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Chapter 13 of the TRUTH!



We always hear about the people who got burned by the IRS, or who lost in court, and we don't hear too often of the wins. In fact, when you win in court, the court will usually not let it be published, because then it will become case law, and the government can't afford any wins reported against them. And many techniques that work in the beginning cease to work over time. Why is that?

The reason is that as you find new ways to exercise your rights, the government also finds new ways to violate them or simply ignore them.


The material presented in this book is for educational purposes. You must know what you are doing and why you are doing it. Hopefully after reading this book you know a lot more than you did before. But still, don't believe me! Check this out for yourself before you use it.

Each situation is unique. As is each individual you deal with. Sometimes you will run into government servants who value their own rights and will uphold yours also. But most of the time they are "just doing their job" and don't really care about your rights. I think this is mainly out of ignorance. They don't know what inalienable rights are and therefore cannot uphold them in your behalf. These people need to be educated! Have them read this ebook!

There are many patriots out there, each trying their own arguments and theories, with their own successes and losses. With the power of the internet now behind us, we are fast coming into the knowledge we need to reclaim our rights. Check out other proponents of this information to see how it compares, and then make your own decisions. We are all learning together.

But keep in mind the bottom line. We are Sovereign Americans dealing with our own government. To put this into perspective, let's remember the original Sovereign Americans, the American Indians. They too were confronted with our government and it's lust for power and property. Yes the same government we have now! They made treaty after treaty with this government, and EVERY treaty has been broken or violated. The Indians were made slaves in their own land, imprisoned and disarmed, their land confiscated, and they became wards of the federal government.

Now WE are the Sovereign Americans. Our treaties, the state and federal Constitutions, are also being broken or violated daily by the same government. Will we ever learn? Now WE are being enslaved, imprisoned and disarmed, our property is being confiscated, and we are becoming wards of the federal government through welfare programs, federal subsidies, and Social Security. History repeats itself. I recently read where the federal government owns 40% of all the land in America! 40%! And they are taxing you for the use of the part they let you have, as long as you pay the property tax tribute! If you don't, they will confiscate that too!

Governments throughout history have ALWAYS become more powerful and more oppressive until the people revolted. How many rights do we have to lose and how much property do we have to give up before we get fed up and reclaim out rights? I believe that it is just a matter of time before the government refuses to acknowledge any of our rights and proceeds to put us under a dictatorship. This has happened time after time in the history of governments. Are we next? Do you care about your inalienable rights?

The TRUTH is Out There!

Learn it, and it will set you FREE! IF we spread the information fast enough!

Sent this web site address to several of your friends and get the word out!

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