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Licenses To Practice Law
{State of Alaska}

In The Matter of Amy Mead
"Judicial Candidate for the Superior Court at Juneau, Alaska"



The below "Complaints," "Documents," and "Letters" were submitted to the "Attorney General," "Governor," "Legislature," "Judicial Council," "Judges," and the "BAR Association" for the "State of Alaska."

These "
Complaints," "Documents," and "Letters" were also forwarded to the "Chief Justice" of the "U.S. District Court" for the "Judicial District of Alaska" and to the "United States Attorney General" at "Anchorage, Alaska."

As no response has been made, a presumption must exist that:
  1. There is no "U.S. District Court" for the "Judicial District of Alaska" nor any lawful "Judges" for that "Court." 

    No "
    Law" has been located which was enacted by the "U.S. Congress" creating a "U.S. District Court" for the "Federal Judicial District of Alaska."

    No "
    Law" of the "U.S. Congress" has been located which "Ordains" any "Judge" of that "U.S. District Court" with "U.S. Constitution, Article III Judicial Powers.

    Unlike the "Statehood Acts" for the other "States" of the "Union," there are no provisions of the "Alaska Statehood Act" to be found which creates and establishes a "U.S. District Court" for the "People" of the "State of Alaska;" and
  1. There are no lawful "Courts of Record" or any other "Courts" for the "State of Alaska" for there are no "Judges" or "Justices" that have in their possession a "State" issued "License" to "Practice Law" as required by several "Statutes" and "Article IV, Section 4" of the "Constitution" for the "State of Alaska;" and
  1. There are no lawful "Attorneys" for none have in their possession a "State" issued "License" to "Practice Law" as mandated by several "Statutes" of the "State of Alaska."
  1. There are no lawful "Departments of Law" for the "State of Alaska" or its "Municipal Corporations" for want of having "Attorneys" whom are licensed with "State" issued "License" to "Practice Law" as required by several "Statutes" of the "State of Alaska;" and
  1. There are no lawful "Grand Juries" to be had for want of lawful "Courts of Record" and lawful "Departments of Law" for the "State of Alaska;" and
  1. There are no lawful "Court Orders," "Decrees," or other "Documents" of the "Court" to be had for want of lawful "Judges" of a "Courts of Record" or any other "Courts" for the "State of Alaska;" and
  1. For want of issuance of "Decrees" and "Court Orders" from a lawful "Court of Record" for the "State of Alaska," there are no lawful incarcerations of "Prisoners" within the "State of Alaska."  

    All "
    Prisoners" incarcerated are classified as "Political Prisoners" under "International Law" such as the "International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights" of March 23, 1976; and

    These "Prisoners" have been deprived of their "lives," "liberity," and "property" without the process of law as found within the "Due Process Clauses" of the "
    Constitutions" for "The United States of America" and of the "States" of the "Union."  The same is true with the "
    Decrees" and "Orders" of the defacto "U.S. District Court" for the "Federal Judicial District of Alaska."
If you been damaged by those who are conducting "Courts" of the "State of Alaska" as "Judges" and "Officers of the Courts" ("Attorneys") who have no "Credentials" of having a lawful "Membership Card" of the "Alaska BAR Association" and a lawful "State" issued "License" to "Practice Law" in their possession, you may have "Standing" to "Litigate"  in the "U.S. District Court" for the "District of Columbia" under "Title 42, Sections 1981- 1985" of the "United States Code." 
e.g. 42 USC 1983 - "Every person who, under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage, of any State or Territory or the District of Columbia, subjects, or causes to be subjected, any citizen of the United States or other person within the jurisdiction thereof to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws, shall be liable to the party injured in an action at law, suit in equity, or other proper proceeding for redress, except that in any action brought against a judicial officer for an act or omission taken in such officer's judicial capacity, injunctive relief shall not be granted unless a declaratory decree was violated or declaratory relief was unavailable. For the purposes of this section, any Act of Congress applicable exclusively to the District of Columbia shall be considered to be a statute of the District of Columbia."
 It appears that the only "
Court of Jurisdiction" available is the "U.S. District Court" for the "District of Columbia" as the "U.S. Congress" has never created nor established a "U.S. District Court" for the "Federal Judicial District of Alaska" by any enactment of "Law."

With the below "
Complaints," "Documents," and "Letters" being "filed" with several "Departments" and "Branches" of the "State of Alaska," all "Judges" and "Justices" of the "State of Alaska" have been put on notice with "Written Notices" of their "Criminal Acts" in conducting "Courts" without any "Jurisdiction" whatsoever for want of having in their possession a lawful "State" issued "License" to "Practice Law" which leaves them without "Judicial Immunity" from being "Litigated" in the "Federal Courts."

Be advised that "
Federal Laws" of "Title 42, USC, Sections 1981-1985" DOES NOT APPLY TO "JUDGES," "OFFICERS," OR "EMPLOYEES" OF THE "FEDERAL GOVERNMENT."  The "Laws" only applies to "Judges," "Officers," and "Employees" of a "State."  You may have "Standing" to litigate a "Federal Officer" or a "Federal Employee" under "Article I" of the "Bill of Rights" to the "Constitution" for "The United States of America" being that a "Redress of Grievance" is matter of a "Right:"
"Congress shall make no law ... abridging ... the right of the people ... to petition the government for a redress of grievance."
The "grievance" spoken of in this "Article" of the "Bill of Rights" is the "wrong doing" that is brought upon the "People" by "Officers" and "Employees" of the government of "The United States of America."  Notwithstanding the case of "Bivens v. Six Unknown Named Agents, 403 U.S. 388 (1971)," there is no such thing as "Judicial Immunity" for those who conduct (defacto) "Federal Courts" without any authority of jurisdiction.

:  The "Author" of this "NOTICE" is not licensed to "Practice Law" and as such, the statements made herein should not be construed as the giving of "Legal Advice."  If you are in need of "Legal Advice," you are required as a matter of "Law" to obtain "Council" with a licensed "Attorney-at-Law."

Letters to Governor Bill Walker
Letters to Alaska State Legislature
Letters to Alaska Attorney General
Letters to Alaska Judicial Council
  Judges without Licenses to Practice Law - (09-17-18)  new
       WARNING - Civil Liability for Judges practicing without Credentials.
       Complaint as filed with Alaska Attorney General.
  Alaska Judicial Council Judicial Selection Survey for Juneau
       Superior Court Judge - (07/02/18)
  Duel Office Holding - (09-17-18)  new
       Complaint filed with Alaska Attorney General
  Qualifications of Alaska State Judges - (06/12/18)
  Duel Office Holding - (08-13-18)
       Complaint filed with Alaska Attorney General
       Includes Alaska Attorney General Opinion No. AN2016101165
  Letter - Chief Justice H. Bolger - (08-03-18)
       Complaint - Unconstitutional Creation of Alaska Appellate Court
  Letter of Testimony - Office Qualifications
       of Judicial Candidates - (08-03-18)
  A visit to the Office of Alaska State Governor - (07-30-18)  
  License to Practice Law (Amended) - (07/23/18)   Letter - Addressed to Alaska Attorney General - (11-06-18)  new
Letter informing "Attorney General
Jahna Lindemuth" that if she
       continues to ignore "Letters" & "Complaints," the matter will be
       transferred to the "U.S. Justice Department."
  License to Practice Law (Clarification) - (07/15/18)
Letter - Addressed to Alaska Attorney General - (10-16-18)  new
       Letter bringing additional "Legal Arguments" that bars "Attorneys"
       from holding "Offices of Trust" of the "Government"
       for the "State of Alaska."
  Governor Bill Walker [Judges and the BAR] - (07/09/18)
  Qualifications of Alaska State Judges - (06/12/18)
Corrected Letter - Response to Letter of Assistant Attorney General
        - (10-01-18)  new

        Letter exposing the "fraud" of a "License to Practice Law"
        and "Duel Office Holding" by "Attorneys-at-Law."
  Defects of the Constitution for the State of Alaska - (02/11/17)

 Original Letter - Response to Letter of Assistant Attorney General
        - (10-01-18)

        Letter exposing the "fraud" of a "License to Practice Law"
        and "Duel Office Holding" by "Attorneys-at-Law."
Letter - Office of Alaska Attorney General Responds - (09-25-18)  new
       Attorney General gives answer to "Duel Office Holding" Complaint
       of August 13, 2018.
E-Mail Messages 
Complaint - Alaska Division of Elections - (09-19-18)  new
       Alaska Governor Incumbent / Candidate "Bill Walker" holds
        two (2) "Offices" at same time.
  Complaint - Where are the Licenses to Practice Law of Judges
          "Office Qualifications" of several "Judges" on "Election Ballots"
          for re-confirmation of "Office" brought into question.

Letter - Alaska Judicial Judges and Justices - (08-30-18)
       Good information found in the 'Attachments' and 'Appendixes.'
   A Visitation by FBI and U.S. Marshal Service
          "City and Borough Attorney" of "Juneau, Alaska" files "Complaint"
          because of an e-mail warning that a "Federal Judge" and her
          "Assistant Attorney" have placed "Public Employees"
          of our "Nation" in jeopardy of their lives.  "Judge" declares that no
          "Public Employee" will ever be prosecuted before the "Courts."

Letter (Juneau Empire Publication of Amy Mead) - (08-18-18).
       A review of the "Office Qualifications" of "Attorney Amy Mead"
       to move into judgeship of a "Judge" for "Alaska Superior Court."

   Judges and U.S. Constitution, 14th Amendment (Introduction)
          An e-mail message introduction to the appointment of
          "Attorney Amy Mead" to "Judgeship" of "Superior Court" -
          Introduction to the non-ratification of "U.S. Const., 14th Amendment." 
  Alaska Attorney General Opinion No. AN2016101165
       This "Attorney General Opinion" addresses "Duel Office Holding."
   Letter - Office Qualifications of Judges and Attorneys
          Letter introducing "PDF Documents" on "Office Qualifications"
          of "Judges" and "Attorneys" as mailed to "AK. Office of Governor."
  Open Letter to Alaska State Legislature - (12/26/13)
       This letter addresses the influence of "Jews" on
        the "Politics" of "America."
   Licenses to Practice Law - State of Alaska
          Governor disqualifies "Attorney Julie Willoughby" for "Attorney
          Amy Mead" for "Superior Court Judge" who has no "License"
          to "Practice Law" as mandated by "Alaska State Constitution."

  Open Letter to Agents of the Crown
        This letter addresses the creation of "BAR Associations."
   Office Qualifications of Candidates for Judges
         Copy of "Certified Letter" requesting the production of photo-copies
         of "Licenses" to "Practice Law" of "Judicial Candidates" for "Judge"
         of "Alaska Superior Courts."  No response has ever been received.

  The BAR Card (An Overview)
         Membership "BAR CARDS' are not "Licenses" to "Practice Law."
  We Americans Own America
         A letter to "Dan" that ties "Judges" to "Biblical Prophecy" as that
         "Prophecy" applies to the "State of Alaska" and our "Nation" of
         "The United States of America." 
  Letter - Enrolled State of Alaska 'HJR 27' - (07-10-09)
         A good review of the U.S. Constitution, Fourteenth Amendment.
  Amended Letter - License to Practice Law of Judges
         An introduction letter to a "PDF Document" that makes a request
         for the production of "License" to "Practice Law" of
         "Judicial Candidates."  No response has ever been received.
Video  Video - Creation of the Birth Certificate Trust
        The conversion of a "Human Being" into a "Legal Fiction."
  Corrected Letter - Office of Alaska Attorney General - (10-06-18)
         An "Assistant Attorney General" for the "State of Alaska" sweeps
         away several "Complaints" with one paragraph. This is a letter
         in rebuttal.

  Council picks judge nominees but which governor
         will have the say - (11-13-18)

         "Alaska Judicial Council" selects "Judicial Candidates" for "Judges"
         having full knowledge that not one of them have been "Licensed" to
         "Practice Law" as required by "Constitution" and "Statutes" of the
         "State of Alaska."
  Obama Birth Certificate (Hawaii - Kenya)
       This is a Microfilm record of Birth of "Hussein Barack Obama"
        which is on file in the government Offices of the State of Hawaii
        This It is not the Obama Whitehouse Website paper
       "Birth Certificate" as purportedly photo shopped by
         a staff member of "U.S. Representative, Nancy Pelosi."




Be forewarned!  Those who are poor and middle class citizens have no standing before the "Courts" as a "Pro Se" litigant.  No "Attorney" of the "BAR Association" will help you prepare a "Case" if you cannot pay their $300.00 per hour "Attorney Fees."


Many who have visited this website have expressed a view that it is a waste of time to resolve their grievances with the government through the use of a pen and paper.  In the "State of Alaska," no one has been able to locate any "Civil Complaint" as filed with a "Court of Record" which has ever been ruled in favor of a Plaintiff "ProSe" Litigant for over twenty-years.






Revised: December 07, 2018