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Star Wars,
 Lesson Nine

Genesis moves on with its message pursuant to this hostility between the Good and Evil Seeds. As you study Scripture, you will miss its whole point until you recognize that it is the history of One People: God's Image people who have descended from Adam. As conflicts between Adam's children and those of That Wicked One take place, be they the Amalakites, the Hittites, or the Philistines, those events are recorded, and then these people are forgotten as the saga of One Man's Family moves forward.

Genesis, Chapter 6, gives the reason for the flood of Noah's day, a fact that is almost never discussed in the lukewarm churches of today. Adam, the Record states, began to multiply and daughters were born unto this family. Scripture here states that the Sons of God, who were Angel-Kind, in my opinion, saw that Adam's daughters were fair, and took them for wives. The word "fair" does not necessarily mean that they were blondes, but only that they were beautiful, gentle and kindly. Verse 4 states that this fornication produced giants and mighty men. It was this interracial [or inter-kind) fornication, not the general wickedness of mankind that was the need for Noah's Ark and The Flood of about 2400 BC. Here again, if the two Seed Lines are not understood, and one presumes that all of mankind proceeds forth from Adam, Eve and Seth, great confusion develops. These "Sons of God" could have taken wives from anywhere on the earth, though one might argue that Chay's girls could not be described as being "fair" except to a Chay man. However, if we think of this as applying to Adam's descendants living around the fringes of Eden toward the East, what would be the purpose of a flood that would exterminate Chay living off in Africa or Asia? It has already been established that Chay was not a Party to the sin of Eden, and the Law had not yet been given, so why would there be a need for a judgment on Chay's kindred who had not violated any law, expressed or implied? Think of the false modern theology which this Truth now unwinds!

Twenty years ago. I had a lecture entitled, "Missing the Boat," in which I set forth the clear facts, from the Bible and secular ancient history available in any encyclopedia, that the Flood of Noah's time was only local in nature. To do justice to this thesis, so contrary to what is generally taught in the churches today, would require a pamphlet larger than this personal letter and we will not take that in-depth a look into the subject here. We do know, from making some calculations surrounding the facts in Genesis 7:11; that the Flood was from November, 2345 BC, to November 2344 BC, though Usher's Bible Chronology sets the date as 2348 BC. After all these thousands of years, we are not going to argue over a four-year difference.

There is a major historical problem with the worldwide Noah's Flood story told to Sunday School children, and unfortunately believed by unthinking adults. Observe: The First Egyptian Dynasty began in 3001 BC with King Mena, and the Egyptian Empire continued with an uninterrupted succession of Dynasties until the 12th Dynasty which ended in 2146 BC. These Egyptians were of Chay stock who had lived in this area of the Nile Valley for thousands of years. The chronology of the Flood of Noah and these Egyptian Dynasties is such that it occurred during the reign of King Pepi II, between the 25th and 26th Sed Festival. Need I say more? The Flood never touched Egypt and since that is true, Noah's Flood was not worldwide.

We are not in any way contradicting the Bible, but we are challenging the way it has been translated. When, for instance, Cain complains that God had driven him "from the face .of the earth" in Genesis 4:14, we have no trouble understanding that he was driven from one land, Eden, into another land. Nod. If there is any confusion, it takes no particular scholarship ability to look up the Hebrew word for "land" and for "earth" and find that they are the same word, 'erets. The original readers of the Hebrew knew what was intended here. It is only when we go from one language to the other that such problems of understanding spring up. So, to say that the Flood of Noah's time covered all that land does not do injustice to the intent or meaning of Hebrew Scripture. It makes the context fit what is well known about that period of history:

If you have had a problem with that Flood story with the water covering the earth to a depth of 6+ miles, or wonder how Noah managed to get the lions and elephants of Africa, the penguins of Antarctica and the polar bears of the north pole aboard a boat only 400 hundred feet long, and 75 feet wide, now- you have the answer. Such teachings make an interesting story for small children, but they quickly break down under the strong light of careful Bible study. /1 Noah's Ark never left the general location that is north of India in an area surrounded by huge mountains known as the "mountains of Ararat." The mountain in Turkey where Noah's Ark is alleged to have been found a decade ago, was not named Ararat, which means "highest peak" until the 1850's, four thousand years after Noah and his family scrambled ashore. For a dozen reasons I could name, it is impossible for Noah's Ark to have landed in Turkey, no matter what the Turkish Tourist Bureau and foolish Christians want to make of it.

Why did I feel it necessary to include this matter of Noah's Flood in a personal letter on the races of mankind in the Bible? Simply this: If the Flood of Noah's day covered the planet Earth, swirling around for a year, it would have drowned not only the offspring of Angels with Adam's daughters, but also Satan's Seed that was to have enmity with the Woman's Seed. Do you see the conspiracy here? If Noah's family, consisting of eight people, were all that was left of mankind on the planet Earth, and they were all pure racial stock of Adam, then not only-were Satan's Seed lost forever, but also Chay's children. Has your preacher, who keeps telling you this worldwide Flood story, ever suggested that Chay's children were driven two by two, or really seven by seven, onto the Ark with the animals? No, he could not bring himself to teach that. Then, is he a secret evolutionist suggesting that every variety of Negro, Oriental and Mongol emerged on the Earth in only a few hundred years from one family of eight people, to be the millions that occupied the Chaldee civilization, the millions that kept the Chinese civilization going, the millions more found by Abraham in Egypt? This is pure nonsense and makes the Word of God of none effect. Think of all you have learned, and we are still only about five pages into the Bible!

The Wicked Seed, known by their symbols and signs, lived among Chay's children. One of these areas was where Abraham was later born as set forth in Joshua 24:3. The Bible says that his family came from the other side of the Flood. It was from among the Egyptians, before and during the period of the Flood, that the Seed of Satan's symbology, the worship of Astarte and Molech, and the occult Six-pointed Star originated. King David, many generations later, and though a sinner himself, never aligned himself with the carnal Six-pointed Star, because of its widespread association even then with the worship of heathen and satanic gods.

No student will ever be able to find any ancient record of King David using the Six pointed Star, for the subtle language of numbers was well known even in those days. If King David had a Star, it would have been one with Five points, or one with Eight points.

/1 Except for tracing the two Seed Lines, the subject of Noah's Flood is off-point to the general teaching in this. personal letter. However, to save answering hundreds of unnecessary questions, I will answer one in advance. 'If Noah's Flood was not worldwide, how did the marine fossils come to be found' all over the world in high mountain elevations?" St. Peter has the answer in II Peter 3:3-6:

"...Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers. walking after their own 14:49, and saying 'Where is the promise of his coming? For all things continue as they were from the beginning of Creation.' For this they were willingly ignorant of, that by the Word of God, the heavens were of old. and the Earth standing out of the water and in the waters whereby the world that then was [at Creation] overflowed and perished."

So, at the time of Creation, before the mountains had been pushed up, the Earth overflowed and perished. Once the mountains were pushed up, you would expect to find the marine, fossils there. This is why you can find the remains of animals and mankind that predate Adam. Now you understand why man was instructed in Genesis 1:28 to replenish the earth. God commanded. “Fill it again." 

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