line, that your Bible lists again and again those genealogies, why? It is done to positively establish that throughout the generations, from Adam to Christ, that no Seed of Satan's children got mixed into the Image People's genes and heritages. If this one consideration had no value, except for an eventful history of our forefathers, we might as well discard hundreds of pages of ancient facts, dates and places. There are some that are trying to do that by publishing only the New Testament, or the Book of St. John as the whole Gospel Truth. They are modernizing the language so as to soften the unpleasant portions of Chapter 8. If possible, in their commentaries, Sunday School materials, and preaching, they try to shift the blame for the unlawful trial and murder of Christ from the Serpent's Seed to the Roman soldiers. Modern preaching of these government churches, that is, those who file a 501 (c) (3) tax exemption, in so far as possible, try to remove the guilt rightly placed on those who say that they are Judeans and are not.

Without a thorough knowledge of the implications of Genesis 3:15, and the positive identity of the descendants of the two seed lines, Christians will never understand why such a wonderful man as Jesus Christ, who never did anything wrong and committed no crime, would be murdered in so brutal a manner. They will no longer look on Him as the Last Sin Sacrifice for the Atonement of Israel, but only as a Personal Saviour in a strictly humanistic and religious sense.

/1 If you insist upon denying, for whatever reason, that Satan produced an actual physical seed. and seedline. you will eventually wind up having to identify the woman's seedline, that of the children of God, and that of Christ. Himself, also as a spiritual seed.' Once the Serpent's seed is properly identified, then all of Christ's followers will know who the true Jacob-Israel is on the earth today. The blasphemous lie that the anti-christ Jew is the Israel of God comes from the Christian refusal to properly identify the physical seedline of Satan. 

/2 The theory is called "Telegony." I talked with many with DMV and PHD degrees on this subject. According to Dr. Keith Bertrand of the Department of Theriogenology. University of Georgia, the blood of the mother never intermingles with the blood of any baby in her womb. However, the blood of twins do intermingle. Thus it is possible that Abel might well have had some of the seed of Satan in him, and this may also be a reason why Almighty God saw to it that he did not produce any "questionable" Seed Line. 

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