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Star Wars,
 Lesson Four

Wood, Hay & Stubble

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen."

-Samuel Adams, 1775

Samuel Adams, the stern Christian New Englander was addressing his friends and neighbors, most of whom were Christians, at the time of the American Revolution. Today, most Americans would like to think that they would have been on the side of Samuel Adams, and our great American forefathers who, at the direction of the Lord Jesus Christ, established a New Nation in this land where the fir, the boxwood and the myrtle grow together. My observation, and it was again established with the young Tennessee Temple Bible students, that most Americans today, if placed back in the time of the great patriots, would still be on the side of the Red Coats. Human nature does not change very much, if at all. Out of the entire thirteen colonies, Samuel Adams and his friends could only, find fifty-six men with the courage, when it came right down to it, to sign the Declaration of Independence. I guess everyone else was just too busy or could not afford the cost of the trip to Philadelphia. I cannot continue with the Biblical portion of this Star Wars letter, without setting the foundation in Scripture for being concerned about the affairs of state. There is a force of neutralism abroad in the land that dogmatically insists that, according to St. Paul in Romans, Chapter 13, Christians are not to be concerned about those rulers whom Almighty God has placed over us. Whatever these rulers demand, Christian Americans, they preach are supposed to submit to it and say nothing.

Did you know that your work, that is what j you do in the Scriptural areas of life, are going to be tried in the fire? Here is what St. Paul stated along these lines:

"...For we are labours together with God: ye are God's husbandry, ye are God's building. According to the Grace of God which is given unto me, as a wise masterbuilder, I have laid a foundation and another buildeth thereupon. For another foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ. Now if any man build upon this foundation gold, silver, precious stones, Wood Hay and Stubble; every man's work shall be manifest: for the day shall declare it, because it shall be reviled by fire; and the fire shall try every man's work of what sort it is..."

-I Corinthians 3:9-13

St. Paul was a hero in the cause of Christ, and a martyr in the cause of the Truth. His witness, and his personal letters, eventually cost him his life. He stood for His King at a time in history when it was so critical. Because he and thousands like him have done so for the past 2,000 years, we who follow Christ have had a chance to know Him. When St. Paul knew that he was soon to be decapitated, does one read of any regrets? None whatever! St. Paul had spent a lot of time in prison, lawfully convicted by a Republican government. A few of his final words to Brother Timothy, a fellow preacher, were these:

"I have fought the good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith: henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness..." -II Timothy 4:7-8

Righteousness? Righteousness? I asked my Bible student friends why, if the Law had been done away with since The Cross, didn't St. Paul look for a crown of Grace? No, the last thing St. Paul was writing about was something he called a crown of righteousness.

Many believe that Father Faber had St. Paul in mind when he wrote the famous hymn of the militant church:

"Faith of Our Fathers! Living still, in spite of dungeon, fire and sword..."

Paul did live in barbaric times. Yet, one might call the Roman Empire a sort of benevolent dictatorship. I know that throwing Christians to the lions, or having them beheaded may not seem very benevolent, but by comparison to what the Totalitarian Socialists do, from Lenin and Stalin, from Hitler to Castro, from Churchill to Bush, /1  Rome was Utopia.

When Brother Paul was imprisoned, he was permitted to live, for most of the time, in his own house where he was preaching to the Northern House of Israel living in Rome. He could have visitors without apparent hindrance. He was permitted to write and even to preach. Perhaps because of this, we are constantly being reminded by modern day Christians to dismiss the concern for political and economic freedom and "simply proclaim the Gospel." They argue, however naively, that Christianity has existed under all forms of economic and political systems and has outlived its persecutions. Since it has done that in the past, they expect it to continue right into the future. Well, fine. If they would like to struggle through some highly sophisticated persecutions, and Northpoint Teams are unsuccessful, they will get all of it that they can handle.

Had the New World Order been running Rome, St. Paul would have been in leg-irons and not permitted visitors. He could not have preached freely and certainly he would not have been permitted pen-pals all over the Roman Empire. Because of the socialist methods of mass thought control, and the control of the news media, Americans do not resist. They can trick Americans into the most unbelievable ideas and concepts. Christians, because of the lukewarm Gospel of the Scofield Cult, are blind to the kind of world we live in, and the determination of the enemy that Christianity now faces.

For years, I had the caption, "God Did Bless America. Until The Salt Lost His Saviour" painted on the tailgate of my pickup truck. Most Christians are so ignorant or brainwashed that they would stop me and ask me what it meant! America is in the present sad state of affairs for just one reason: The Christian Salt has failed to do its job, and salt without savour, as the Bible forecasts, is fit to be trodden under foot. It will be a new and painful experience for most of you. It will take you by surprise, like a thief in the night.

The subversives in our government, some of the very people you cast your vote to elect, with the help of the ministers you sit under today, insist that "religion and politics" must be kept separate. God's Word makes no such statement. Joshua, Chapter 20, gave us the principles of trial by jury, due process of law, habeas corpus, innocent until proven guilty, and public trial.

I Samuel sets forth the standards against injustice and authoritative rule. Ruth, Chapter 4, demonstrates the precepts of family responsibility, personal reputation, honor, buying, selling, and joint ownership. Exodus 18 covers the criteria for security and protection of community justice and judgment, ordinances, and a system of laws and courts.

Genesis 2 through 48 undergirds the principles of free enterprise. Here you find the first independent farmer, labor and management responsibility, freedom to move from one place to another, private ownership, inheritance, wage laws and the right to contract for same, the profit motive, and the right to barter.

In Leviticus 19, Numbers 27 and Judges 1, are found the concepts of equal justice for all, social and economic equality for aliens and woman's rights for inheritance. Deuteronomy 15 to 25 sets forth the precepts for individual welfare, judgment against bribery and corruption of public officials, philanthropy, unemployment compensation and personal integrity. These, and hundreds more I could set forth here, involve the "affairs of state" that are to be discussed and taught as part of any legitimate Christian assembly if it is going to call itself a "church." Even if the Bible were not the Inspired Word of God, it outlines the best code of personal and national conduct ever put into print. Yet, there are those who would promote the idea that this marvelous code of conduct, and the Laws, Statutes and Judgments of God are now obsolete with the Sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ! Nonsense? Yes, but it is even worse, for it is high treason to Christ's Kingdom. To those Christians whose main interest is a magnificent church building, a beautiful choir, and sermons that are pleasing to all and convicting to none, what do you think is meant by "Wood, Hay and Stubble?"

Preacher, if your sermons center around the entry level salvation messages of John 3:16 or the tongues topics of Acts, Chapter 2, while pornography, drugs and government, confiscatory taxes and enforcement go on in your area, what do you think is meant by "Wood, Hay and Stubble?" Brother, the fire is going to try your work and mine, not as to the quantity but as to the sort, [Greek hopoios, how excellent], that is the quality of the preaching when measured against the complete Word of God. For instance, the very idea of a New World Order is strictly forbidden by Scripture until Christ returns to run it Himself. Yet, where is the preaching against this totalitarian socialist subject? Preaching is not a matter of popularity but of morality. I read in St. Luke, Chapter 23 at verse 1:

"... And the whole multitude of them arose and led him to Pilate..."

Nowhere in Scripture, after the Event, can I find it written that this multitude was composed of all evil people. Ever think of that? Surely there must have been some good people in that mob, God's Jacob-Israel people, who were pushed along by the excitement. Only a few days before, many of these people were with Christ as He entered the city. Yes, Christians are like that most of the time, I am sorry to say. When times are good, they are found praising Him, but when there is a dirty job that needs to be done, you will find them just "praying about it." I guess this is one reason I have never become very enthusiastic about Palm Sunday --- for the very same people who laid down the palms then, and wear the palm bark cross and smudge on their foreheads in our time --- are the very ones who betray Him the next few days with their wretched sins of omission, their dereliction of duty concerning the affairs of state.

Amid the excitement on the way to Pilate, I cannot find it recorded that one good person ever spoke out strongly against the certain torture and murder of the Innocent Christ? If you find it somewhere, will you send me chapter and verse? They just stood there and let it happen right before their eyes! Good people? Well, so-called good people doing nothing. Nothing!

Now, we know that it was Christ's Mission to go to The Cross, but they Didn't Nothing could have stopped that Mission no matter what these good people might have done, but they did not know that. Even though it was God's Plan for Christ to die as the last sin sacrifice for the Atonement of Jacob-Israel, this did not relieve these good people from the moral responsibility and obligation to speak out against the injustice being done right before them. Do you understand that principle? Some of these good people lacked courage, and courage is required for one to be Christ's Elect. Other good people excused their inaction as not wishing to get involved in anything "political." After all, in spite of his own personal misgivings, didn't Pilate finally do what the democratic majority seemed to want? Here you have the Saviour of The World, legally innocent, yet being crucified while good people stood by and did nothing. What do you think is meant by "Wood, Hay and Stubble?"

Knowing what you know today, with all the advantages of historical hindsight in your favor, if you were projected back 2,000 years ago into that crowd, would you have spoken out in favor of morality and justice as the mob led your Saviour to certain death? Or would you, have taken cover of the mob and said nothing? Don't answer too quickly. Remember, to have spoken out would have been controversial and "public opinion" would have been against you. Come on, give me your answer. Beloved, if you are going to be a Christian soldier, you are going to have to think faster than that! _

Fellow Christian, there is more to this lesson. The Body of Christ lives on in the believers in Him. His Elect from the foundation of the world. All across the world, Christians are being starved, tortured and murdered under totalitarian regimes of one form or another, and another mob tells you that to speak out is controversial and not done in "polite society." Watch your TV news and see what is happening to the children and youth of America as they are being drawn into ungodly lifestyles. Now, think back over the past five years and see if you can come up with one time that you spoke out against the injustice being done to someone within a mille of your home. Just as I thought, and may God judge you accordingly. Remember the last time your church congregation sang the famous hymn of a by-gone Christian era:

"Onward Christian Soldiers,

Marching as to war..."

Well, did they really march to war? Did anyone so far as you know? My hunch is that you all marched home to a chicken dinner after extending the pretty platitudes to the preacher at the door. As you were singing, half way around the world there was another "choir" singing and the words are neither set to music or sung in unison. It is being sung by Christians who refuse to disclose the names of other Christians. It is sung by mothers separated from their children, to the glory of Socialism:

"Please stop! Don't beat me again!"

"Please, Lord Jesus, watch over my little girl. Lord give me strength;

Forgive them...."

Which church sings most beautifully to Christ, and which is "Wood, Hay and Stubble?"

As America declines further and further into the quick-sand of socialism, insolvency and. surrender to the evil of the New World Order, where is your gold, silver and precious stones in the Service of your King? Where is your salt? Where is your light? All I can see are a bunch of smoldering wicks! What do you think Christianity is supposed to be, the light and happy experience we find in most churches? It is only by the unmerited favor of Almighty God, and some promises to your Forefathers, that you can even worship Him in the now dwindling liberty we have known as America. What is happening around the world, -- wars, terror, disease and starvation, --- is soon to happen right here in America. The only Scriptural reason is that the Salt has lost His savour.

By your silence, fellow Christian, you have permitted your government to unlawfully take control of your public schools. You were silent when the IRS unlawfully robbed your neighbor of his home, business, car and bank account. That just happened last week, right there in your hometown. You have permitted your community to hire sodomites and socialists to teach your children and make prayer in the public schools a federal crime. Without shame, you have voted for criminals such as George Bush, whose background for years is well known, and elected whoremongers like John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton to be your President. Certainly, you do not suppose that Christ is pleased with your indifference, do you? Wood, Hay and Stubble!

Sister, you have allowed the authority of the father in the home to be questioned and nothing is said as your television set fills the minds -of your children with every violation of God's Laws, Statutes and Judgments. Crude stories on TV and vulgar language no longer seems to bother you. You think nothing of seeing Playboy and Penthouse being sold in your supermarkets and you give news reports of a few Christians who stand against the murder of the unborn only a casual glance. What do you think Christianity is - giving your cast - off clothing to the church rummage sale?

Brother, not only were you silent as your government deliberately stole, through inflation and high taxes, the wealth, savings and earnings of your neighbor, but worse than that, you even had your hand out to get your share of the plunder! When our young American men are sent into foreign lands to bleed and die for causes that do not affect America in the least, and the national debt is poised to make slaves of your children, I heard not a word.

Fellow preacher, it is your silence that bothers me the most. I hope that members of your congregation keep tormenting you with the message of this letter day after day, month after month. As the shepherd of the flock, their moral and spiritual life, including the affairs of state, are your direct responsibility. I have traveled across America and spoken in every state except Alaska, Hawaii, and the District of Columbia. As I talk with your people, and receive letters from them, I find them spiritually 4-F. They are weak, sick and flabby. With rare exceptions, I do not find them in any condition to be considered Christian Soldiers, and most of them will accept the Mark of the Beast at the very first pangs of hunger, and betray their friends at the first threat from a UN soldier acting on behalf of the New World Order. Fully half of the so-called Bible believing churches now believe that America is prophetic Babylon, that Great Whore, instead of that great land, America, [Celtic Amer = heavenly, rika = kingdom or nation] as God intended it to be. We failed to obey and are now to be punished. Instead of doing some independent study of God's Word, you have sold your Christian birthright for some modernist, sugar-coated bean soup of erroneous doctrines.

By your silence, and your Esau-Israel doctrines, you have made patriotism a dirty word and our flag, at best, a controversial symbol of a by-gone era. You are silent when patriots in your midst are made to stand public ridicule. Yes, I know about the Board of Deacons and the monthly mortgage payment. But, my brother, if you are called to preach, then do it. If you drive every last lip-service Christian out of your congregation, then so be it. When did you include in your pastoral prayer some mention of those around the world who suffer in totalitarian prisons for their Christian witness? Come on, brother; forget about the baked bean suppers and the pancake breakfasts. Get on with that Great Commission and stand against the Evil One and his agents to the point that they at least fight back.

Now, fellow Christian, you have just read what I have told your minister and priest. You go to him and personally give him a copy of this letter. If he takes the unpopular Scriptural position of defending the Christian American way of life against all enemies, foreign and domestic, then you get behind him arid support him with every dollar that you can spare. However, if he will not support the Americanist Cause, you are swinging in a very flimsy hammock, and you must withdraw from his ministry at once. I don't care if your grandfather did donate a stained-glass window or your aunt Suzie plays the pipe organ. I don't care if you have just been appointed to the Finance Board, or drive the church school bus. You cannot remain there under that ministry as we stated at the very beginning of this letter.

Even Abraham had to leave his kindred and his father's house before God would bless him. You find a preacher somewhere who has the courage of a General in a Christian army. Once you find such a man with this kind of dedication, get behind him regardless of the denomination under which he hangs his hat. If he teaches something that you have never heard before, check him out against the Word of God. He may well have some segment of Truth that your previous preacher lacked the courage to preach. If you have more light in some area, do not be afraid to teach him in a friendly way over a cup of coffee as I have done with my Tennessee Temple Bible students. Unless your minister is a very exceptional man, if you have been under his ministry for more than two years, you have learned about all he has to teach.

There are enough professing Christians in America so that, had we all contended for the faith, wrestled with spiritual wickedness in high places, and exposed the unfruitful works of darkness, as our Bible directs, the time of tribulation just ahead may not have been necessary. It is us who have failed in our duty, not the heathen and unbelievers who have never been called to do righteous things. We have made shipwreck of our Christian testimony. Millions have suffered and died in the past 100 years since Scofield because of our collective and individual indifference to the affairs of state.

All across America, ministers assure their foolish congregations that they will not have to endure the trouble and tribulation which they have brought upon themselves. They shamelessly insinuate that just because they claim some Christian experience that God is obliged to spare them from the curses set forth in Deuteronomy, Chapter 28, verses 15-68. Wood, Hay and Stubble!

Do you really think that you are made of some special clay not found in the Body of Christ in totalitarian socialist lands? Many of you are even now lining up for the Mark of the Beast. You see clothing wrong with every form of government, handout, pay the first-fruits of your labor to the IRS, and hold your hand out for its socialist security checks! With .a11 this going on during these good times, only the Lord knows what you will do once the pangs of serious hunger finally get your attention.

Only a small remnant, as history and human nature bear witness, will remain faithful unto the end. I promise you that what lies ahead will not be pleasant. To those of you who are still willing to try, may Christ, The King, give you strength to endure to the end such that your testimony among the suffering Body of Christ, and the unconverted of God's Jacob-Israel may be restored.

To the rest of you who enjoy the tranquility of servitude, go home from us in peace. Continue to lick the hands which feed you; and may posterity eventually forget that you were Americans.

/1 I have included Bush's name here because the most innocent people killed at any one time was in Nineveh, northern Iraq, some 600 miles from Kuwait in 1990. These victims were some of the remnant of the Northern House of Israel. [Note: This article was written before President William Jefferson Clinton began the slaughter of Christians in the former Republic of Yugoslavia. opf] 

The Nord Davis, Jr.
Doctrinal Statement

We believe in God -- the God of the Bible. (Exodus 3:14-16)

We believe in Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God. (John 1:14)

We believe in the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ on Calvary. (Matt. 26:28)

We believe in His ascension into Heaven. (Mark 16:19, Acts 1:9-11)

We believe in the Holy Spirit and His Mission. (John 14:, Acts 2)

We believe in the gospel of Grace. (Acts 20:32, Eph. 2:1-8)

We believe in and teach the gospel of the Kingdom. (Matthew 4:23, 24:14)

We believe in the bodily return of Christ. (Acts 1:9-11)

We believe that Christ will take the throne of David. (Isaiah 9:7, Luke 1:32)

We believe that His Church is His Body on Earth to be united with Him.

(Eph. 5:24-33; Col. 1:24: I Cor. 15:50-58; I Thes. 4:14-18; Rev. 19:9)

We believe that the Bible contains God's Plan for the remedy for all problems,

And that Plan is worked through His People, called Israel. (II Sam. 7; Deut. 32:8)

We believe that this people, Israel, contains twelve tribes. (Exod. 28:21; Rev. 2l:12)

We believe that Israel is the descendants of the twelve sons of Jacob. (Gen.49)

We believe that this Israel was chosen of God as his peculiar people. (Deut. 7:6-8)

We believe that through this people, Israel, all nations will be blessed. (Gen. 22:16-18)

We believe that the differentiation between "Israel" and "Judah" is clearly shown.

(I Kings 12; Jer. 3:6-11; Psalm 114:1-2; Zech. 11:7-14; I Chron. 5:1-2, 17; II Chron. 10)


We believe that the time has come (Isaiah 17:12) when the lost Israel, that nation and company of nations (Gen.35:11) is being found and positively identified. Only one race of people answers in every detail to the Bible picture of Israel in the "latter days," and that is the Caucasian race. They possess what Israel was to possess, and are doing what Israel was to do. With all the world news today compiled, it is clear that the world is being prepared for the coming reign of Christ; the uniting of the tribes (Ezek.37), and the restoration of His Kingdom in the earth. (tech. 14:9; Luke 1:32-33). Amen.

So, who is Nord Davis, Jr?

In May, 1966, I discovered that I had been one of The Called from the foundation of the world to be conformed to the image of His Son, Jesus Christ, the Lord of Hosts. I was given the Gift of Teaching. Healing, Helps and Governments. Romans 8:28, John 16:7-14, and I Corinthians 12:28.

Dallas Conspiracy, my first extensive pamphlet that exposes exactly how the famous murder in Dallas was carried out, was first written soon after I resigned from the IBM Company to expose their sales of sophisticated computer equipment to the Communists in time of war. My resignation made the New York Times in June, 1966. The entire Soviet space effort, as well as their offensive missile computer capabilities, were then being supplied to them by IBM and other American computer firms.

While I am qualified to write in the field of classic economics, I prefer to be a student of conspiratorial political science and work toward the exposure of its tactics. In 1970, I was nominated to be the American Independent Party's Candidate for the United States Senate from Massachusetts, opposing Ted Kennedy's Fabian socialism. Predictably, I hardly made a dent in Massachusetts liberal electorate. On the positive side, I have won the Liberty Award for patriotic journalism from The Congress of Freedom on five occasions. Isaiah 58:1

In 1972, we originated Operation Rolling Thunder, a private civilian operation designed to militarily close Haiphong Harbor in North Vietnam to prevent the enemy from getting its supplies. As a result of that- operation, and the ten day ultimatum Northpoint Teams gave to CINCPAC on April 28, 1972, President Nixon was forced to put a blockage around that harbor on May 8, 1972, to protect the supply lines to the Rockefeller EXXON refinery located there. As a direct result, and our Team Project goal, the Vietnam War had to be cycled down and stopped. Daniel 11:32 and Psalm 144:1 [KJV] I made some awesome enemies, and some grateful friends, in Washington, DC, for that Tactical Project.

Many readers insist that our pamphlets on Bible doctrine are as enlightening as anything currently in print. Americans, from all walks of Christian life, come from across America to spend a few hours or a weekend with us to learn some of the deeper Scriptural truths. The King of Kings has given us a unique way of making the Bible spring into life. My 64 page pamphlet, titled Desert Shield and the New World Order, has a circulation of 250,000 copies. Some say it is one of the best blends of Bible prophecy and world events available. In January, 1991, as Desert Storm began. I was in Amman, Jordan. As a guest in the palace of King Hussein, a unique, Bible-based, Tactical Proposal was given to the King which was implemented on or about the 17th of January. The net result, and the Northpoint Team goal called Project Sheba, was that Saddam Hussein was convinced to make the surprise military decision to order his troops not to kill Americans in the Desert Storm War. Matthew 12:38-42, Jer.19:11.

Furthermore, I hold a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine. I am qualified to teach the Biological Theory Of Ionization, discovered by the late Carey A. Reams, PHD, for the scientific application of food chemistry for the effective treatment of degenerative diseases. My book, The Curse...  on the treatment of cancer and other formerly terminal diseases, is to be rewritten in 1993, with the lay housewife, rather than the health professional, in mind. Do not write for it until we announce that it has been published. We do not yet have a price for it! The eleven original editions, now out of print, sold more than 350,000 copies. Through it thousands of people have been given a new lease on life. Matthew 10:5-8.

I am proud to be a Navy Korean War veteran and the Patriotic Instructor of my local Veterans of Foreign Wars Post. As a civilian, I was in Central America for two years working on behalf of the freedom fighters of Nicaragua. Matthew 25: 31-40, Judges 3:23.

From our office over the past twenty eight years, we have published and distributed hundreds of thousands of newsletters and pamphlets on a wide variety of topics. These newsletters do have a modest price on them. You can understand that, but you should also know that all of them are initially mailed free of charge to anyone who writes us asking to be on our mailing list. Our publishing costs are provided by The Northpoint Teams, who graciously support our research and publishing on a monthly basis. I retired from the business world years ago at the age of 36 so that I might give my life's energy to some of these unusual letters and pamphlets. Let the pamphlets speak for themselves. For the price of current publications in print, write us. Now, continue with Lesson Five.

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