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Star Wars,
 Lesson Eleven

Jesus Christ came, specifies St. Matthew, to save His People from their sins. If salvation were extended to any other people, or required of by all mankind, St. Matthew failed to tell us. He goes on to remind his Israelite readers that this Jesus Christ would be a Governor having jurisdiction and authority over Israel. If, as some suppose, he was to be King of the world, that too, was not discerned by St. Matthew. Almighty God, setting into motion the great events of history, offers no suggestion that the Edomites and a host of other people infested with the Seed of That Wicked One are to be permitted into the Kingdom of His Son. Having no concord with the Satanic Darkness, The Light never suggests any compromise. Neither do I, St. Peter reminds us:

"Be Sober, be vigilant; because your adversary, the Devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about seeking whom he may devour: Whom resist steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in the world."

How are we to be vigilant, if our adversary roars in an unexpected way?

Every Book of the Bible, though written by forty authors, was set forth by one of God's Image People primarily for those who have the ability to blush. None were directed toward the Wicked Seed who were made wicked by the Word of God. As with many of you, I had a very difficult time believing that God would actually create a wicked people, and even sustain and protect them as the Tares, just so that they might be around to put the stress of hatred on His Chosen. After years of study on this theme, and trying to learn the Mind of God, I can say that I now believe it, but I must admit that I still do not understand it. St. Paul states that The Potter has power over the clay and that some people are "fitted for destruction." Some God hates before they were born and upon others, He shows no mercy whatever. I had not been taught as a boy that our merciful Heavenly Father had this curious side to His Personality.

Because of the false teachings under the Sign of the Star of Moloch, most Christians are sitting smugly under their spiritual date palm tree without the faintest idea that their lamps have no oil. It seems that they can be deceived by almost anyone who comes along. Christians, turn up your hearing aid, for your adversary is roaring and you are about to be devoured.

The key to understanding world and national events is found to the part played, in enmity, by those whose internal programming and spiritual loyalties lie with the Star of Moloch who are those of the Synagogue of Satan.

Adolph Hitler, for instance, was one man whose genes were heavily endowed with the Seed of that Wicked One and his fruits, in both his wretched personal life with Eva and his socialist political life bears this out. His activities with the Nazi Party caused the death and suffering of more Christians of The Woman's Seed than any other man in history! The Jewish-controlled news media, that Zionist element which controls Esau-Israel, the ADL, the Mormons and the Fundamentalist Protestants, shudders when I keep reminding them that Hitler, while pretending to be a pure Aryan, was, in fact, not racially qualified to make that claim.

Hitler's father, Alois, was the illegitimate son of a wealthy Jew named Frankenberger, of Graz, Austria and his Caucasian maid, Maria Anna Schickelgruber. Hitler's father was half-Jewish. Young Alois slept with a maid named Klara Polzl while she was not his wife, and Adolph, her fourth child, was born from that union. It is certain, beyond any shadow of doubt, and modern revisionist writings of the Hitler Cult today, that Adolph Hitler was 25% Jewish. Do you see how the genes still program the offspring of Satan? Even after a thousand generations, the wasp will still build a mud hut. Quite predictably, once the pattern of conduct of the Garden of Eden is properly understood. Alois had several other children by women of Caucasian racial stock whom he was able to provide the carnal knowledge of Good and Evil, beguile, and then, if you will pardon the Biblical expression, take and eat. Moloch's men, both Jewish and so-called Christian, want us to forget that millions of our brethren died because of Hitler's programmed enmity with the legitimate Seed of the Woman. Because of what Hitler often identified among his Gypsy friends as his "Jewish nose," Hitler grew a funny mustache and attempted to make sure that he was never photographed in profile. An early sketch of him, drawn during his Vienna student days, is shown on the previous page. What do you see in this photograph regarding ethnic origins?

It is known, through many valid sources /1 that Hitler was a participating occultist. He was an understudy of an author on the subject, Lanz von Leibenfels. Interesting? The hornet builds true to form, each and every time. He was taught his socialism by one of those who participated in the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, a fellow Moloch man named Rosenburg. He revised his Communist International Socialism while in prison, to his own form of National Socialism, the German phrase from which the term Nazi originates. His philosophy was not very different than that of President Clinton if you will study them both carefully and make certain adjustments because of the different era and problems.

America is moving now very quickly into what would properly be characterized as a fascist state, with private ownership, but government control, of all means of production.

Thus, Adolph Hitler was a far leftist and had no sympathy with the so-called "right wing." If you will read his 1922 pamphlet, Eine Abrechnung, [Settling Accounts] you will see that his philosophy was that the German right wing concepts were wrong and bound to fail. His popular book, Mein Kamph [My Struggle] holds no concepts of limited government and more individual responsibility.

To Hitler, the State was God. Well, his god is dead and he is dead, and our God lives on. The word struggle, by the way, is a communist word and you should look with care at anyone who drops that word in their vocabulary. When I managed a visit to the mountain home of the former President of Costa Rica, the late Don Pepe Figueres. I was not surprised to see that he named his huge estate La Lucha Sin Fin, The Struggle Without End. That name gave, me a solid clue to his real politics, and later I found out that he had been an adamant Hitler supporter. When I personally knew him as an avid communist.

As chance would have it, Adolph Hitler's book that forecasts things to come in these times is one titled My New Order. Hitler was well on his way to the New World Order that is, even now, coming into totalitarian enforcement upon us.

It is true that Hitler did "hate the Jews," but only those Jews of low estate, the gypsies, the vagabonds, the fugitives and the degenerates who worked little and produced even less. They were not going to become a social burden to his New Order. He had no intention of having every tenth person in Germany on welfare, as is now the case in America. He would have no problem with a Henry Kissinger, who would fit right into his socialist agenda. Where is there any evidence that any wealthy or educated Jews ever worked and died in his Detention Camps?

Lucy Dawidowicz, a Jewish woman, wrote in her book, The War Against the Jews, that it was this pro-Soviet Rosenberg who first gave Hitler the pamphlet, Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Why would this Zionist do that, for heaven's sake? Well, let's consider another aspect of Herr Hitler. Hitler arrived in Munich at the age of 24, without friends, family, career, occupation or education in anything but art, and that took the form of rather poor oil paintings. He looked and acted the part of a born-loser hippy of the American 1960's. He was, as he wrote, "...in search of his destiny." He was an Austrian, not a German, in case you have forgotten.

He was imprisoned by the Rightist German Government, wrote his book Mein Kamph, while in prison, was suddenly released with his sentence less than half completed, dressed up in fancy clothing and made Chancellor of an educated, industrialist country overnight, on January 30, 1933. Who arranged for that, and why?

From the German records, we know that wealthy and educated Jews were expected to temporarily leave Germany and all occupied territories. This was arranged for them by the Zionist Jews who controlled the governmental agency granting permission to leave Germany! There was a definite selection system, and according to The War Against The Jews, page 252, a very restrictive emigration policy by which certain Jews of a special class, could go to America or otherwise leave Germany. This policy was not set by the Aryan super race types at all, but set solely by the wealthy and influential Zionist Jews themselves. My source for this amazing fact, and deeper understanding, is not from the so-called Neo-Nazi nonsense, but from this and other Jewish authors who are still angry at what had been done to their people!

Here is the picture: The pressure was on to get all Jewish people out of Germany. This was engineered by Hitler who had at least 25% Jewish blood himself. The idea, presented to the German people, was to have an all-Aryan German nation through deportation, not termination, of the Jewish people. When this is done to Jewish people, it is called anti-semetic racism, a bad term, by our Jewish-controlled press. However, when the same thing happens against any other race of people, as in northern Iraq in 1991, where the International Red Cross states American bombers killed 550,000 non-combatant women and children, the truth is never reported. In the former Yugoslavia in 1993, where thousands upon thousands are permitted to be killed because of their race, it's called ethnic cleansing.

In Hitler's Germany, the duplicity was that the wealthy and influential Jewish Zionists, controlling all of this bureaucratic paperwork, deliberately prevented the lower class Jewish citizen, the ones who eventually died, or were supposed to have died, in various detention camps, from leaving the country. Until now, most of you never knew this incredible fact, for you do not read Jewish books written by the children of lower class Jews. Many Jewish people know this awful truth, but very few of them, as with most Christian Americans, are courageous enough to finally expose it.

On page 399 of the Jewish book, The War Against The Jews, it states that the Zionist ZTOS, 

-"Jewish Society For Social Welfare," withheld information transmitted to them in Warsaw, Poland, from reaching the Christian world. From Mrs. Dawidowicz's statements, it is apparently true that most Germans and the rest of Europe and the world had no idea about what was happening in Hitler's detention camps.

In another Jewish book, The Zionist Connection, by Arthur M. Lilienthal, referring to statements on page 483, the truth is finally told as to why the wealthy and powerful German Jews did not inform the world about Hitler's detention camps and the fate of their ethnic brethren:

"In discussing alleged Vatican indifference to the Holocaust, the Jewish Observer, an organ of Orthodox Agadath Israel of America, pointed out the Jewish parallel: We are forced with great pain that thus passivity had its echo on the Jewish scene too.... there was not only an intrusion of politics into various aspects of rescue attempts [of the Jews N.D.] that were made, the writings clearly prove that actual rescue attempts and opportunities were neglected or even blocked because they did not fit in with the plans of the Zionist leadership to force a showdown over the Israel State in the making."

Do you understand what this Jewish author has proven in hundreds of pages in his book? This may be one of the most important lessons in this personal letter. In order for the Zionist interests to generate enough world opinion to force a Zionist State into existence, it was necessary to sacrifice a large number of these lower class Jewish people. /2 To make it believable, it had to be done by an Aryan Super Race German Government in which the Chancellor, Adolph Hitler operating in concert with the programming of his genes, was a willing party to the scheme.

/1 While I have never found any of the modern Nazi sympathizers to have the slightest interest in Biblical scholarship, it to likely that these personal letters will fall into some of their hands from time to time. Let them all be advised that I have one of the largest libraries of historical records, books, videos, etc., on the life, lifestyle and philosophy of Adolph Hitler. Do not bother to write me letters in a futile effort to enlighten me as to the supposed merits and martyrdom of Adolph Hitler. I am too well educated on the man to be interested in the sort of childish data that is now being circulated. Save your money and postage, for I will not respond to your letters. 

 /2 It is off-point in this personal letter to set forth the historical background of the First and Second World Wars. In my 64-page book, titled Desert Shield and The New World Order, I have provided the historical evidence, from apolitical and military perspective, essentially the same information that was provided by the Jewish authors Lucy Dawidowicz and Arthur Lilienthal. The Zionists want a New World Order that they control. Hitler wanted His New Order that he controlled. A certain combination of Americans, from President Wilson to President Clinton want a New World Order that they control. My book on this subject is now a best seller and we have distributed more than 300.000 copies. It is only available on bond paper with a leatherette cover for $7.00. The student should know that I was in Amman, Jordan with another Christian, as guests in the Palace of King Hussein, and it was through our discussion with his top people, that the decision was made by the King to order President Saddam Hussein to not kill any Americans in the Desert Storm War for the greater good of the Arabian Cause. That decision was made on January 17, 1991, while we were in Jordan. As a result of the King's Order, only a few dozen Americans were ever killed by direct Iraqi forces. Now, you know the reason why this happened as it did. 

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