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Star Wars,
 Lesson Seven

As you can see, because of natural errors in the translation through a series of languages, intentional mistranslations for the purpose of altering doctrinal teachings, and the normal flavor being lost through idiomatic shifts, rightly dividing the word of God takes considerable study. How tragic, it seems to me, that the early Bible translators chose to use the phrase "Beast of the field" in their references throughout Scripture to pre-Adamic man. In this End-Time Age, it has caused a major stumbling block to honest Christians who are continually warned against such supposed racism. The United Methodist Church has recently issued a position policy to the effect that anyone who demonstrates any "racial pride" is guilty of a sin and church fellowship may be denied that person. Billy Graham, supporting inter-racial fornication, says that he "looks forward to the day when all the earth's people are an equal shade of light brown." If I asked you what was the pivotal Scripture of the Bible, what would be your answer? I asked my Tennessee Temple students that question, and they at once gave me St. John 3:15, with the emphasis on "whosoever." Depending upon your church affiliation, different verses might have popped into your mind. Many on my mailing list, would offer Acts 2:1-8, and some would insist it is Exodus 20:8 regarding the Sabbath Day, and so forth. One elderly man thought it was the 23rd Psalm, for it was the one Psalm that all Christians are taught to memorize.

It is my belief, and the thesis of this personal Star Wars letter, that the pivot of all Scripture is Genesis 3:15. You see, until Genesis 3:15, there were but two families of mankind on the earth, the made and the created, or as we shall from henceforth identify as those- of Adam and those of Chay. Both, Almighty God has stated, were and are good.

As we consider the events in the Garden of Eden, we know that the ultimate punishments for Adam's sin was that he would begin to die and, henceforth, he would be required to work by the sweat of his brow. Therefore, before that sin and its swift judgment, it follows that Adam did not have to work by the sweat of his brow. Do you understand that? Who then did all the sweating? There was a tremendous amount of work that had to be done and Adam was the Manager to see to it that the work of dressing the Garden got done. Scripture suggests that the Garden may have been half as large as the United States and not, as some suppose, similar to a medium-sized farm with limited chores to do. Adam was "on the road" a lot of the time to get those tasks completed.

In striking contrast, the Chay men were known as wanderers, the literal meaning of the Land of Nod where Cain would later go to look for a wife or two. It was from this original abode of Chay that Adam selected the most competent workmen to serve him in the Garden. Chay was glad for the opportunity for wherever Chay works around Adam, his lifestyle is immeasurably improved. You do not have to travel very far into the Jungles of Africa to see how poorly Chay makes out when going it alone. However, before Genesis 3, it was by the sweat of Chay, not Adam, that the work got done. These two races of men, designed and programmed by God to work harmoniously together, still do today if not incited to discontent by outsiders.

As you read the amazing story of Genesis. Chapter 3, there is no mention made of any surprise or fear on the part of Eve when confronted with the debating Chay proposing something new, exciting and forbidden. I like to think of this as one of the supervising Chay, selected by Adam because of some extra ability and talent. He could spend his time talking to the Mistress of the Estate while the other Chay did the work with Adam checking up on the Garden. Can you picture this? Doesn't it make more sense than a "talking snake?" /1

Nachash, translated serpent, was a specific Chay and, because of his impudent, cunning and cocky nature, assumed that descriptive name for Scriptural understanding. Nachash was his proper name, not as most pastors teach, one of the many wild creatures in the Garden. In modern times, we have encountered such subtle Chay who live among us, but rarely does one find today such impudence in any pure-bred Chay. Nachash, as I see it, was unique in his time, and, because of his uncommon ability and cunning, was a natural ploy for Satan. Satan, as well as God, could see that everything was good, and that was too much for Satan to handle. Could he do a number on Adam's wife with Nachash by transforming him into a seed-bearing "tree" that was pleasant [Hebrew taavah, lustfully or longfully, desirable, Strong's word #8378] to her eyes?

Scriptures, in these specific verses, have been translated so that they could remain family reading and thus intended to screen from children's eyes certain aspects of these events in the interest of good taste. It is sufficient for the immature to think of Eve as eating a forbidden apple, and Adam doing likewise. Regrettably, 90% of all Christians today still accept this immature understanding from their childhood Sunday school classes.

If the Bible translators, under the unction of the Holy Spirit, did not disclose the sordid details, perhaps this letter should also be discrete, knowing that the student can look up the Hebrew words used, study them and substitute the meanings, thus showing themselves approved, workmen that needeth not be ashamed. For example, touch used in these verses is the Hebrew word naga, meaning to lie with a woman. Or, you can take the word translated eat and see that it is from the same root word as "eateth" found in the act of an adulterous woman of Proverbs 30:20. Do you really believe that the sin of eating a forbidden apple would cause anyone to discover their nakedness? It was not to be the seed of an apple that would cause pain and stress when the children of Adam are delivered, but some other seed that has matured in due season.

There are several opinions regarding the actual nature of this seduction that cannot be clearly decided by the text alone. One is that Nachash himself provided the Wicked Seed as a surrogate of Satan and thus the off-spring Cain would be an Adam-Chay cross having a natural propensity to eventually take a wife from the purebred Chay living in the Land of Nod. I think that this matter is far deeper than that.

Another opinion, held by the deceived church, is that there was no physical seed at all, but some "spiritual" seed of a snake such that Eve's carnal thoughts created the wicked Cain and a subsequent "spiritual" Satanic seedline of Cain. The Hebrew text in all due respect for the theology of some of my friends, allows us to take no such sweeping liberties. A seed is a seed, and the phrase "spiritual seed" is neither expressed or implied here, or in Christ's words later referring to the regrettable event.

A third opinion is what I feel is clearly brought out by Christ's Words as in St. John 8:42-45, and St. John's words in I John 3:12; that this Nachash merely performed as a pimp setting up the Event so that Satan, appearing as an angel of light, could plant his own seed in the woman. Eve knew that Nachash was not The Lord, but a pleasant-looking Chay who worked for her husband. Why then did she say that her first child, Cain, was from The Lord? [Genesis 4:1] I think that it was because she had been deceived by Satan into believing that he was God and wanted her to thus perform for him. No question but what Eve was thoroughly deceived. St. Paul writes in I Timothy 2:14:

"...And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression."

This could have been quite properly rendered: ".... the woman was, the transgressor."

The Apostle Paul: writing to those converts that he had led to The Lord, had these revealing words in II Corinthians 11:2:

"for I am jealous over you with a godly jealousy: for I have espoused you to one husband, that 1 may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ." /2

He is not addressing matters of piety, caring for the family, worshipping in church, or not wearing makeup or short skirts. There is only one way that a woman can lose her virginity, and he was not referring to some spiritual carnality here. So, in the context of teaching this to the ladies of Corinth, the next verse reads:

"But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your: minds should, be corrupted from the simplicity that 3s in Christ."

Adam, however, knew better and his sin was taking matters into his own hands and going in unto Eve, at that time still a defiled woman. True, she later confessed and was forgiven, and her son Seth was not held in judgment, as was Abel. Yet, the judgment of her sin, even though deceived, remains with our Adamite ladies unto toddy. The women of the other races, if not the product of intermarriage with Adam's daughters, have almost no pain or travail in bearing children. They will bear their children, and be back working in the fields within a few hours. The ladies, who are reading this letter, now know the reason for this curious medical fact about which they have long wondered.

Returning to Genesis 3:14, we find God's judgment on Nachash, as an individual, would be that he would crawl on his belly all the days of his life. Well, if that is the case, then he did not crawl on his belly before the Event, and therefore could not have been a literal snake. Do you understand that? The Chay people, of which Nachash was a part, were not thus cursed and they do not crawl on their bellies even today.

The next verse is the pivotal one of Scripture and it reads:

"And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it [her seed! shall bruise [crush] thy [Satan's] head, and thou [Satan's seed] shall bruise his [the woman's Son's] heel."

The foreboding prediction of God came to pass. Eve bore a set of fraternal twins, the first born Cain physically sired by Satan and Abel literally sired by Adam. Think back now to the lesson about the bees and the birds and the intrinsic natures, that delicate, discrete mental programming, built into them by God at Creation. Now we are seeing that God has built an internal hatred between these two twins and their posterity. It is important to note that the name Cain means "acquired" or gotten by another source. If you are going to translate Nachash as the serpent, then you would have to translate audawm as the Blushing-Face and Cain as The Acquired. Nowhere in the Bible can you find it said that Cain, the acquired, was in the family or lineage of Adam. So that you will not miss this important fact, a triple witness of Adam's lineage is given in Genesis 5:3; I Chronicles 1:1; and Luke 3:38. Serious Bible teachers agree that Cain and Abel were twins, and the Word of God agrees, for in Genesis 4:3-4 the two boys came of age at the same time and presented their offerings on the same day. However, carefully examining Genesis 4:1, the Bible says that Adam 'knew' his wife and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, "I have gotten a man from The Lord." Even though Cain was her firstborn and she thought him at first to be her promised seed, she later acknowledges that it was Abel, not Cain, who was her promised seed. Do you now see why Scripture was written in that manner? /3 It does not imply that Cain was Adam's first son, but if Abel was Adam's son, then Cain, the acquired was Nachash-Satan's son.

St. John states and it was recorded in I John 3:12-13 as:

"Not as Cain, who was of that wicked one, and slew his brother. And wherefore slew he him? Because his own works were evil, and his brother's righteous. Marvel not, my brethren, if the world hate you."

The word "of " in the Greek clearly means that Cain was a literal seed of Satan. There is no other way to properly understand these verses. It cannot mean, as some suggest, some form of "spiritual" Satanic seed, a concept that is out of character with the whole canon of Scripture.

Reading on in Genesis, Chapter 4, we see that the hatred mentioned in Genesis 3:15 came out in the very first generation when Nachach's son Cain, the acquired, rises up and murders the woman's son, Abel. Beginning with either Genesis 3:15 or Genesis 4:1, whichever way you wish to calculate it, no longer was everything good in the Creation.

From now on, in order to keep the sons of Adam in obedience, another seedline, a wicked and warring seed of Satan himself, was to go abroad in the world. To stand against Satan's Seed, we, who are of the Woman's Seed, would need a full measure of both The Law and Grace. Without both, we will become as the "fish" in the ancient wood-cut shown on page 51, the dead victims of the Nachash-Snake.

This Seed of the Wicked One would be deliberately endowed by Almighty God within his genes and set into motion in its programmed instincts and abilities, the overwhelming desire to murder, plunder and harass the Seed of the Woman. Without the loving and direct intervention of God, as seen through the canon of Holy History, there is no doubt that this Wicked Seed would have been able to win over the Woman's Seed. Now, as Christ's return, marriage and Kingdom are clearly on the horizon, the Serpent Seed people seem to almost have us under their domination.

So, by Genesis 4, there are three seed lines on the earth:

1) Chay's purebred children living in the land of Nod happy and content in their creation.

2) Adam and Eve's purebred children, driven out of Eden and prevented from reentering the Garden or having access to the Tree of [the] Life, the Lord Jesus Christ.

3) Satan's Seed carried into the Earth by Eve, but having blended his seed through marriage with some of Chay's women then living east of Eden.

Thus the war between the instincts of Satan's children * living in the East, and Adam's blushing posterity dwelling in the West, had begun. Regrettably, Chay's children, innocent of all of these judgments, seem to be always caught in the middle and shot at from both sides. ¦


/1 Here again we find the deception of the Bible translators. The Hebrew word rendered as "serpent" is nachash The translation is technically correct. But Dr. Adam Clarke, doing his work over 130 years ago, when scholars read and wrote in the ancient languages, states: "We are obliged to seek for some other word to designate the nachash in the text than the word serpent, which, on every view of the subject, appears to me inefficient and inapplicable." The word nachash should have been left !n the text as: "Now Nachash was more subtle than any beast of the field that the Lord God had made. (Genesis 3:1] Instead, they put their own theological spin on the word by rendering the word serpent and then having Strong's define the word nachash only as serpent. This implies that this Nachash was an actual snake as is the case for the nachash in a dozen other Old Testament verses such as Numbers 21:9 where Moses made a serpent of brass and Exodus 7:15 where the rod became a serpent. In those cases, nachash was an actual snake. However, in Genesis 3. Nachash was this subtle beast's name, given to him by God as his natural trait, not his actual specie of creature. Just as au-dawm was not translated as "Blushing-Face," but Adam, here Nachash quite properly names a man who is a whisperer or a charmer as Strong's quite properly sets forth in his word #5172. So, rather than use the word serpent, think of this text reading, "Nachash, the whisperer, was more subtle than any Chay of the field..." The word subtle here does not mean clever as we think of it in English. The Hebrew word, aruwm, could be cunning in an evil sense, but most scholars, such as Ferrar Fenton, define the word as "more impudent:" as a person who does not know his place or station in life. You might also define it as "cock' or lacking in modesty. So, if you mix immodest, cocky, contemptuous, cunning and impudent into one Hebrew word, then you can imagine what "subtle" means in this verse. See, if the thrust of the Church is going to be that all men are of the same blood, then they do not want you to think of Nachash as being a cocky, impudent Negro, but as merely a cunning snake who learned to talk. What nonsense! 

/2 This teaching not only applies personally to the sexual temptations of the ladies within the assemblies, but has a far deeper meaning which we cannot take space to go into hero. This meaning involves the Bride of Christ, who is to be made a chaste virgin whom 3t. Paul, and you and 1, will be presenting to Christ at the Marriage of the Lamb. This Bride is not the Church as you have been taught, but that great Kingdom nation as Christ stated through St. John in Revelation 19:7-8, along with Revelation 212 and 21927. That is the 'chaste virgin' written about here to the ladies of Corinth. It is about our nation, and ultimately the Kingdom nation being built hero in America, that the "affairs of State' are to be discussed in the churches. We have let Christ's Bride become again beguiled with the lusts of Satan's crowd. Shams on us! 

/3 We are going to have to leave this subject of what happened in the Garden in Genesis, Chapter 3 and the various judgments pronounced by Almighty God. 1 have tried in every way to make the truth obvious to the student, with the full understanding that the Bible is cryptically brief and the Holy Spirit would have it so. Dr. Clarke pictures the Event in this ways "Satan made use of this creature as the most proper instrument for the accomplishment of his murderous purposes against the life and soul of man. Under this creature he lay hid, and by this creature he seduced our first parents, and drew off or slunk away from every eye but the eye of God: No serpent or any other class of such reptiles ever walked erect. and for serpents. of course. to crawl on their bellies would be neither a curse or a punishment. They do not have, and never did have any organs of speech. To give such snakes the ability to speak is to be forever in Disney World. and makes the Word of God of none effect. I have taken every precaution to not read more into this Event. nor to expand upon what is not written in Scripture. Among the sinister meanings of Nachash is 'to acquire knowledge through experience.' This New Age concept, that is as old as recorded history, can be paraphrased as "he will be the Master of his knowledge who will attain this mastery through experience.” Hence. Nachash's invitations to 'touch' and to "taste; the very idea of which intrigued and seduced Eve. The physical seduction of Eve, in contrast to the modernist concept of a “spiritual" seduction and a spiritual seedline of Satan: was the common theological teaching of our Pilgrim and Puritan forefathers. Of all English authors. John Milton. born in 1608, still ranks third in scholarship and influence. He read all of the ancient languages fluently. He is noted for his poetry in Latin, Italian and English. His most famous book, Paradise Lost. published in 1667, is the story of the Garden of Eden and its pivotal Event, the seduction of Eve by Satan, exactly as 1 have set it forth in this personal letter. He was a theological leader of the Puritans. I will have to rest my case here. 

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