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Star Wars,
 Lesson Fifteen


The Serpentís Seed 
 The Bride of Christ

I have a friend who is in love with a very beautiful young lady. He bent my ear for hours telling me what a wonderful girl she is. When he finally introduced me to her, she showed me a diamond on her left hand. Informally, they had announced their intentions about a private relationship that they had enjoyed alone for a number of months. The diamond was only a sign of the love that the two had for each other. Later, there was a formal marriage ceremony wherein they made public the love and agreements that they said had existed, between them. The marriage ceremony is only one part of a Contract. After the festivities were over, the couple went on their way to consummate the Contract, the act which would finally validate their covenant.

Now, let's suppose that during that special evening, there came a pounding on the door. Suddenly, the locks gave way to a heavy shoulder, and a man bursts in, grabs the Bride up in his arms and proceeds to carry her away. I would hope that the Bridegroom would put up an objection and a fight, if necessary, to protect his Bride according to the terms of the Contract. If the Bridegroom is indifferent, what can be said of the Contract? We would have to say that in spite of all the love notes from the Bridegroom, all the flowers sent, all the music played, and all the words of the minister not withstanding, there was probably no substance to the Contract. There was no true meaning to all the loving words between them during the months of their courtship.

What about the woman? Suppose some time later, she meets a charming man, whom she permits to seduce her, and runs off with him? If that happened, what can we say about the substance of the marriage and the Contract between them? It would be null and void, and the man would have the right to divorce her for cause. We understand that, don't we?

When our Bible talks about a Bride of Christ, are not all these same conditions also operative in that forthcoming marriage? The Bridegroom, whom we understand to be the Lord Jesus Christ, has to stand ready to defend His Bride against all who would take her either by force, trickery or by seduction. If at any time He were indifferent, then there was never the love and loyalty expected, and the Contract would be broken.

What else do we know about any lawful marriage which would involve someone called the Bride of Christ? Would she not have to be of His same racial stock to be a lawful wedding? Wherever there are sons and daughters of God, would they not have to be created in His Image to be a lawful marriage? Christ's Bride, therefore, could not be any woman who had within her body -any of Satan's Seed! How could Almighty God, through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, violate His own laws by falling in love with All Women and Every Woman? If He did so, would it necessarily include some of the Serpent's Seed Line? How can Light and Darkness become one in any marriage? What foolishness!

How about Chay's children? Dozens of these folks from Chay are my personal friends. Hundreds are on my mailing list, and they love my writings. But can we say that they are God's Image people? No, they are not, for only those with the Blushing Face are included in that group. We do not have to understand, but only know that it is for some very special purposes truly known only to God. Therefore, neither Almighty God, or His Son, can make any lawful marriage contract with the Chay. Does that make sense?

Beginning in what is rightfully called the Dark Ages, Ecclesiastical Rome, /1 declared with all its presumed authority, that the Bride of Christ is the Holy Roman Catholic Church. All Roman Catholics are supposed to believe that their Church is the Bride of Christ. Further, if Protestants ask their minister to identify the Bride of Christ, the ministers will nearly always state that the Bride is the same as the Church. They teach in fact, if not in so many words, that The Bride is a multi-racial body made up of mostly gentiles with an occasional converted Jew. Regardless of which denomination and however differently they may understand many other Truths of Scripture, they all seem to hold this Dark Ages to Scofield to Pat Robertson error that the Bride of Christ is the same as the Body of Christ, that is, those believers in Him.

Did you ever see any wedding wherein the Bride and the Bridegroom were the same person? Think about it! Can you even imagine such a contradiction? As a Christian, where do you stand? Are you with the Bridegroom at the Alter waiting for the Bride to come down the aisle? Or are you with the Bride, making her ready for her Bridegroom? If you are not particularly involved, but merely a spectator, where do you sit? Is it on the Bridegroom's side or the Bride's side of the assembly?

Can you see the terrible confusion that arises when Christians, casually reading their Bible, cannot, or do not, make the clear distinction between the Bride and her friends, and those who are the friends of the Bridegroom? It may be the most deceptive teaching of any that passes for Christianity to designate the friends of the Bridegroom, his Best Men, as His Bride.

Come on, has Almighty God changed His Mind? Speaking through the Prophet Hosea in Chapter 2, He told Israel, even after her adultery with other gods, that- after he had allured her into the wilderness so that he could speak "comfortably" to her, that He would betroth Israel again unto Him forever. /2 He then forecast in that same chapter of Hosea, that Israel would learn to call Him "Ishi," which means "My Husband." Israel is not the church. Therefore, the Bride of Christ is not the church. The church, an assembly discussing the affairs of State, are the friends of the Bridegroom, those called from the foundation of the earth to be, and who are now, the Ambassadors and the Administrators in, for and on behalf of, Christ's Kingdom. In II Corinthians 5:20, those of us who are the friends of the Bridegroom, are called "His Ambassadors." This is a governmental, nationalistic, "affairs of state" term. We are not called His Deacons, assigned only to care for the "affairs of some inter-racial house of lawless grace, worship and praise."

Over and over again, your Bible makes it plain that the very same people whom He labeled as "His Chosen People" are His Bride, a promised nation, and very specifically, only the sons and daughters of Jacob-Israel.

Now, let's go back to the foundations and see how this warfare between the Seed of the Woman and the Seed of the Serpent has been brought about. The first war was in Heaven and disclosed in Revelation 12:7-9 and Isaiah 14:12-32. Satan lost that war, and a third of the angels were cast out of heaven along with him. Satan, still smarting from defeat, knew that it would be useless to go into another direct battle with Almighty God. So, the very first thing he did on earth was to seduce Adam's wife. He went after the woman. He never tried to beguile a lady of Chay. His purpose was not for the pleasure of sex. Because of this Act, God informed Satan that He would put a hatred between the children of Eve and his children springing forth from Cain.

There is a difference of opinion among those of us who have identified Adam's people of the Blushing Face as the physical descendants of the ancient House of Jacob-Israel. One group, generally those who come out of Evangelical Arminianism, - the Baptist, Church of Christ, Assemblies of God and other "free will" denominations, - teach that while Eve's Seed was a physical one in order to produce The Lamb of God without spot or blemish. Satan's Seed, they Insist, is only a "spiritual seed." Cain was physical, they admit, but the motive that drives his, genes is only spiritual. In contrast, I hold that both seeds had to be physical and that Satan did actually seduce Eve and bore his only physical son by her:

In many areas of Bible doctrine, I might be able to grit my teeth and be patient with those of my brethren who hold to the "spiritual seed line theory." After all, it is a doctrine that is held by most of the Christians today. It is the one that creates the least controversy. However, that theology crashes and burns when the matter of the Bride of Christ comes into the picture. The Bride is not, and cannot be, a melting pot of "gentiles," open to any and all who believe that Christ is The Son of God. Instead, the Israel nation is a special people selected by God to be His Bride and His Wife. When a man selects his bride, he picks her from a number of ladies. It will be the one who is most like him in culture, interests and desires. Those ladies who were not selected do not feel inferior because they were not chosen. In life, we simply say, that's how things are.

Almighty God cannot be so casual. For His Purposes, He cannot permit any of the physical Wicked Seed to be in genes of His Lover to become One with Him. He cannot betroth a Wife who is not of His Image. Any "spiritual seed," if one can imagine such an absurdity, might have a change of "spiritual mind and heart" at any time, arid thus become a qualified part of Bride under The Law. The Bride must make herself ready, but there is no way that any woman could possibly discard her physical genes in whatever cleansing and preparation might be required.

I like to picture Eve, and her Seed as like unto a tiny mustard seed, from which have come a multitude of people. Some are as the sands of the sea which cannot be numbered. Others are as the Stars of heaven, which also cannot be numbered.

Thus, Satan will later attempt to seduce the Wife of God His Image people of the Woman's Seed. There is no way that he could seduce a whole nation, Thus he must also have his agents, his ambassadors of the kingdom of death, to go about seeing whom they can devour. Again and again, Satan has done this to God's Wife, the Israel nation. Regrettably, as with Adam's wife, Israel fell for him and did his bidding. The Prophet, Jeremiah begins the sad story in Chapter 2 where inverse 2 he reminds Israel that she had been married to Cod back in the days of the wilderness In verse 7 and onward, Jeremiah scolds Israel for the, fact that she had defiled the land and made an abomination of her Husband's heritage. Jeremiah goes on and puts the blame on the priest's, pastors, and prophets who worshipped Baal, and those other heathen gods of the Six pointed Star. In verse 20, our forefathers and mothers of Israel again told God that they would obey and then they went right off to the groves of Astarte and played the harlot. That same accusation is repeated again by Jeremiah in Chapter 3:6. Finally, the seduction was so complete that Almighty God had no choice but to issue a Bill of Divorce, as faithfully recorded by Jeremiah 3:8.

The prophet Hosea records in Chapter 1 that God showed no pity on his harlot wife, the House of Jacob, and brought their nation down into ruin [1:7]. Hoses, Chapter 2:1-5 states that she is not God's wife and He is not her husband. The next verses have some real plain talk, but the bottom line is that The Husband drove His Wife, Jacob-Israel out of His House, the ancient land of Palestine. He then put up a hedge of thorns, and made a wall so that His Wife could never again find her way back to the ancient Israel lands. When the modern ministers say that Israel is "returning to the land of their forefathers" when the Jews occupy Palestine, they are refuting God's Word in this text. One of the marks of identification that the Jews now in Palestine are not Jacob-Israel is that they are actually in the land, when God said he would make sure that Israel never could go back. Jacob-Israel was to go to another place, and await the coming of their Saviour. God would place only enough of His Remnant from Babylon in the old Israel lands, among the Serpent's Seed people, so that those prophesies forecast about Him could take place. Ancient Israel's people, now caught in adulteries with other gods, were in place so that what was written about the Serpent Seed bruising the Woman's Seeds heel would come to pass. With Israel's propensity to sin, you know the reason that God made Adam so that he would have a blushing face.

You must remember that both the Wife of God, and the future Bride of Christ are the same people: Jacob-Israel. When did Almighty God first marry Israel? Most Christians have never even asked the question, much less searched for the answer. The marriage to Israel took place, with Moses as the minister, when the First Covenant, the Old Testament, was given at the foot of Mount Sinai. Have you ever thought of the Ten Commandments in the light of the Marriage Contract which, of course, they really were? If you will remember the words of any marriage ceremony that you ever attended, the bride was asked certain questions. She must answer, "I will," or the whole ceremony is stopped. Thus, she states that she will love, honor and obey her husband so long as she shall live.

Remember what the people said regarding the Covenant Law that was given? As a wife, they said that they would love, honor and obey, didn't they? Some may think that this is incredible, supposing that the Ten Commandments, and those Laws, Statutes and Judgments that codify the Commandments, are only for personal applications. No, they are primarily for a national agenda, the Contract of a wife with her Husband. Of course, as a corporate body of Jacob-Israel, we are to personally obey them, and see to it that our children, our servants, and the strangers in the land, do also. Do not personalize The Law right out of its national intent as 990/6 of the ministers do today. Even further into this Biblical folly, some ministers have the audacity to teach that The Law has been abandoned once Christ died on the Cross! If you will read again the Old Covenant, in Jeremiah 31:31-33, you will understand more fully Star Wars, Lesson One, Almighty God led his young Bride out of Egypt and with the Love and the Law set forth. He was a Husband unto Jacob-Israel from the moment that she agreed to the terms and conditions. At that moment, youthful Israel became His young wife, and He gave her everything. He was a fantastic Husband who showered His blessings on her. Still, as in America today, she got so prosperous that she wanted more of the knowledge of Good and Evil, promised by Astarte and Moloch, and failed to love, honor and obey Him. There can be no argument that Jacob-Israel was the first wife of God, can there?

Chapter 2 of Hosea is not all bad news. There is a space of time between Hosea 2:13 and 2:14. Isaiah, in Chapter 54:7 calls this period "a small moment" during which God had forsaken His Wife, Israel. The good news is that He promises that He will "gather her again with great mercy and everlasting kindness." I know that you can make a personal application out of these words. You can even apply them to the body of believers if you wish. But, in the clear context of the Word of God, Isaiah is talking about a Husband, Jesus Christ, the Holy One of Israel, redeeming His Wife. The Husband delivered from death unto life, and his Bride also delivered from death unto life, coming together in a physical union called the Kingdom. Law and Grace become One with the New Covenant Marriage and the Kingdom that follows.

Hosea, in Chapter 2:15, draws a picture of a forsaken woman being brought back to the love of her youth, and singing as she did on the day she was married after leaving the bondage of Egypt. In that day, Almighty God says through Hosea, [v.16] the Bride shall call Jesus Christ, Ishi, which means "my Husband," and no longer call him Baali, "Lord and Master." Almighty God says that He will betroth Israel forever, [v.19-20.] Our Heavenly Father, and the Husband Jesus Christ, is not talking about you as an individual, or as believers a church, but as his Bride, our Christian nations of Jacob-Israel. Isn't it about time we stopped calling our Saviour, Lord, and identify Him and obey Him as our Husband Jesus Christ?

Come on, ye dry bones, hear the Word of the Husband, paraphrasing Ezekiel 32:4. Here is when the Husband will send His Bride to await Him in safety, as forecast by Ezekiel 37:21:

"... Behold I will take the children of Israel from among the heathen (nations) whither they be gone, and will gather them on every side, and bring them into their own land, and I will make them a nation in the land upon the mountains [prophesy: great nations] of Israel; and one king shall be king to them all: and there shall no more be two nations, neither shall they be divided into two nations any more."

This cannot be the present migration of the Jews to Palestine, as they are leaving Christian lands, not "heathen" lands. Israel, as you can see in a dozen places in Scripture, always migrates north or west. "Go west, young man, go west!" The Serpent's Seed always travels south or east. Which way do most Jews travel to Palestine? Is it not south or east?

The two nations becoming one happened when the Standing Lion of Scottish Judah, and The Bull of English Ephraim, joined as one nation. In heraldry, the Flag with the Cross of St. Andrew and the Flag with the Cross of St. George were super-imposed upon one Flag, and called the Union of Jacob Flag. In slang, it is called the "Union Jack." There is one problem regarding The Law, as applied to northern Europe. For hundreds of years before the Union of Jacob and long after, Christians were martyred for their faith and their blood was shed into the ground. As we have seen, the Seed of the Serpent has made war there for years with the Seed of the Woman. These Christians were martyred, as a function of the government and the courts, and so far as I can determine, neither the murderers nor their children have ever been properly tried and executed to cleanse that blood-defiled land. The Jews have controlled the finances and banking of most of Europe for most of this time. Thus, they controlled, as they now do in America, the government and the courts. So, unless you can show me otherwise, [and the German Holocaust by the Jews upon the Jews doesn't count], Europe has never been cleansed of the blood of the Righteous Christians. Why do you think that they have so many wars? Do you think our Heavenly Husband ever forgets to avenge the blood of His Bride until she wakes up and cleans out His House of all things that offend?

So, as I mentioned on page 41, our Heavenly Husband had to move His Bride once more to a place of safety where there were no Serpent Seed people around to make war with the Woman's Seed. I think that the Scriptures set forth clearly that this last relocation of The Bride was to the Wilderness of the North American continent. This land fits, in astounding detail, the geographical, geological and descriptive statements for Israel's new land. In any event, the Woman had the two wings of a Great Eagle previously given to her to carry her from Palestine, and that Great Eagle /3  became America's national symbol. [Revelation 12:14] Our Heavenly Husband, speaking through St. John in Revelation 12:14-17 describes the Woman's war with the Serpent. It was to last for 1260 years during which time, a remnant of the Bride would be moved away into America.

How then, is The Bride of Christ to make herself ready? I suggest that the only way she can do that is to go back and make her crooked ways straight. She has no choice as to when she will learn that she is actually "the put away in punishment" sheep of the House of Jacob-Israel. That awakening is now coming to pass. It is the one Truth that the Serpent's Seed cannot stand and which they fear the most. They call this exposure of them and their activities "hate crimes" and have laws against a personal letter such as this one. The second step is to teach the Bride, once she is finally awake, to be ready to accept her Husband's Administration and qualify for the position that He has ordained for each of His Friends to occupy. Ezekiel states that Her Husband will give her a new heart and cause her, you and me, to walk in Her Husband's Statutes and Judgments. In other words, when our Husband takes over, He will give us the Spirit that will cause us to walk in His Laws. So, if you are the Bride of Christ, then you are still under the Law, even if you think you are not included just because you have been put asleep by the so-called gospel of Grace: Ignorance has never been bliss or a valid excuse. Most of you can read the Word. St. John in Revelation 19:8 tells us what it takes for the Bride to make herself ready for the marriage of The Lamb:

"...And it was granted that she should be arrayed in, fine linen, clean and white: for the linen is the righteousness of the saints."

With all due respect to my Catholic friends, the word saints here should be translated "holy," meaning "set apart for special service." Righteousness is the Law which Israel, as the Bride, is to keep. She will have so agreed before the marriage this time, because the Word tells us that she is clothed in the white robes of righteousness. So, we of His Bride are to be clothed in His Law before He will even think to appear at His marriage. To prevent that from happening, if he can, Satan's Seed, and those who do his bidding, will have attempted to circumvent those Robes of The Law by teaching that the very Law that the Bride is to wear as her wedding dress, has been done away with, tattered and torn from disuse or is of no effect anyway. St. John, in Revelation 12:15, predicts this final attempt to seduce and begile the Woman with these words:

"...And the Serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away by the flood."

This flood is the false teachings, lies, and the Serpent's propaganda on the television tube. Well, this War between those people of the Six pointed Star of Babylon and those of us of the Five-pointed Star of the Fifth Kingdom of Daniel, the Husband's Stone Kingdom, is now about to be won! While you may have thought of personally wearing the Robes of Righteousness, remember it is The Bride, that Great City [nation] that is to be clothed in The Robes of Law. If you are waiting for the Bridegroom to come again to this Great Nation and cleanse, prepare, and dress His Bride, you have missed the whole point of this personal letter. It is our administrative task as His Ambassadors to see to U that the Bride makes herself ready. Until the Bride is clean and white, dressed in her Robes of Law, our Heavenly Husband will not appear at the Alter. A Bridegroom never appears at his wedding until his Best Men informs him that his Bride is ready. As Christ told us in Revelation 19:7:

"Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honor to him: far the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife path made herself ready."


/1 This is the latter day part of the fourth Kingdom of Daniel. It still holds power in a great portion of the earth today where Jacob-Israel's people live. 


/2 Forever means forever! Almighty God did not mean that He would start looking around for some other lady, such as the Church. to be his Bride, and run off with her. 


/3 The first ship carrying the Scottish Covenanters to America left from Northern Ireland. The name of this ship was "Eagles Wings." Do you think our forefathers knew the truths found in this personal letter titled Star Wars? The size of that great Bride nation, which can only be America, is set forth in Revelation 21:19-16 as being 12,000 furlongs square. That is exactly the distance from Maine to Florida. From the time our 'put away in punishment' Sheep of the House of Israel, the Bride people, went into captivity in 745 BC, there were Seven Times that were to pass until they cams into their new land. A time is 360 years. 7 X 360 = 2520 years. The Bride nation was established 2520 years after the captivity, in 1776. Remember, there is no year "0".  As prophesied, the ships from Tarshish came first, followed by the ships from "the isles" ... Holland and England. (Isaiah 60:1-9, Isaiah 11:11-14 etc.)   


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