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Star Wars,
 Lesson Ten

Holy Scriptures have been provided for our learning: and when they differ from the traditions of men, those traditions must be discarded. While it is certainly true that King David never would have been caught dead with a Six-pointed Star around, this was not true of his son, King Solomon. The first Biblical mention of the Star of Satan's Seed was in 922 BC, when King Solomon converted to the fashionable occult religions of his day. He erected an alter to Satan's false god. Astarte and to Moloch, even after God appeared to him twice and commanded him not to do this abominable thing. It was Josiah who later destroyed this forbidden alter and the Six pointed Star right along with it. It was from the worship of Astarte and her Six pointed Star that the so-called Christian festival, named after her in the English, Easter, originated. At the festival of Astarte, or Easter, this sex goddess asks her followers to worship fornication and fertility which is represented by the Sign of the rabbit and the Astarte Egg. She had her followers worship her at a certain sunrise in the Spring. This Six-pointed Star is properly identified as the Seal of Solomon. Deceivers among us have almost been able to convince us that the Six-pointed Star is Magen David, the Star of David. Throughout the Bible, the number six has always been associated with imperfection and is the human or carnal number. It is the number of man that is destitute of God; the man who is without Christ or who is anti-Christ. Christ save right through the modern deceptions of the Mormon, Jewish, Masonic and Fundamentalist teachings by having St. John identify for us the Symbol, Sign or Mark of the Beast in this manner in Revelation 13:18:

"Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the Beast: it is the number of (a) man; and his number is six hundred, three score and six."

I have put a parenthesis -around the word "a" because of the false doctrines built around it such as an individual anti-Christ. The indefinite article "a" does not appear in the original Greek text, for, as any first semester student of the Greek knows full well, there is no indefinite article in the Greek language! Why do educated preachers try so hard to deceive you? The number of the Beast system is 666, the anti-Christ scheme of things always found where the Serpent Seed people manage to get control. When you want to identify him, look for his Sign, a six within a six within a six. It is a logo with six points, six sides and six angles. It is the Sign of the Son of Perdition, the Chay-Satan line of Daniel 11:36-45 and II Thessalonians 2:3. That Wicked One's Star or Sign was condemned specifically by the God of Israel in Amos 5:26 and identified by Him as "the Star of your god. Moloch."

In the New Testament, this same wicked Sign is called the Star of Remphan as set forth in Acts 7:43. The book, Encyclopedia of Occultism by Lewes Spence, calls the Sixpointed Star the occult's "chief magical diagram." None of the references you will ever find anywhere to the origin of this Star indicate any positive, Godly or Christian meanings. It is the highest sign of the Sabbath of Witches, often called Halloween and is enthusiastically celebrated today by most Christian churches. "Their congregations dress up their children as goblins, skeletons, and a host of other disguises, and send them out into the All Hallow Even to play out the witch's role of "Trick or Treat," a childish combination of blackmail, bribery and theft.

Satanic sacrifices of young people now going on in America, and the real reason for all the missing children that are never seen again are done under this Sign of the Six pointed Star. The murder of the first-born was a common ritual of those under the power and authority of Moloch and Easter. Today, that ritual is carried out by medical abortions done under the Sign of The Serpent on the Staff: The majority of these abortions, now permitted by the United States Supreme Court, are done on the Seed of the Woman and promoted most widely by those whose loyalty is to the Six-pointed Star, Mother Earth, and the worship of the Creation rather than the Creator.

Finally, we need to look into the number of Satan's name. In the Hebrew, there are no vowels. As the Hebrew for Satan is sounded out, and recorded in Strong's Concordance, /1 Satan's name is numbered by six letters, Sawtan. The two definitions given for Sawtan also have six letters in each of them:

To  A c c u s a  and  To  A t t a c k.
Sawtan Accuse - Attack = 666

In striking contrast, observe that the number Five as it appears throughout Scripture is nearly always used where Godly, positive, uplifting and Christian things, such as grace, faith and favor are discussed. The whole canon of God's Word cannot be understood without the foundation of the Pentateuch, the first Five books of the Bible. The finale of Christ's work on the earth cannot be comprehended even slightly, apart from Pentecost. Pentecost is Five times the number of completion, ten, and it is the Jubilee, the cancellation of all debts. Christ paid the price! So dangerous are these two Fives, the Five books of the Pentateuch containing God's Laws, Statutes, and Judgments, and the true meaning of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit seen at Pentecost, that every effort must be made by Satan's Seed to discard the Law and race of the Pentateuch as irrelevant and obsolete. They must sidetrack the truth of Pentecost and substitute the carnal self-serving activities in the Name of the Holy Spirit to make it of none effect. Still promoting his enmity with a vengeance, Satan has managed to recruit some highly effective disciples to attend to this task. Can you identify them? The wasp cannot help himself: He must build a mud hut. The False Prophet and the Hireling Shepherd cannot help themselves either, and they must, by some mysterious instinct, promote those holding forth under the Ensign of the Six-pointed Star. I will not belabor this point about the Biblical Five for you for it can be easily studied from the references in any concordance. There were Five loaves to feed the Five thousand. There were Five wise and Five foolish virgins: The best servant in the Kingdom got Five talents and earned another Five. The "certain rich man" had Five brothers. St. Paul in rebuking those carnal Christians at Corinth, stated that Five teaching words well understood, were better than a thousand words in their "unknown tongues." There were Five hundred witnesses that Christ rose from the Dead. In God's Sovereignty, Five times St. Paul got the maximum whipping allowed by Roman Law of 40 [New Beginnings 8 times 5] stripes. When David went after Satan's Enmity Agent and killed him, he carried five smooth stones. When Joshua felt the Enmity breathing down his neck, there were Five kings of the Wicked Seed who were hanged from Five Trees. Brother Joshua, where are you?

None of the great men of faith depended upon the Sorcerer's Hex, or called upon the god of Moloch to deliver their nation, or themselves, from those who hated them.

/1 When 1 refer to Strong's Concordance in this letter, let it be understood that 1 mean the Strong's Exhaustive Concordance. The Christian Book Stores now sell what is called The New Strong's Concordance which is supposed to be a condensed version leaving out the thousands of references to common words such as "the" and "who." What you may not find out until you get home, is that it also leaves out both the Hebrew and Greek lexicons where you can find the definitions of the words used. Except to help you find s particular verse; the volume is worthless. 

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