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Star Wars,
 Lesson Six

Beast is a frequently used, and widely misunderstood word found in Scripture. When one thinks of a Beast in today's modern English usage, the concept is limited to those four-legged animals with hooves, paws and claws. However, the Hebrew word Chay does not only refer to ordinary animals, but in the English of the days of King James, it was not uncommon to refer to the hard working Negro people as Beasts of Burden.

Thus, we see the unusual language of our Bible that uses this term for them. It did not carry the degrading or derogatory thought that such usage would imply today. Until we come to grips with this Biblical phrase, "The Beasts of the field," there is no way that we can grasp advanced, Biblical Truth. Students should run this phrase through Strong's Concordance, but let me show with a few verses what I am getting at here. I think that these few verses will give a deeper meaning to the first chapters of Genesis, the foundation of all of God's Word. Genesis 9:5-6 states:

"...And surely your blood of your lives will I require; at the hand of every beast will I require it at the hand of every man... Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man."

Here you see that these Beasts are described as having hands, not paws or hooves. The contest, if you will examine it, indicates that these Beasts of the earth would be aware of man's origin, made in God's Image, and therefore could be commanded to abstain from murder or forfeit his life. Such a Beast would have to have sufficient intellect to be morally responsible for his actions. As we have stated in the Footlight, the best word for these Negro people would be Chay, Strong's Hebrew word #2416. However, a more generic word for Beast, used in Exodus 19:11-13 and 23:10-11 are from the Hebrew word behemah, Strong's Hebrew word #929, and discuss Beasts which eat grapes and olives. No farmer in his right mind would turn their cattle, sheep and horses into their vineyards and among their olive trees to trample and destroy them. So, these behemah Beasts can also refer to mankind who are not of the Adamic race. If you ask your pastor, he will probably tell you that the Beasts of the field are domesticated animals, but none of these are flesh-eating animals. Yet, as stated in I Samuel 42-44, and II Samuel 21:10, the Beast of the field is a cannibal, a man-eater.

Jeremiah 27:6 explains that the Beasts of the field were used as servants to Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon. Daniel even told this King that he would be driven from living with men, and wind up living with his servants, the Beasts of the field until he became insane. It must have been the music that did it. Anyway, these Beasts of the field did protect their King, take care of him during the seven years of his madness, and saw to it that he was not slain by his enemies. Contrary to certain anti-Negro remarks we hear today, our Bible never has anything degrading to say about God's Beasts of the field as a race or a "lively troop."

Christians remain confused about the Great Theme of the Bible primarily because of certain misconceptions and deceptions concerning its language. For years, I have thought that the pastors who had studied the Greek and the Hebrew knew the truth of what I am teaching. Only recently have I learned that most divinity schools teach the modern Hebrew and the Biblical Greek and really do not know this subtle trickery of language given to us when the children of the wicked one began to massage the original languages. Those who are told the Truth by my previous Star Wars letters, have often decided to ignore it because they must make mortgage payments on their buildings and have enough for missions to just about anyone but the "lost sheep" of the House of Israel. [St Matthew 10:6; 18:11; St. Luke 19:10, etc.]

With the concepts of the Bees, Birds and Beasts held firmly in mind, I want to direct your attention to the Book of Beginnings, Genesis. Here we will also find out about the beginnings of that Great Star Wars of Scripture. Read again Genesis, Chapter 1:25:

"...And God made the Beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and everything that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: and God saw that it was good."

Please note that the Beast rendered above is singular. It does not say Beasts, as it might if the Word was speaking of elephants, lions or tigers. Note the his and their in the text. The remainder of this text refers to all of these other animals of creation. This Beast is a different creature, and the Hebrew word for him is Chay. While there are several variations of this word, Chay, we will use Chay for this race of non-white people mentioned throughout Scripture in these lessons but let the student realize that I am aware of the variations. Chay is a Beast having hands and feet, one who is described as from a "lively troop," and who works as a servant, etc.

Note also that in regard to the Beast, Chay, he was made. Contrast that with Adam's entry onto the earth at Genesis 1:27 & 31:

"...So God created man [aw-dawm, i.e. Adam] in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them ...And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good."

So, Chay was made good, and Man was created very good. /1 How then is it possible to have a Warfare of the Stars upon the earth?

The first presupposition set forth here is this: In Genesis One there are two distinct racial lines set forth upon the Earth, and each of them God said was good. One of these, distinguished, as the "Beast of the Earth." comprised the Negro and Mongoloid races who do not have the ability to show blood in the face. The other is the racial line from Adam who were clearly distinguished with the ability to blush. This can only be the Caucasian race, who after division after division through history, a remnant became the people of Jacob-Israel, and only a tiny remnant of those are The Called from the foundation of the world.

What is vital to the student's understanding is that all races of "men" do not descend from Adam. I know that your minister teaches you differently, but to accept that theory, to have all races descend from Adam, and do so within the 7,000 years since Adam, would be retrograde evolution of the swiftest order. If you cannot "evolve" different species over a million years, there is no way that the various racial types of man could have evolved in 7,000 years, and the Negro has been with us from the earliest of times in both Biblical and secular history.

Shown above is one example of the doctored Greek text. This is from the Interlinear Greek New Testament developed in the Scofield Era by George Bicker Berry. PhD and reprinted by Zondervan Publishing Co., in 1958. You will see that the word blood has been inserted into the Greek text so that the student will believe that it was there originally and hence all kindreds of people are of the same blood meaning that All Men are brothers, etc. This Thought-theology of One Blood, imposed upon our Christian nation, is necessary to justify, with the blessings of the Christians. The New World Order.

The second presupposition here is that each of these kinds of man have different built-in mental programs and abilities commensurate with the tasks for which God made or created them. As with the different kinds of bees, one programmed to build a mud dwelling, and another a paper one, both are seen as good by the Creator.

As I write. I am reminded of those Bible texts used by our deceiving pastors to suggest that all men are of Adam and are of one blood, such as Paul's statement recorded in Acts 17:26, as:

"...And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and bath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation."

Here is the problem: The word blood was never in the original Greek text, but was added by the King James translators supposedly to make that verse more understandable. Then Strong's Concordance, developed in the Scofield period, puts blood in Acts 17:26, and then gives the definition not only as blood; but inserts as an alternate meaning the word kindred. This would make all nations of one kindred and support the false theology all men are of Adam and all men can be "grafted into Israel" and saved, etc. Said another way, the King James lies, and Strong's Concordance swears to it. The Roman Catholic Douay-Rheims Version quite properly does not insert this word blood in its text.

The modern "Biblical Greek" texts that your Bible College students use, ** have also inserted the Greek word, haima, into these so-called authorities. Vine's Expository, in this case states that the word blood does not appear in the "most authentic manuscripts." The Ferrar Fenton, capitalizes the word One, and leaves out the word blood, for the original texts indicate that the One here is Christ. So, this verse should read:

"...Himself giving to everyone life and breath and all things; because He made by One, [i.e. Christ] every race of men to dwell upon the whole face of the earth..:"

Now, you see the difference! Isn't it strange that all of the major reference materials and concordances, such as Young’s, Strong's and Vine's were all prepared in that very era, from around 1890-1915, that C. I. Scofield was preparing his Reference notes?

As the current AIDS epidemic is so vividly teaching us, all blood of mankind is certainly not the same. The blood of Caucasians differs in molecular construction and in heredity factors from that of the Negro. Sickle cell anemia, for instance, is not a disease, but a mutation of the blood of the Negro, and is transmitted to the Caucasian only by transfusion of Negro blood. St. Paul contradicts the One Blood social engineers, such as C.I. Scofield, and the deceived pastors who promote this evolutionary concept, when he wrote in I Corinthians 15:39:

"All flesh is not the same flesh: but there is one kind of flesh of men, and another flesh of beasts, another of fishes and another of birds."

As you thoughtfully consider the controversial truths set forth here, I want you to keep in mind the fact that each of the races, whether made or created, were designed by The Creator to be good and to remain within the bounds of their habitation. These are not only geographical bounds, but also limits as to cohabitation. The major problem to be faced today is the tragic results of these bounds being breached. This false idea of a "melting pot America;" the blending of the races under the assumption that all mankind is of "one blood," is even now bringing down our Christian civilization.

Look at what is being promoted in America since the Christian people elected Bill Clinton to the Presidency. Sodomites are scattered throughout the federal government and will be permitted into the military. ¦

/1 There is a clearer distinction in the Paleo-Hebrew than appears in English. Chay, and the rest of Creation, were made from nothing for the first time, by the Spoken Word of Almighty God. Adam had no such making, but was “formed from the dust of the earth.” Chay has been on the earth for tens of thousands of years, and his "triangular" shinbone has been dated long before Adam's arrival about 7,000 years ago with his “rounded" shinbone. None of the 'rounded shinbone people have ever been found that predate 7,000 years.

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