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Star Wars,
 Lesson Fourteen

St. John, on three different occasions, recorded a particular phrase which is almost totally ignored in this generation of Christians. When we find something three times in one Book of the Bible, it must be important. Ask Christ for wisdom as you read:


"...How no man spoke openly for fear of the Jews. " [Judeans] -St. John 7:13


"...And after this Joseph of Arimathaea, being a disciple of Jesus, but secretly for fear of the Jews [Judeans], besought Pilate that he might take away the body of Jesus." -St. John 19:38


"...Then the same day at evening, being the first day of the week, when the doors were shut where the disciples were assembled for fear of the Jews [Judeans], came Jesus and stood in the midst, and saith unto them, Peace be unto you." - St. John 20:19

First, while Christ was about to preach, second, after His Sacrifice, and third after He had risen from the dead, we find Christ followers acting out of some instinctive fear of the Judeans. Christ, His Disciples, and even the multitudes were well aware of the intrinsic nature of Esau-Edom. They knew the murderous band of Judeans who say they are of Judah, and are not, but are of the Synagogue of Satan. [Revelation 2:9] They knew that these were they who had murdered the prophets, and had shed Righteous Blood throughout the history of God's Chosen People. The vital matter of the two Seed Lines had not escaped, them. There was no delusion that the Serpent's Seed was simply a carnal, spiritual nature in these people. The matter of the Serpent Race had been carefully taught them from father to son and mother to daughter. There was no nonsense that these other Judeans, who were obviously not of Judah through Tamar and David, should be invited into a Christian assembly so that they might get saved: They are not His Sheep!

Instead, in these and other instances, we find that Christians met in second story rooms, assumed different names, kept doors shut when they were holding their meetings to discuss the affairs of State and Salvation, went around these Judeans to intercede secretly with Palate, and stopped speaking to everyone about all they knew. Wherever Christ is being taught truthfully, especially in these Latter Days, you can expect to find these "Judeans" around trying to create trouble for His Disciples. This is the special nature and calling of this Serpent's Race. May I suggest that you be more like these Disciples, and Jesus Christ, by fearing the Iudeans, known in modern Bible text as "The Jews?"

Jesus Christ, the Word from the beginning, and the Son of God, was crucified under order of the Judeans whom He had admonished His Disciples to fear. The pattern for the next two thousand years was set in place. One group of Judeans bringing about the horrible death of other Judeans. The second prophesy of Genesis 3:15 had come to pass with the murder of Christ. Satan had "bruised His heel."

Most Christians have never thought of this, but when Christ's Blood flowed onto the ground at Calvary at Jerusalem, His Blood defiled that land according to The Law. That land cannot be cleansed but by the blood of them that shed it. Since no blood of the Serpent's Seed murderers, or their children as the Pharisees asked has ever been shed upon that land to avenge the Blood of Jesus Christ, old Jerusalem is still defiled unto this day! This is why Almighty God had to move His People out of that defiled Israel land into some other land that was not defiled. /1 This is why for two thousand years, ancient Israel has never been at peace and it never will be until Christ's Blood is avenged and the land cleansed again in the Biblically required manner.

The first prophesy of Genesis 3:15 has not come to pass yet, where the Woman's Seed will crush the head of the Serpent. I think that this will happen in exactly the same place where the Serpent bruised Christ's heel. Does that make sense to you? By the Grace of God, through this petition, I would like to be a Party to that glorious Event. Do you think Christ might have had this in mind when He issued the command found in Luke 19:27? Here are His orders:

"But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither (to old Jerusalem] and slay them before me."

Do you suppose that the Serpent's Seed is now being inclined to go to Jerusalem for precisely that purpose? They are now there, wailing at the very foundation wall of Herod's ancient temple. Instinctively, they know that the Avenger of Blood is coming. Yet, foolish Christians are taught and believe that the anti-christ Jew, whom they do not recognize as the Seed of the Serpent, is "going back" to Israel to set up King Solomon's Temple and ultimately "get saved." No, my friends, they are going to ancient Israel by the thousands so that their blood can be used to cleanse the land! With that in mind, let's return again to the crucifixion of Christ. The amazing, untold details of this Event will thrill the heart of every Christian.

As you read, I ask that you stop with every sentence, close your eyes, and picture in your mind what you see in the words describing the events. Imagine Christ standing there alone before Pilate and his Court. He has presented His common law defense by not testifying into jurisdiction of the Court. Sentence of death by crucifixion is pronounced. Do you see His face? Do you see the faces of His Accusers? Before He is to be taken to The Cross, to be carried, the Court orders Him flogged to make the pain of The Cross that much more unbearable. Close your eyes. Do you see them stripping Christ to lay His Back bare? Do you see them leading Jesus Christ to a post and tying His Hands above His Head to that post? Can you hear the roar of those crowded into that Court?

Now the man with the whip is called out to do the wretched task assigned to him. Close your eyes: Do you see that man and his whip in your imagination? Suddenly, with the roar of the crowd, the whip is laid on the white back of Our Lord: Crack! Again! Crack! Again! Crack! The Body winces with each blow. Close your eyes; can you picture that Event in your mind? Now, look very carefully in your imagination and repeat with your lips with me what you see on Our Saviour's back: A red stripe - a white stripe - a red stripe - a white stripe. Do you see that the Blood of our King is running down His Back onto the ground of the Pharisee Courtyard? Look again in your imagination until you see this picture clearly. Where have you seen this combination of stripes in heraldry before? Does not this picture you are now seeing in your mind, feeling in your heart, and weeping over for the very first time, represented on the Ensign of the great Christian land. America? When you see our Flag flying, remember His Stripes in that Pharisee Court two thousand years ago. Remember that Flag represents the Victory over, the Seed of the Serpent given to us by this One Man who stood alone and took our beating, while we were, yet sinners.

Jesus Christ was not the effeminate man pictured by Sunday School materials, with soft hands and long, flowing, shoulder-length hair. He wore a Roman cut similar to that you see in drawings of the Caesars of His day. He was a carpenter with tough hands, strong legs and arms. He did not wear long flowing robes as shown in Hollywood movies. Who can work in such clothing?

Yet, with the flogging and the loss of Blood, it was all He could do to carry His Cross. When he could not continue, they compelled a man named Simon, a Cyrenian who happened to be passing by, to carry His Cross for Him. [St. Mark 15:21] Where were His Israelite brethren? Where was even one man, who had laid palms before Him a week before, that might come to His rescue? Apparently, they were nowhere to be found. When the Body of Christ, Christians, are whipped, starved, imprisoned and murdered around the world today, their brethren in America, with pitiful few exceptions, are likewise nowhere to be found, especially when there is highly risky work to be done.

Now we see Christ on The Cross and evening is approaching. Do you see the long shadows of the sun? He and the two thieves had not yet died. Talmudic law did not pen-nit an execution after sunset at the beginning of the Sabbath day. The Judeans petitioned Pilate for special permission to break the legs of the three crucified men so that they would die more quickly. A delegation from the Pharisee Temple Guard, Edomites not Romans, was sent out for that purpose. The Captain of the Temple Guard returned, after a period of time, carrying the Spear of Herod Antipas, which was the Symbol of Authority to perform the act of breaking the legs of the condemned felons.

It is not enough to study the Bible text, for without some knowledge of the mixture of the Roman law and the Pharisee law, and the customs of that period, much of what Scripture states will remain a mystery. Had the Captain of the Temple Guard arrived without the Spear of Authority, the Roman soldiers would not have allowed the Pharisee Temple Guard to lay a hand on the crucified men. This Spear was only the authority to break the leg bones of Jesus Christ. It could not be used to execute the men, for crucifixion only was the Order of the Court.

It is fascinating to read this specific part of the story in each of the Gospels. St. Matthew writes in Chapter 27:54:

"Now when the Centurion, and they that were with him, watching Jesus, saw the earthquake, and those things that were done, they feared greatly, saying, Truly this was the son of God."

St. Mark recorded exactly the same thing. The Roman soldiers, and their Centurion leader, expressed a certain fear, for the Romans were not Edomites and did not follow The Talmud. Notice that these Romans confessed that Jesus was the Son of God. No such acknowledgment was forthcoming from any Pharisee present. Can you tell me why, at the very moment of Christ's Death, every one of the Roman soldiers were converted, knowing perhaps for the first time in their lives, the issue of right from wrong? They had seen the cruelty of the Pharisee and crucifixions before. It was standard military duty for them. Think about that question for a minute as you read again Mark 15:39. Luke 23:47 adds credibility to the Roman soldiers' conversion for he writes that their leader, the Centurion, glorified God. He also confessed that certainly this was a righteous man. However, the best light shed on this historical account comes from St. John at Chapter 19:32-34:

"...Then came the soldiers [Temple Guard] and brake the legs of the first, and the other which was crucified with him. But when they came to Jesus, aced saw that he was dead already, they brake not his legs, but one of the (Roman,) soldiers with a spear pierced his side, and forthwith came out blood and water."

Close your eyes again. Do you see Christ's dead Body there on The Cross? Do you see Mary, the Mother of Jesus and the other, ladies standing afar off watching? Do you see St. John, there, writing down, his documentary? Now, do you see the Temple Guard Captain standing there with the Herod's Spear of Authority? See his Pharisee Guard hat? Secular Roman history states that the Centurion's name was Gaius Cassius. Here was this Centurion, meaning that he commanded 100 men, watching the horror going an, and finally realizing, along with all his men, that Jesus Christ was the Son of God. He certainly did not know that Christ had died just moments before. That was only known to the Temple Guard assigned to break His legs. Suddenly, there rose up in the breast of this Centurion a righteous anger that he` could not restrain. He could not stand It any longer, and wheeling his horse around he grabbed that Spear of Herod /2 from the Captain of the Temple Guard's hand, and charged through the crowd fully intending to put his newly found Saviour out of His Misery! Galloping through that rowdy crowd of the Serpent's Seed, with the spear in jousting position toward that central Cross, he determined to protect the Body of Christ from the mutilation he had just seen happen to the two thieves. He drove the Spear of Herod into the right side of Christ, between the 4th and 5th ribs, in Roman combat manner, to insure that a wounded man is truly dead. But Our King was already dead, and did not feel the Spear in the hands of his new disciple of only a few minutes. Gaius Cassius, at the instant of Christ's Death, suddenly had the Law written in his mind and heart; and did his martial deed out of Christian compassion.

The Christians of that Era gave him a new name, that of Longinus The Spearman. He came to be loved as a great hero, and the leader of the first Christian assembly [church] in Jerusalem. He was not only the prime witness, but the man who actually made the shedding of the Blood of the New Covenant a literal accomplishment. Thus the Spear of Herod, intended as a wicked symbol, became the glorious instrument in the hands of an early famous convert after Christ's death. ?

Remember this, my friends, that War between the Stars has only begun, but that War has already been won. Your task, when you begin to see it clearly, is to do whatever may be required to protect the Body of Christ from the "Pharisee Temple Guards," and their agents and proselytes, who even now dwell among us. You can identify them by their fruit and by their sign of Moloch and Astarte, the Six-pointed Star.

Ancient Israel had 41 Kings and then that nation, through inter-racial marriage, sodomy and usury debt, disappeared from the scene. America has had 41 Presidents, and the 42nd, Mr. Bill Clinton, promoting inter-racial marriage, sodomy and usury debt, is in the position to again bring God's Holy nation to its knees. It is toward preventing that tragic event that this personal letter has been written.

/1 People have asked me why God drove Adam and Eve out of The Garden of Eden where they would have to work by the sweat of their brow. It is because Abel's blood was spilled onto the ground there, defiling the land. With Cain not being forced to shed his blood to cleanse the land, the Garden of Eden remained defiled. Thus Adam and Eve could not be allowed to live them. 

/2 There is a whole group of historians from various countries that have taken interest in what is believed to be the original Lance or Spear of Longinus. It is believed to have been carried into Europe with the Christians of the Northern House of Israel as they fled Roman and Pharisee. persecution. General George Patton was trying recover it from its secure location but it had disappeared from Germany at the fall of the Third Reich. Above is a sketch of what is believed to be this original lance, or spear used to pierce the Side of Christ on the Cross. Whether or not this Spear is the original, I am not about to speculate, but the Spear of Longinus would have looked very much like the picture shown here. 

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