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[Authored by Ray Earnest]

     Robber baron is defined in Webster’s as an American capitalist of the latter part of the 19th century who became wealthy through exploitation (as of natural resources, governmental influence, or low wage scales).  Today we have a new class of these robber barons which are called corporations.

     Let us suppose we are jaywalking on main street in our sleepy little town, and when we reached the other side of the street, a man identifying himself as a member of Haliburton Corporation stopped us, removed a ticket book from his pocket and proceeded to give us a ticket for jaywalking.  What would our reaction be?  Amazement at first, then indignation, and finally emotional explosion which limitation is contained only by individual personality. How many of us would be good little sheep and go pay the fine, without further ado, even  though we had to drive ten miles to get to the corporate headquarters?  Don’t be surprised,  but I estimate this number at about seventy percent.

     Encyclopedia Britannica gives us this definition of corporation:

    “A rule assuming as true something that is clearly false.  A fiction is often used to get around  the provisions of constitutions and legal codes that legislators are hesitant to change or to  encumber with specific limitations.  Thus, when a legislature has no legal power to sit beyond  a certain midnight but has five hours more of work still to do, it is easier to turn back the  official clock from time to time than it is to change the law or constitution.”

     A corporation is a legal fiction; it doesn’t exist.  Yes, it exists materially, but it is enshrouded in a blanket of deceit called “corporate veil.  The “United States” is a corporation for remuneration (for profit), and so are all the States, federal and otherwise, and all of their counties, parishes, cities, towns, and other subdivisions.  Under the Clearfield Doctrine, derived from the 1943 Supreme Court Decision in Clearfield Trust, et al. vs. United States, (328 U.S. 363, 318), the court ruled, in essence, that when a government reduces itself to a corporate status, it becomes merely another corporation, having no more nor less standing than all other corporations.  The good town in which we live, shop, and support, therefore, belongs to we the people materially, but we are “governed” by the new breed or robber baron as defined above.

     After the war between the states (which is its correct definition) the government could  either declare the United States a dictatorship or deceive the people into believing that they were corporate entities.  They chose the latter, and the corporate hoax began in 1871.  We who can remember the 1930's, 40's, and 50's when signs outside political subdivisions warned us of whether that town was incorporated or unincorporated, so that we would know whether to stop or keep going.  Today, that corporate octopus has engulfed the entire nation.

     While we still have a constitution, as members of corporations we are bound by law to obey the corporation masters, and that is why the Haliburton member has as much right to write us a ticket as the town cop; they are both legal fictions and therefore exist only under the cloud of corporate veil, controlled entirely by lawyers.  Lawyers?  Wow!  We can’t talk corporation without discussing lawyers, but let’s finish with the corporations.  Article 445 of the Louisiana Civil Code, which contains what little Louisiana recognizes of the original United States Constitution, and which article may have been rescinded, or moved to other parts of the law where we citizen sheep can’t find it, which makes no difference to facts, but said article reads:

    “The statutes and regulations which corporations enact for their respective members who are  bound to obey them, provided such statutes contain nothing contrary to the laws, to public  liberty, or the interest of others.”

 (Emphasis in all cases is mine)

    Can we understand what this means?  Unless we pierce the corporate veil (legal term) and drag that corporation into the light, redeem ourselves by removing us from that robber baron jurisdiction, we have nor more rights than those corporate entities wish us to have.  In short, the constitution is dead for corporate members.  Let’s see here what the corporate statutory “rules” say regarding corporate jurisdiction.  Article 429 of the Louisiana Criminal Statutes, which may or may not have been rescinded or moved, but makes absolutely no difference, since our constitution, including the Ninth and Tenth Amendments, protects us from this farce, reads:

    “On trial of any criminal case it shall not be necessary to prove the incorporation of any corporation mentioned in the indictment, unless the defendant, before entering upon such  trial, shall have filed his affidavit specifically denying the existence of such corporation.”

    What this means is that the “courts” (there is no such thing as judicial courts any more, as they are all now corporation arbitration boards) take notice of our corporate status (yes, we as individuals are corporations, which the state can and does control) and will treat us accordingly unless we file an affidavit into that “court” before the trial begins, and this treatment is minus the Constitutional safeguards. 

    Now we can get to the lawyers; the scourge of freedom everywhere.  We know, as Christians, what Jesus our Lord had to say about lawyers, in Luke 11:46: “Woe unto you also, ye lawyers! for ye lade men with burdens grievous to be borne, and ye yourselves touch not the burdens with one of your fingers.”  Lawyers are not licensed by government (we the people) to do business in this nation.  They are all (judges, magistrates, and others included) members of the bar association only, and have no connection whatsoever to Constitutional government.  All corporations must be represented  by these vipers, and it is a sweet racket for all concerned, as the law profession is a self perpetuating enterprise, living off the sweat and blood of the citizenry host, as all parasites do.  The bar associations are alien to this nation, with their top echelon of command located in London, England, where the “bar” was established.  Judge Robert Bork, who was  nominated to the Supreme Court by George Bush, but was refused by the Senate because of his love and protection of the Constitution, said  in his book, “Tempting America,”: “We are governed not by law or elected representatives, but by an Unelected, Unrepresented, and Unaccountable committee of lawyers applying no will but their own.”

    When people go to the polls to vote, it is an effort of futility, as the above “committee of lawyers” already know who is going to win in any major election, and all they have to do to make it so is to push a button controlling the electronic voting process.  Many of the founding fathers of this nation wanted lawyers hanged as they entered into their newly found haven from persecutions by these vultures.  It was the work of lawyers that did away with the original 13th Amendment to the U. S. Constitution, which removed American citizenship from those accepting titles of nobility from foreign governments, which all lawyers of this nation do, and they flaunt this forbidden title with “Esquire” added to their titles.  What more can be said about  these frauds with their hands forever in the pockets of the American people?  The only way we, the American people will ever reclaim our country and our laws, is to do what some of our fore- fathers suggested.  Until we do, there will be a new hatching of vultures every generation, and the only way to get rid of tares is destroy the roots.  I, as a natural, breathing man, under God, have filed my affidavit denying this corporate mess, and am without the jurisdiction of any corporation and their bands of lawyers, but many of said lawyers, mostly un-elected freeloaders, attempt to walk over truth and the law.  Through my efforts, and the magic of the internet, I have this information spread across the entire length and breadth of the United States, where the affidavit has been tried before forty “judges” in forty different cases, in twelve different states, and all of these forty judges have agreed that they lack jurisdiction where the affidavit is filed.  The process is now out of my hands, as it is so widespread there are thousands of people familiar with how and why the affidavit is effective, even in, or especially in the federal courts.  The numbers becoming familiar with the process are growing by leaps and bounds, and from information I receive, there are meetings of the lawyers and their minions going on across the nation.  Maybe we have discovered the Achilles heel of the lawyer brigades.  I hope it is so, because the alternative to the affidavit of truth is so horrible as not to be mentioned.





Revised: August 30, 2020