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Star Wars,
 Lesson Twelve

About seven years ago, a middle-aged Roman Catholic man came to my house and asked if he could study with me once a week for a period of time. As I am one of those whose theology is based strictly upon the Sovereignty of God, not only did I accept him as a temporary student, but I never made any effort to convert him. If he is ever converted, it will be done by the Holy Spirit, and that is not my responsibility. I noticed that he knew far more about the Bible than, the average Catholic layman. After about five weeks, he finally confessed to me that he was a Roman Catholic priest and that what I had taught him out of his own Bible had doubled his faith and was very exciting to him. He is a Greek scholar and, in turn, put me on the track of some of the Greek meanings to certain words. When he left and went back to his church in another state, he understood who the Seed of the Woman visas, and who the Seed of the Serpent was, and as the Bible phrase puts it, "his eyes were opened."

One day during our study together, the matter of the German Holocaust came up and I asked him if that word was Hebrew or Yiddish. He told me that it was a perfectly good Bible word. I challenged him, stating that the word holocaust was not to be found anywhere in the Bible. I confirmed that truth by double-checking in my Strong's Exhaustive Concordance. Where upon he opened his Douay-Rheims to a dozen Scriptures containing the word holocaust. One of these is found in Numbers 29:1-2:

"The first day also of the seventh month shall be venerable and holy unto you;

ye shall do no servile work therein, because it is the day of the sounding and of trumpets. And you shall offer a holocaust -for a most sweet odour to the Lord, one calf of the herd, one ram and seven lambs of a year old, without blemish."

With that insight, the lights went on for me. Wow! Do you see that? Do you get the significance? I will always be in debt to my Catholic friend for showing me the word holocaust in his Bible. It unraveled a mystery. My Bible says that Israel was to make burnt offerings unto the Lord. So, the Hebrew word for burnt offering can be also translated as holocaust!

Studying together, we found that the word holocaust was used more than 150 times in the Catholic Bible, but never once in the King James, or any other Bible translation in my library. That word is not used in the 1599 Geneva or the highly accurate Ferrar Fenton. Noah Webster, the great linguistic scholar who first gave us his famous dictionary in 1828, also published a very good translation of the Bible. . He did not use the word holocaust for burnt offering.

Holocaust is a strange word used by both Christians and Jews describing what they characterize as "Germany's final solution to the Jewish Question." Yet, holocaust has neither a Hebrew, Yiddish, German or English origin. It is a word that has a Greek origin, meaning, "to be burnt whole." How that Greek word managed to get into the Hebrew translation of the Catholic Bible, I can only speculate, and we will discuss that in a later lesson. What is important for this lesson is that any holocaust is a "burnt offering to a god."

In the Old Testament, as you will see by looking up the phrase burnt offering in Strong's that it appears more than 150 times defined in his word #5930. Sometimes it was a burnt offering commanded by Almighty God which was holy and good. Other times it was an- abomination done by Satan's Seed to Moloch [Molech] or Astarte [Astereth]. Sometimes the Bible uses the phrase "passing through the fire to Moloch." This is a holocaust that is an abomination, but it is still a burnt offering to a god. Remember, regardless of whether the burnt offering is to Almighty God, or whether the holocaust is for the pleasure of the pagan god Moloch, it is a sacrifice. Holocausts are sacrifices! The burnt offering to Almighty God, done by Israel, was the sweet smell of cattle and sheep consumed on the altar. The holocaust of the Seed of the Serpent was always the sacrifice of their own children, making them pass through the fire holocaust -- to Moloch [II Kings 23:10]. These people did not sacrifice an enemy person or the people of a neighboring race to their god Molech, because such would be no sacrifice. Instead, as in the Holocaust in Germany during World War II, they always sacrificed their own people.

One of those national statutes of God, which those pastors who endorse the Star of Moloch will tell you was abandoned at The Cross, was that His people were not to "let thy Seed pass through the fire, -- holocaust -- to Molech" [Lev. 18:21]. The judgment for this is set forth in Leviticus 20:2:

"whosoever he be of the children of Israel, or of the strangers who sojourn in Israel, that giveth any of his Seed unto Molech, he shall surely be put to death: the people of the land shall stone him with stones."

Remember the wasp? Just as he cannot help the nest he builds, so also must Satan's Seed be compelled by intrinsic programming to expose himself and his works to the informed among the Woman's Seed. He cannot help being what he is. He cannot resist displaying his occult Star of Moloch, or revealing the truth about what happened in Hitler's Germany by identifying it as a holocaust, a sacrificial offering to their god, Moloch. The Zionist Jews put the poor, lower class Jews among their kinsmen through the fire to Molech, so that through that sacrifice the State of Esau-Israel might come into being. By their words, and the use of the word holocaust, they have made that admission.

Cunningly, they developed the programmed gene propensity in Hitler, and skillfully used his oratory ability to continue the Thread of Enmity against the Christian German people to the extent that more than 20,000.000 people on both sides of that war were killed. This is but one of those Star Wars, that perpetual warfare between the people of the Six-pointed Star and those of us, who, by the Grace of God, are the people of the Five-pointed Star.

Unable to resist disclosing the tell-tale marks of the Serpent race, these sons of Moloch falsely claim that Six million Jews died under Aryan domination during the six years from 1939 to 1945. They have attempted to make the German people in particular, and the rest of the Caucasian people of the world in genera], guilty of the Holocaust which they, themselves, brought about as their sacrifice for Esau-Israel! The German people, most of whom believed Catholics or Lutherans, had no intention of sacrificing their Seed unto Moloch, Molech, Ashtoreth or Astarte, and they did not do so. Don't you see? If the Germans did it to the Jews, it could not properly be called a holocaust. By their own lips, the Jews have, once again, betrayed themselves.

My, study of the events leading up to World War I and those which continued to instigate World War II and the creation of the Esau-Israel state have been fully documented in my book. Desert Shield And The New World Order, so we need not study them in detail here. With the recent increase in the so-called Neo-Nazi Movement in America, you must remember that as it was the Serpent's Seed that spawned Hitler, so to, is it these same people who provide the direction and emphasis of the Nazi Movement in America. The news media, pointing to the Nazi Movement shouting in the streets, insinuate that any of us who oppose socialism and the New World Order, are "just like Hitler." It is about time that the American people know who The Accuser is, and those Enmity-borne, genes which precipitates his actions. In short, America must understand the Warfare of the Stars or all is lost:

The Jewish author, and an early supporter of the State of Esau-Israel, Ben Hecht, in his book Perfidy, fully documents and blatantly exposes the extent to which the Zionists in Germany and Poland cooperated in the annihilation of their fellow Jews. If the Zionists want to claim that six million Jews died in the Holocaust, a statement that is not accurate, who am T to suggest that no such Holocaust sacrifice ever happened? Let the Zionists take the credit for it, for heaven's sake! In one part of Perfidy, Ben Hecht explains about a libel suit brought against another Jewish researcher, Malkiel Greenwald. It seems that Greenwald had identified a high-ranking Israeli Official, Rudolf Kastner, as a collaborator and responsible for the slaughter of Hungary's one million Jews. These are statements made by Jews against their fellow Jews and must be taken seriously. Why don't you ask Pat Robertson, and your pastor, to read and comment on Ben Hecht's book Perfidy?

Serious students of The Jewish Burnt Sacrifice, should read Rabbi Moshe Schonfeld's book, The Holocaust Victims, and examine the photostatic copies of documents and letters supporting the charge of betrayal of the Jews by the International Zionists. These charges are against Rabbi Stephen Wise, and the Jewish Agency Chairman, Yitzhak Greenbaum, to whom "the Jewish slaughter only furthered world opinion in favor of creating a Zionist State." This book shows that beginning in 1933, the Zionists had established within the Jewish Agency For Pales tine, a Central Bureau for settlement of German Jews "which excluded all anti-Zionists as qualified applicants for emigration to Israel."

As - I will, show in a later lesson, all Jewish people are not permitted to Immigrate into the Esau-Israel State. Conservative. Orthodox Jewish faith is not good enough to permit immigration into that Zionist nation. Gypsy and lower class Jews cannot go there. Those of the Synagogue of Satan must examine the genes of any, prospective Jewish emigrant, and be certain that his allegiance is to their god, Moloch.

I am astounded that most Christians are- completely unaware of the different branches /1 of people who call themselves, Jews. Be assured, that there are no educated `Christian pastors, and no TV Evangelists, such as Pat Robertson, who are not knowledgeable of these Seed Lines and their true, awesome significance.

I rebuke those who point their Sheep to that wicked Six pointed Star of the East, and hide the Identity of the anti-Christ people by insinuating that they are God's Chosen People.

/1 Notice that I have made no statement in this personal letter which should be interpreted that all Jews are the Seed of that Wicked One. There are certain novices abroad that make such identifications. Those people whose ancestry comes along the Line of Adam-Nosh-Shem-Abraham-Isaac-Jacob and his twelve sons, with the exception of the Judah-Shelah line, (Genesis 3851 were never Jews and are probably Christians already under the New Testament Contract.

Those of the Adam-Noah-Japheth-Gomar-Ashkenaz, etc., are the Ashkenazi Jews who settled throughout Europe a thousand years before the Middle Ages; and may or may not have that Wicked Seed in their genes. At any rate, they are not of David and as with Choy, have no part in the New Covenant.

Those Jews who come down through any of the branches of Cain, or who are of Adam-Noah-Shem­Abraham-Issac-Esau-Moab & Edom, are of the Serpent's Race and the Scripture is clear as to their destiny. These are probably the Zionist wing of the Jews, trying to steal back the Birthright, and who make the most of the Star of Moloch. They have forfeited any and all Rights under the Abrahamic Covenant through their interracial marriages with the daughters of Cain.

  I want you to understand that I love those whom Christ loved, and those He instructed us to love, l hate those whom Almighty God says that He hates, and no one else. How are you to tell which are which? Jesus Christ taught His disciples how to be fruit inspectors. Be one also. 

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