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Star Wars,
 Lesson Three

Christ has commanded us not to be a part of any church that teaches the humanistic Doctrine of Balaam, that is, that there is no difference or significance between the kindreds of peoples. He warned about those who would teach that God's Laws had been abandoned at the Cross [Luke 16:31]. He has given final warning against those who preach the blasphemy that the Esau-Edomite Jew is a Judean and that they are of the kindred of Christ, when their fruit and their spirit indicates, to all who will bother to look, that they are of the synagogue of Satan. As His final instructions, Jesus Christ, the King of Jacob-Israel said in part:

"...And if any man shall take away from the words of this book of prophesy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book."

-Revelation 22:19

How serious is it to attend those churches when they know that blasphemous errors are being preached? Christ says that it is one of those sins for which He will take away your part of the Tree or Book of Life: your part of the Kingdom or Holy City, and every other promise found in the Bible. Do you think that Christ does not take this kindred and race question seriously? About as serious as death and the grave! There are no footnotes to Christ's Final Warning that suggests He might not have said what He means, and meant precisely what He said.

During the months that I was preparing this Bible lesson. I was driving along in my car, listening to an FM music station. At one point the music stopped and a minister got on the microphone and in his sermon stated that "God blessed America because America has blessed the Jews in Israel." I punched the button tuning to another station. Look at America's history in the light of God's blessings. We were blessed above all nations when our Forefathers told the truth about the Esau-Edom-Moab kinship of those throughout Europe known as Jews. We were blessed when men like Ben Franklin printed tracts warning about this assembly-kindred of Satan. We were blessed when America refused to permit those of the Jewish race to settle in this land from abroad. Read it, it is all there in older history books!

We were blessed before the passage of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, when it was unlawful for anyone but a Caucasian Christian to vote, and when the Courts ruled that "We, the People ... and their posterity" meant only Christian White people, and specifically did not include people of any other race or kindred. Now, as a part of this Bible study, read the 28th chapter of Deuteronomy, under God's Curses for a nation. Can you find a single Curse listed there that has not come on America since the Esau-Israel nation was stolen from Abraham's Kindred, [through Hagar or through his cousins from the loins of Joktan]? [Genesis 10:25] Every Curse is on America, from plagues to weather, to financial problems to wars we could not win after losing thousands of our finest young men.

About the time Americans began to understand the significance of the 14th Amendment, and the influences of Esau's Kindred upon American political life and foreign policy, a conspiracy was in place to undermine the militancy of the Church with doctrines that promoted the Thought-theology that there were no differences regarding racial heritages and bringing ALL MEN into the church. This specific concept was mentioned in Revelation as:

"So hast thou also them that hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, which thing I hate."

- Revelation 2:I5

To promote this conspiracy, came the false preachers, such as C. I. Scofield, who began to weave Jewish fables into the fabric of God's Truth. He cast tare seeds into God's very special wheat field.

Thousands of so-called fundamental Bible ministers study from the reference notes of the Scofield Bible. Nearly all Protestant Bible School students use this Bible as one daily source as to what the Scriptures really mean as opposed to what they say.

What these Christian people will not tell you is that their theological hero, C.I. Scofield, deserted his first wife, Leontine Carre Scofield and his two young daughters, Abigail and Helene. They ignore the fact that he never sent them any financial support. A woman in the 1880's did not have government welfare and good paying jobs were not available to them. He treated his wife and children as if they did not exist! Meanwhile, Scofield was to be delicate, "interested in two other women," a young lady from the St. Louis Flower Mission whose name has not been recorded, and a Hettie Van Wark whom he was "courting" while he was still married to Leontine.

Well, finally. Leontine, a faithful Roman Catholic, sued for divorce and that divorce was recorded on December 8, 1883, in his hometown of Atchison, Kansas. Her divorce decree charged Cyrus "with abandoning the family, had neglected his duty, failed to support or contribute to his family, etc." Leontine worked as a librarian at the Atchison Public Library, arid from her meager earnings did manage to properly educate her two daughters. Remember now, Scofield was a professing Christian who wrote the most popular set of Bible Reference Notes in use today! The abandoned Leontine never remarried and died in 1936. She is buried in the Mount Calvary Cemetery, Atchison, Kansas.

Dr. Scofield wasted no time. Three months later, on March 11, 1884, Scoffed and Hettie Van Wark were married. /1

As a Christian, he entered a legal and political career wherein he stole thousands of dollars from his Christian and secular friends. In one of his financial scams, he was convicted of forgery, and spent six months in the St. Louis. Missouri jail. As chance would have it, after the Civil War, his arrest records could not be found. He defrauded his mother-in-law out of $1,300 and never paid her back, even when his finances were such that he could have easily done so. If Ezekiel was ever predicting a modern prophet who created a "widow", or who was a deceiver of the Elect, devouring souls so that they will not be admitted into the Kingdom of Heaven and the Tree of Life, or who was out for dishonest gain, it had be Cyrus I. Scofield. Why are you carrying a Scofield Bible, my friend? Why do you attend a church which teaches the lies of this convicted criminal? Why would you want to advertise your ignorance in such a way?

It is going to be difficult for any reader with only a smattering of public school education in American History to understand the political background of the theological discussion of this long list of Biblical contradictions. Who is it that says that there must be a separation of church and state, theology and politics? Who else but Esau's children? The thesis of this Star Wars lesson is to show that there is a connection between political changes in any nation as the - direct result of the changes in the Thought-theology of that nation.

We know from reading their sermons, and their biographies, that our Christian Forefathers believed, at least in part, that they were descended from the Houses of Israel, and that they were planting Christ's Kingdom nation in The Wilderness--a Biblical term--and called this North American continent by another Biblical name. The New World, America soon began to explode in industry, shipping, agriculture, finance and commerce. In the framework of America today, it is hard to picture the Christian American political life of the 1600's and 1700's. So ingrained were the Bible truths throughout the land, and the proper Thought-theology toward the various races that lived among us that America did not permit Negroes, Asians, Indians and other non-whites and the half-breed mixtures of them with the whites, to have citizenship status in America. It wasn't until after the War Between The States, that the 14th Amendment granted a limited, privileged citizen status to non-whites, and subsequent amendments increased those privileges in various ways.

There was another class of people. while attempting to pass for White, that were not given citizenship status in early America. These were Esau-Edom's kindred, the European Jews who migrated here to get involved in our great increase in industry and commerce. Of them Ben Franklin wrote:

"If you permit the Jews to settle in America, within 200 years they will own this country."

-Benjamin Franklin

His prediction was pretty accurate. By 1800, Harvard College had a Unitarian Theology Department which taught the idea that God loves Every Man equally, etc. By this time, the great Puritan Christian Work Ethic that made America great began to be displaced by a "new gospel," and the political and social life began to change right along with it. During this period, from around 1800 to 1850, there was a movement called the "Age of Reason" with many of the same ideas of today's New Age Movement. The general theme: The Mind is everything, and the absolutes of the Bible are not considered relevant in this modern age. During this time, such men as Thomas Paine, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Henry David Thoreau abandoned their Christianity and opted for these intellectually stimulating philosophies of which the central theme was "The Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man." All across the land, fraternal Lodges and Orders were set up which soon became the religion of the leaders and then that of the people.

Into that era carne the Esau-Edomite Karl Marx and the evolutionist Charles Darwin inserting their anti-scriptural ideas into America's theological mainstream. All of these were at first political and philosophical concepts, which when promoted enough in the published materials of that day, became the accepted norm for "educated and sophisticated" people. The Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man, as a socialist scheme of the French Revolution, had to be transformed into the Thought-theology of the Christian population before the greater conspiracy of a world socialist government could be implemented. /2 In order to refute Christ's words concerning Esau-Edom-Jewry that they were of their father the Devil, the theology had to be changed so that God is the father of All Men and All Peoples, and that Satan is not the father of any of them. Do you see how that works? The second part of this Thought-theology is the idea that All Men are brothers, which is intended to refute the Scriptural teaching and truth that All Men are not brothers and that God has a chosen people above all the peoples of the earth.

If you think about it, this concept of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man is the central theme of Socialism and Communism. Christianity, if you will think of it apart from merely a church function, is a Thought-theology of government, commerce, and economics, the fruits of which is a nation of liberty, and individual responsibility.

About 150 years ago, Massachusetts, especially in the small towns around Boston, became the spawning ground for this Brotherhood of Man Thought-Theology. The new political, social and theological idea was expressed in Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, and so important in the minds of these conspirators that every public school child had to be able to recite that:

"...All men are created equal"

A. Lincoln

Isn't that an interesting, loving and humanist idea? Without apology, it is not a Scriptural concept, and anyone with an ounce of gray matter knows that it is just not so. Out of this Massachusetts society came a man, born in Middleton in 1833, named John J. Ingalls. He was a graduate of Williams College, well endowed in those days with the ideas of the Esau Clan. He became a lawyer. He was the spokesman for a Boston group known as "The Secret Six." Mr. Ingalls was sent to Atchison, Kansas and it is enough to say that he associated himself with the young lawyer, Cyrus I. Scofield. Actually, Scofield never attended any college, not even for a day, as a student! However, he fancied himself a lawyer, but had not been admitted to the Bar. Through the influences of the Secret Six men in Kansas, Scofield was admitted to the Bar, with no formal training whatever. He gave himself his theological Doctorate Degree the same way.

Scofield went on, with the help of the Secret Six people, to get appointed United States Attorney for Kansas, only to be forced to resign after six months when he and friend Ingalls were caught in a blackmail scheme against the railroads. Some of his other criminal activities have been already mentioned, but what is important here is that the Boston Secret Six, whom he never met and was not their peer, assigned C. I. Scofield the task of translating the Fatherhood of God, Brotherhood of Man concepts into a system of Bible teachings. It was during those long days and nights when he was in prison for forgery, that Scofield had begun studying the unscholarly theological and philosophical ideas of a loser named J. N. Darby, a scatter-brained Englishman. Today, Darby would be called a "hippy" and he looked the part. He was already doing in England what the Secret Six were to assign Scofield to do in the United States. In England, the Brotherhood of Man Thought-theology was boiled down by Darby into a new denomination called The Brethren Movement.

The Secret Six were not stupid. They had done their homework. They reasoned, and quite correctly, that America could not be converted from Republic into International Socialism until the vast majority of American Christians could be taught that the church was not to be militant regarding the affairs of state, and that God's Laws, Statutes and Judgments were not valid as a means of governing anything but a theocratic nation. It was necessary to subvert the First Amendment to the Constitution to mean that the Church was to offer no suggestions and to be silent regarding those affairs of state that effect in a vital way every Christian and his way of life. This was quite a project for Mr. Scofield, since God thought so much of righteous governments that He devoted about 80% of Holy Writ to that subject, and made governments one of the Holy Spirit's special Gifts.

Now with the Secret Six, Scofield, and some of his associates such as Dwight L. Moody and Arno Clemens Gaebelein, that was going to change. On July 23, 1901, Scofield confided in his friends that he intended to develop a "Reference Bible" that would bring about this "new beginning and new testimony." Of course, such tremendous efforts take plenty of money and a lot of time. Scofield had time, and he needed money. While he was talking like a Christian out of one side of his mouth, he was taking the money and doing the bidding of his financial backers, the subversive Secret Six.

In 1901, the author of the Scofield Bible References was admitted into the Lotus Club of New York City, much to the embarrassment of his holier-than-thou Christian brethren. The Lotus Club was restricted to "social intercourse between journalists, artists, musicians, friends of literature, science, and fine arts, etc." Scofield, at this time, was no more than a Kansas con-man with some highly placed financiers. He had no background in fine arts, music or literature. His "Reference Notes" had not been written, much less published, so his qualifications for entrance into this elite and worldly group becomes of particular interest. This club's literary committee, which passed on "Dr." C.I. Scofield, was headed by one Samuel Untermeyer, who at that time was a notorious criminal lawyer. Untermeyer, as his name suggests, was one of those kinfolks of Esau-Edom and his accomplishments on behalf of the socialist and communist causes in America take up two columns in "Who's Who in America."

Untermeyer's Thought-theology, as any one might suppose, was far removed from that of any fundamental Bible believer. Scofield was no such believer. He was directed by the Secret Six to the Lotus Club, and their associate Samuel Untermeyer saw to it that he was admitted without credentials. Scofield was not just a "casual member" but listed it as his residence for twenty years until he died.

The purpose of Samuel Untermeyer, and those associated with him, was to find a way to get fundamental Christians to have an interest in, and support for, the International Zionist Cause, which had been one of Untermeyer's life long projects. Samuel Untermeyer died in 1941, but the records I have in my office prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he was a dedicated Communist, and worked for Communist causes all of his adult life. Scofield's Reference Bible was simply one of those objectives. In twenty years of membership in the Lotus Club, Scofield with his long association with Untermeyer had to have known about his unAmerican activities and his Synagogue of Satan.

The letter, shown here on Lotus Club stationery and signed by Scofield, was sent to the Bible teacher, A. C. Gaebelien, who knew of Scofield's activities but did not disclose it to his fundamentalist friends until it was boastfully published in the Moody Monthly, in 1942. The secular significance of the Lotus Club was not, of course, disclosed to the Moody readers.

What every student of this lesson of Star Wars needs to always keep in mind, is that The Brotherhood of Man, the Brethren Movement, and its kin Thought-theology of Scofield "dispensationalism," was and still is, a Class Movement, not as such, a religious movement. One of the Roman Catholic counter-parts, also supported by the Esau-Edom kindred, is the Jesuit and Mary Knoll "Liberation Theology" now sweeping Central America. This is the very reason for the seemingly unusual association between Scofield and Samuel Untermeyer. They knew that Scofield's "Any Moment Now" Rapture Doctrine, (which he stole from J. N. Darby, who in turn had stolen it from a lady minister in Scotland named Rev. Margaret McDonald, who in turn had stolen it from a Spanish Jesuit Priest named Emanuel Lacunza, who made it all up and first published it in Spanish under the pen-name of Rabbi Ben Ezra), would be a good idea, as they said, "to keep the lower and middle class Christians in line."

Why would Christians ever get concerned as the New World Order took over the world, if they believed that The Rapture would come any time now? Why would they get worried about the thousands of problems as totalitarian socialism takes over America, if "this world is not my home?" Why get into patriotic activities if the Kingdom is only that warmth beating in your heart as you come to love Jesus? See how that works?

"Add thou not to his words lest he reprove thee, and thou be found a liar."

Proverbs 30:8

With many ministers of the 1920's having been taught Scofield's dispensationalism, this "new testimony," so common now but unheard of 125 years ago, the conspiratorial push was on in the late 1930's to get the Scofield Reference Bible into the hands of the majority of protestant denominations. Scofield's Notes, stating right on the pages of the King James Bible that the Jews were "All of Israel," was to set the stage for the theft of Palestine from this Arabic people, who lawfully owned it, and give it, by United Nations Directive, to a mixed multitude most of whose forefathers had never set foot on that land for thousands of years, if ever. For those reasons alone, Scofield's Notes were worth every penny that Samuel Untermeyer and the Secret Six paid for them.

Informed patriots know all too well the role that England's Oxford University has played in the promotion and spreading of Fabian /3 Socialism around the world. This is that particular tactical socialism that is the Thought-theology of such men as Dwight David Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and George W. Bush. It is also the college from which Bill Clinton, the "fundamental Baptist from Arkansas," graduated. It is that philosophy of bringing about world socialism by deceit and trickery, hence the word Fabian, which they selected for their use. No one can graduate from Oxford, or its London School of Economics where Kennedy went, without proving by his course assignments and thesis that he is a confirmed Fabian.

So, of all the places in the world to publish the Scofield Reference Bible, where do you suppose that Scofield, and his socialist friends would get it printed? We have a number of good Bible publishing houses in America, capable of taking on such a task. Well, you guessed it! Scofield made his publishing contract with the Fabian Socialist Oxford University Press. Here was Scofield, who in all his life had only published one small book entitled, Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth, and .a few small pamphlets, suddenly having entrance to the most prestigious and exclusive publishing house in the world! Who was clearing the way for a relatively unknown Texas minister, who made up his Doctorate credentials, to get to such publishing heights? Who but the synagogue of Satan, the kindred of Esau-Edom?

In a letter to his daughter Helene, a daughter he had left behind years before, Scofield bragged that he was giving large theology lectures at the Carnegie Institute. Patriots who have done their homework on the Council on Foreign Relations, know the subversive and unAmerican part that the Carnegie Foundations play in promoting international Fabian /4 socialism. Scofield, as with everything else he did in his life, talked out of both sides of his mouth. He, like George Bush and Bill Clinton, was a true Fabian.

It is not so much that Scofield preached "another gospel," that I differ with, that makes me so angry. He is not the only man to have done so, and students of the Bible can quickly point out their false doctrines, as I have done with the Every Man Scofield doctrine. I resent Scofield because he used God's Word as an active and willing subversive to the cause of American Liberty. His Doctrines. References and Notes, prepared with Jewish-Zionist funding to ultimately establish an Esau-Israel* has neutralized the Church to where they are indifferent to what is happening in America. Scofield was "...two fold more the child of Hell..." as are the Esau-Edomites who happily sponsored, with finances and influence, his false theological concepts. He intended to deceive the very Elect, and by and large he has done so, with the Fabian tactic of putting his false doctrines right on the same pages as God's Word so that the less educated Christian might give them almost equal weight and authority.

As I have written time and time again over the past 20 years, the more churches we get in America, the more wicked and socialist the nation becomes. Scofield's "new testimony" has been the leading cause, for it so altered the Christian's Thought-theology that he is indifferent to what is happening to his country. He is not concerned about, but generally approves of, the "Fatherhood of God, Brotherhood of Man" ideas being promoted in thousands of hours of television entertainment programming. He is happy to watch bi-racial situation comedies, and movie specials promoting interracial marriages and other sordid "relationships. "

Today, by age 15, the average American youth has watched 50,000 hours of Secular Humanist, socialist, and other unAmerican and anti-biblical ideas- promoted as the truth on television. The average American youth now believes that God loves ALL MEN, and that there are no differences in the race and kindreds of people. He actually believes, for it is taught in the government schools, on television, and because of Scofield, from the pulpits, that America has a Judeo-Christian heritage, as if the Jewish Talmud and Jewish culture work in perfect harmony with Christian teaching and ideals. Esau-Edom never had it so good!

Look around you! Think back to our historical foundations which were long set in place before the first Jew set foot on the American shores, and ask yourself if there is one unique Jewish Talmudic Philosophy or Cultural Concept that has shaped our American private enterprise Republic. Where is the Jew who signed the Declaration of Independence? Instead, it was against the British Banking and Tax systems, controlled even in those days by Esau-Jewry, that Christian Americans were willing to die rather than submit to. In those days, they studied their Bible, not Scofield's notes. If you want to examine true Esau-Edom-Jewry, take a good look at the Israeli State. It is a network of communes, and a military totalitarian socialist government that stays perpetually at war with all its neighbors. To maintain this "Promised Land" for the Jews, American taxpayers must borrow into the national debt $2,300 per Jewish person in Esau-Israel, /5 and give it to them to spend to keep their government going. The Jews themselves are not willing to be taxed for the lifestyle and form of government that they have chosen for themselves. What you see in today's Esau-Israel is not the fulfillment of Bible prophecy as your Scofield minister, your Jesuit-trained Priest, or your Mormon Elder has taught you. That nation fits none of the conditions set forth in prophecy! That nation of Bible prophecy, among all the other criteria set forth in Scripture, is to be Christian, not anti-christ Jewish. What then is the prophecy about the present Israel nation of anti-christ Esau-Edom peoples at this end of the Age? /6 There are a number of them, but I will end the formal part of this lesson with that statement from Christ Himself regarding the present nation of Israel:

"For I say unto you, that unto every one which hath shall be given; and from him that hath not, even that he hath shall be taken away from him. But those mine enemies (Esau-Edom), which would not that 1 should reign over them, bring hitherto old Jerusalem), and slay them before me."

-Luke 19:27-28

This is a direct command from our Commander and King. Through this personal letter, we fully intend to be a part of an awakening of the American Christian people so that Christ's enemies will be driven from this land into Old Jerusalem to be slain before Him.

"For thou didst separate them from ALL THE PEOPLE OF THE EARTH to be thine inheritance." 1 Kings 8:53

"Now therefore make confession unto the Lord God of your fathers, and do his pleasure; and separate yourselves from the people of the land, and from strange wives." -Ezra 10:11

Will you join us in this great challenge at this tremendous time in Christian and American history?


/1 It is off point in this lesson to dig any deeper into the personal life of C. I. Scofield concerning some matters that happened over a hundred years ago. If you want more details, I suggest you write to Apostolic Educational Ministries, PO Box 49, Jefferson. Oregon 97352. Ask for The Incredible Scofield, Condensed Version 48 pages. $2.00 + 500 postage. We may not agree with them in all areas, but this booklet is well worth having.

 /2 A large minority of those who subscribe to my pamphlets are simply patriots concerned about the rapid decay of the American Republic. Some think that religion has nothing whatever to do with the social, political and economic crisis they see in government. I am not concerned about their theology, if any, for this discussion. If the prudent patriot will examine history, in every case, be it Egyptian, Greek or Roman, or any of the seventeen other civilizations of antiquity, that decline always followed the "enlightened" humanist teachings of its leaders and intellectuals to the effect that ALL MEN are brothers. Once interracial marriages, along with fornication for fun, was acceptable and as soon as the bastards became a majority, the nation fell. Those nations, which rightly refused to permit or accept cross-breeds among them, such as the Chinese, have survived for centuries. The bastard among us, regardless of his cross, will always drift back to his lowest common denominator as far as culture and original thought is concerned. The jungle music of the half-breed rock music stars is only one more obvious proof of that statement. Men and women of all races, know that this is true.

/3 The term Fabian was selected by this particular branch of International Socialism, because of the secrecy and delaying tactics used so as not to alarm the populations. They picked this name from their hero, the Roman commander and statesman, Fabius Maximus during the time of Hannibal, about 200 BC. America may actually be captured, not by attacking armies which most Americans would quickly resist, but by a slowly developing socialism that increases so imperceptibly that most Americans would never notice it until it is too late. The main control of us would be through the high taxes to pay the so-called national debt. See The Fabian Freeway by Rose L. Martin.

/4 When I write the term Jacob-Israel, or Israel, throughout this letter. I am writing in the Biblical context and language. We must know Israel, and God's long list of promises and covenants with that entity by that name. However, as with ancient Babylon, ancient Israel by that name does not exist today. It had its name changed from Israel to Christian in Acts 11:26, as prophesied by Isaiah 62:2 and 65:15. Acts 11:26 says:

...And it came to pass, that a whole year they assembled with the church (ekklesia called ones teaching the affairs of state), and taught much people. And the disciples were first called Christians at Antioch."

The word "called" here is not a commonly used Greek word. The word is chrematizo, which means a "divine revelation previously hidden for divine purpose." Remember Christ spoke in hidden parables, and for a whole year these called ones were hearing the affairs of state, not listening to the simple John 3:16 gospel message followed with one more verse of "Just As I Am." An alternate translation of this unusual Greek word is listed as "called ...named with a Title to do God's business." Christian is the New Name, and it is a Title. It is almost like Knighthood. Exciting, isn't it? So, Scripturally, at this end of the Age, I am not an Israelite. I do hold the Title, granted by The King of Kings, of Christian. I am of the Kindred stock of ancient Israel, of the literal seedline of Abraham, and a son of Isaac through two of his twelve sons, Benjamin and Dan. Those called by the old name of Israel or Judah-Jewry, are by Bible prophecy in Isaiah 65:15 given our old name as a Curse unto his Chosen People. You will know Esau-Edom by the old name and by the Curse.

Thus as a Christian, a Champion for Christ, it is your Title for the purpose of attending to God's Business of being the Light and Salt of the Earth, preparing the Way for the return of Christ. We are not to be sitting around in some impotent assembly gazing up into heaven, but rather discussing the affairs of state as we also worship the King of Kings. First, take positive action regarding the disgraceful things going on within a mile of your home, and then join with others to put a stop to that activity. You are not on this earth to strive to win a popularity contest.

 /5 Are the Jews going to rebuild Herod's Temple as Scofield and others teach? No. There are no prophecies for Esau that overturn God's word for him in Obadiah. The Christian community gets this idea from Ezekiel, but while Isaiah is in chronological order. Ezekiel is not. It is made up of 13 sections, and they are out of order in your Bible. Go by the dates given. The very last thing Ezekiel prophesied is Chapter One. Once the student puts these sections in the proper order, most of the prophecies and expectations of the Scofield Cult are found to be in error. Who is the mouthpiece of the Scofield Cult now that Scofield and his close associates have died? It is an organization known as the National Association of Evangelicals whose best known spokesman is "Dr." Billy Graham who, by the way, also never went one day to any Graduate School. Anyway, since Jesus Christ is the last sin sacrifice for the Atonement of Israel, why would the true Israel need to set up the temple sacrifices all over again?

 /6 What about the Jewish Hanukkah and their Wailing Wall? Each year, as the days of the longest nights, hence that time of longest darkness during a 24 hour period, heathen religions have celebrated this Darkness with festivals, and, the lighting of candles, from before recorded time. The Jews call their festival Hanukkah, and foolish Christians of the Scofield Cult wish their Jewish friends "Happy Hanukkah." If you ask them, they will give you the stock answer found in any Encyclopedia concerning art early time in "their history" when they were to light the candles for the rededication of the Temple, and that by some miracle, there was more than enough oil to burn for all eight days. At other times, you will hear of the Jews and their "Wailing Wall" which is the very last standing wall of their glorious Temple about which the Hanukkah story is repeated during this special ceremony by all practicing Jews. All Jews, when they go to Jerusalem, make a pilgrimage to this "Wailing Wall," and weep for the "good old days" when they held power in Jerusalem. Christians are made to feel sorry for these poor Jews supposing that they weep for the glorious days of King David and King Solomon who built that tremendous Temple of Israel antiquity. Do not be deceived. fellow Christians! Esau-Edom Jewry had nothing whatever to do with the building of King Solomon's Temple. The Wall at which they weep and wail is not the remains or foundation of King Solomon's Temple at all, but the Western Wall of King Herod's Temple! Look it up in your dictionary! These Jews are not weeping and wailing for "the good old days of Moses, Isaac. Judah and Solomon," but rather for their good old days of the Herods who brought about the murder of Jesus Christ! They long for the day when they hope their Herodic Temple is rebuilt and the hated Christians are finally destroyed! Hanukkah is to celebrate the anticipation of that anti-christ event! Have these Tares and Goats got a major surprise coming to them! Even so, Come Lord Jesus Christ, King of Kings. as well as the King of His People of Jacob-Israel, the called and the elect from the foundation of the world. Amen.

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