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Star Wars,
 Lesson Five

Pastor John Robinson’s Charge to the Pilgrim Fathers as he bid them farewell on their historic departure from Holland to the New World:

"Brethren, we are now erelong to part asunder, and the Lord knoweth whether I shall live ever to see your faces more; but whether the Lord hath appointed that or not, I charge you before God and His blessed angels to follow me no farther than I have followed Christ.

If God should reveal anything to you by any other instrument of His, be as ready to receive it as you ever were to receive any truth by my ministry; for I am very confident that the Lord hath more truth and light yet to break forth out of His Holy Word.

For my part, I cannot sufficiently bewail the condition of the reformed -churches, who are come to a period in religion, and will go no farther than the instruments of their reformation. The Lutherans cannot be drawn to go any farther than what Luther saw, and the Calvinists, you see, stick fast where they were lei by that great man of God, who yet saw not all things. This is a misery much to be lamented; for while they were burning and shining lights in their time, yet they penetrated not into the whole counsel of God, but were they now living, would be as willing to embrace further light as that which they first received."

Pastor Robinson admonished his little flock of Pilgrims to watch and be certain that he did not lead them beyond the truth that Christ had given to him. Follow him no further than he had followed Christ. In preparing this extensive and often controversial personal letter, I ask of you the same criteria that Brother Robinson asked of those listening to him. As you see me following Christ closely then also be wise enough to follow along. If you see me departing from His Path or Way, then you are to part company with Nord Davis, Jr., and continue along alone behind Christ.

Brother Robinson further stated that he knew that there must be far more Truth than was the common knowledge of his day. He instructed his Pilgrim flock, which he believed he would likely never see again, to keep their hearts open to this new Truth, consistent with the Bible, that went beyond Luther and Calvin. It is interesting to note that of all the Scripture texts that Pastor Robinson could have selected for this very last sermon to those of his beloved followers, /1 those who had been with him through persecutions and exile, was this one found in II Samuel, Chapter 7, Verse 10:

"...moreover I will appoint a place for my people Israel, and will plant them, that they may dwell in a place of their own, and move no more; neither shall the children of wickedness afflict them, as beforetime."

Pastor Robinson knew that when God gave that prophecy to Nathan, that His People Jacob-Israel were already in Palestine. So, this was to be another place where God would be planting them, and where the children of wickedness would not I continue to make war with them. Pastor Robinson, saw this new place as the New World. The Pilgrims knew that they were fulfilling that and a thousand other Biblical prophecies. This lesson is going into the Scriptural background of that sordid group which Nathan identified and characterized as being "the children of wickedness."

In my library, I have a small book of Psalms, published in 1819, that have been set to metre so that they can be sung in the church assemblies. These Psalms set to rhyme were prepared by Isaac Watts, an English minister who lived from 1684-1748. I have printed the front page here. Note that Dr. Watts set the Psalms into rhyme "imitating the language of the New Testament" and applying it to the Christian State as well as praise and worship. Brother Watts knew, as I have taught in previous lessons, that a church is an assembly where the New Testament message applies to the Christian State, where the affairs of State are discussed and national and Kingdom principles taught. As you read his Psalms set to rhyme, you finally understand the Christian thought-theology of our Founding Fathers. You see through the fog of deception that began in Christian worship in the mid-1800's. You will see Isaac Watt's hymns still scattered through your hymnals, such as the thundering:

"O God, Our Help in Ages Past,
Our Hope, for years to come..."

Dr. Watts was a minister who preached only occasionally, spending most of his time composing hymns and writing theological works. Our help in ages past? How would that be possible if we were not of ancient Jacob-Israel? From his hymns, it seems clear that Dr. Watts understood that the American people were descended from ancient Israel as with the hymn. 0 God, Our Help in Ages Past. For instance, his metre translation of Psalm 2 applied to the Christian State has these words:

Why did the Jews proclaim their rage?
The Romans why their swords employ?
Against the Lord their powers engage
His dear Anointed to destroy?

"Come, let us break his bands," they say.
"This man shall never give us laws!"
And thus they cast his yoke away,
And nail'd the Monarch to the cross.

Why did the Jews proclaim their rage? This is the great truth that you will find as we develop this lesson together.

As I sit here in my North Carolina mountain home thinking of how to set forth those greatly overlooked Truths of Scripture, I remember watching a regiment of hornets swarming around their delicate paper nest. It was swinging gently in the breeze from a limb of a sweet gum tree outside my window. How. I wonder, does that tiny bee know exactly how to build that nest? Think of it! He has never built one before, has no previous experience, and has not one day to spare for trial and error. Did you ever see a bee dismantle his home and start over because of either poor architecture or construction workmanship? How does that tiny bee brain, that is smaller than the head of a pin, know instinctively and precisely how to do his work in time to prepare a safe place for his descendants?

Outside the patio door to my study, as the hornet is making his home of fragile paper, a wasp is building his home on the wall of my porch from mud gathered painstakingly from the banks of the roaring creek, that runs through my front yard. What makes him select mud, and pay no attention whatever to the hornet's great idea for a home? Of course, as we all know generally, and some of us know more specifically, each bee has a different genetic encoding built into its mental programming such that he will build exactly the proper nest for his kind. Who would ever presume to try to force a mud wasp to inhabit a paper nest? In the Great Order of the Creation of Genesis One, no one presumes to believe that one day all bees will live together in some form of compromising lifestyle. We know that these mental processes of the bee are not going to change, and that regardless of the type of nest and the work being done among many flowers, there is no such thing as a super race of bee. Each, because of its innate traits and abilities performs as programmed by The Creator. While we do not pretend to understand it, no one denies this great truth.

Likewise, how does a bird know how to build her nest? When her parent's nest was being built, she was not yet formed within the egg. Seeing the nest as a chick gives no suggestion or direction as to how she will one day be required to build her own. Yet, she is perfectly capable of this task in, due season. While my business training was with mainframe IBM computers, I would never suppose I could step by step search the intricate software of the least capable birdbrain.

If we can agree conceptually, if not with the proper scientific language, that Almighty God has the Power and the Inclination to set these great activities into motion, and then sustain them throughout countless generations, would we not be foolish to think that he has done no similar work in the mental software of mankind, also? I find it astounding that this very thought is denied by otherwise intelligent people and social programmers who suppose that among the various races of mankind no such natural programmed instincts exist.

While science quickly accepts the differences in kind between the birds and the bees, why should they be so astounded to learn that each of the various human races, set forth upon the Earth by God, also is held within a very natural and beautiful Order for the g god pleasure of our Heavenly Father?

I know that this lesson, as well as the previous ones, is highly controversial simply because it presents the thesis that species of mankind, as with bee-kind, have been deliberately created differently and each for the Scripturally designated purposes. I was carefully taught in the strict New England tradition, that proper people did not discuss such things. While such truths might be pondered at length, they were never to be discussed in polite society. Lest any of the various races of mankind suppose that they have been short-changed by the Creator, and thus have their feelings hurt, modern sociology and theology have attempted to rewrite history and side-track and derail a great spectrum of Scriptural Truth. No longer did Almighty God consider primarily the comings and goings of His People Jacob-Israel, but instead we are to believe that His Word really means all mankind. Now insignificant in modern deceptive Bible teachings are the clear delineations of racial and family birthrights. Christ, they imply or insinuate, came to change "some of the inept things done by His Father in the Old Days." What nonsense! We are going to accept the Scriptures as truth, in so far as it is properly translated, /2 and that Almighty God is the same today as He was yesterday.

Even more controversial than that, we are going to see that He has deliberately inserted mental and emotional software into the minds and hearts of various segments of His Creation. Some of this software is for good purposes, and others are programmed for evil purposes that ultimately advance His Great Scheme and Order of things. As with the bee, we do not pretend to understand or offer to debug His Programs in us. We have no intention, if ordained for habitation in "a lofty paper nest," to be relegated to the "mud huts" of the other perfectly happy segments of mankind. ¦

/1 Pastor Robinson's flock, the majority of which remained behind and did not board the Mayflower, were never heard of again in history. They were called to leave and go to the New World, but because of one reason or another, they refused do so. Thus, within a few generations, their children intermarried with the other peoples of Holland who had different religions, and the great Calvinist thought. theology of the Pilgrims and The Reformation was to die with them in Europe. Ultimately, this led to the Christian humanism that was to be demonstrated by the blood-bath mob, the French Revolution with its Admiralty Law of the Sea. That Admiralty Law is now represented by our French-given Statue of Liberty. Equality and Fraternity which stands in the sea, and out of the sea, on an island in New York harbor. She is the Lady with seven horns on her head, a female mode) of her sculptor's Jewish mother, holding the Talmud in her hands, and begging the 'huddled masses to come here and partake of her whoredoms. Where else do you read of a woman having horns on her head? Once our immigration laws were let down, Ezekiel 38111, America began her downward descent into bondage of the bankers and rule by the uneducated and deceptually taught Christian majority. 

/2 Footlights

Somewhere in this personal letter. I am going to have to insert this explanatory footnote. It might as well be now. I even label it a Footlight, because through this information you will learn how deeper Bible study must be done. I am aware that the Scriptures teach that there is to be no "private interpretation," [II Peter 1:20] The fact is that all translations of the Bible must of necessity be according to the private understandings and personal doctrinal beliefs of those doing the translation. So, unless you can read the "original" Koine Greek and Paleo-Hebrew texts, and understand the idioms that Christ used speaking in Aramaic that were translated into Greek, you are not going to get the precise spin on the teachings of the Bible regardless of the translation you are using. Personally, I use the King James translation, not because it is the very best, but because it is a good, safe starting point to teach those who are ordained to come here to learn. Were I to haul out the excellent Ferrar Fenton which is a more literal translation that takes into considerations the idioms used during the period involved, some might accuse me of trying to deliver to them some "other gospel." However, let the reader understand that the King James Version, the presumed authority of the fundamentalists, is a Bible translation authorized and directed by the Roman Catholic English King James! He ordered that an English translation be made available that would blunt the Truth of John Calvin's Geneva translation, and swing orthodox Protestantism back under the cloak of Roman Catholic teachings. Hence, the King James is, in itself, a "private interpretation" that was forbidden in The Word itself. Thus the Doctrine that Every Man can be saved, taught by the Roman Catholics, finds its way into the emphasis and choice of words of the King James Version. The concept of Free Will for Salvation, a Roman Catholic humanist doctrine going back into antiquity, and repudiated by Martin Luther's bold stand, has again become the shifting foundation of fundamentalist salvation teachings. The racial overtones throughout the Koine Greek New Testament have been just about eliminated from both the King James and the Catholic Bibles. Thus Christ's words in Aramaic, when translated into Greek, and the Greek into Latin, and then the Latin to English by scholars with a certain theological agenda, loses a great portion of its basic truth and its unique flavor. We are trying, with Star Wars, to bring some of that truth back. St. Paul, a linguist in all these languages except English, chose to compose his correspondence in the Koine Greek, the colloquial Greek of the First Century, and a very precise language still used in Athens today. Conspiratorial translators of more modern times, have put their Greek texts into what they characterize as "Biblical Greek" so that when the Tennessee Temple Bible student studies Greek, and looks up that Greek word in his Strong's Concordance, he will come to a different interpretation than was originally found in the Koine Greek of St. Paul's time. I think that there is a great need for second Protestant Reformation and this letter is hopefully going to be the mustard seed that gets it going. Modern fundamental Protestantism is farther from the Truth today than was the Catholic Church of the 16th Century. Let me give you one example, using the mistranslations of the Koine Greek words, akeraios, genesthe, and amemptos as found in Philippeans 2:15. King James renders that verse:

"That ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world."

The Roman Catholic Douay-Rheims renders it almost exactly the same, except it uses the word generation, meaning race, for nation. This is a better translation in this case. Here is what the accurate Koine Greek literal translation says:

“In order that they may come into the divine race perfect is our kind: pure blooded and nonmongrelized, free from that which is incompatible, faultless children of God, amidst a race perverse and having been corrupted, among whom we appear like luminaries in the orderly arrangement:"

You cannot get that understanding from studying Strong's Concordance. James Strong was a contemporary of Cyrus Scofield, preparing his concordance in the late 1800's. He apparently, based his lexicon upon the misleading King James, which he took as an infallible standard. Another modern authority used by Bible students is Vine's Expository. William Edwy Vine was born in 1873 and did his work during the Scofield revolution. The problem I have as a teacher presenting the great overview of Scripture, and suggesting word meanings, is that the doubting student quickly goes to some of these "authorities" and from their work properly questions the thesis and thrust of my teachings. We make no apologies. The very fact that these "authorities" are sold on the same shelves as the Scofield Reference Bible, should tell you something. I will present more examples as we go along, but here is one that we will be using in the next Lesson. I want you to look at Jonah 3:8. It is written in my King James:

“But let man and beast be covered with sackcloth, and cry mightily unto God: yea, let every one turn from his evil way, and from the violence that is in their hands."

Here, this beast is going an evil way; he has hands, and is supposed to put on sackcloth and ashes, and to cry mighty unto God. The word for beast here is Strong's word #929, behemat. Strong's says that this is a large four-legged animal. Vine's Expository defines it the same way. Young's Concordance also says the same thing. Therefore. I suppose we must believe that the beasts in Jonah 3:8 must be knowledgeably sinful cows which have hands and can cry mightily unto the Lord wearing sackcloth and ashes. Nonsense! The original Paleo-Hebrew word here could be interpreted as a large animal of either the two or four-legged variety. In this case, because these beasts have hands, are sinners, cover themselves with sackcloth and ashes, and cry unto the Lord, they must be men which are identified elsewhere in Scripture as one of the various versions of beast such as chay, chevah, cheyva, and cheveh. The true Biblical meaning of beast, whether as behemeh or chat', being a nonwhite person, has been deliberately hidden from us in Scofield-type reference materials. Isn't that interesting? We see the plague of "boils" on man and beast in Exodus 11:9 because of sin. We see that the beasts of Exodus 19:14-15 should not. let their hands touch the mountain or they would die. Exodus 22:19 states that those who have sex with a beast are to be executed. Jeremiah, in Chapter 31 at verse 27, states that the sin of the last days will be that Adam's children will mix their seed with that of the beasts. That is going on all across America and the churches do not preach against it. Exodus 23:29 shows concern that the beasts would multiply against God's Israel people. We find that the behemah, translated beasts, in Zechariah 8:10 are unemployed. These beasts cannot find jobs to do, and so forth. One of the judgments of God for ignoring His Laws, Statutes and Judgments, is that His Word would be hidden from you. This is how it has been done.

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