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The Right To Travel
(Legal Briefs)

A Note From The Webmaster

A question has been raised that "Travel" may be an issue of Commerce, and as such, a taxable event.  When reading these "Legal Briefs," think of the issue as being the right to own and use your property, your car.

In truth, proof of ownership goes to the one who possesses the  “manufacturer's certificate of origin.”  Upon the sale of a new vehicle, the motor vehicle dealer applies for “certificate of title” on behalf of the client at which time the dealer is required to surrender the “manufacturer's certificate of origin” to the State.  A “certificate of title” is issued to the purchaser of the motor vehicle which shows only that the State has the “manufacturer’s certificate of origin” and the purchaser may only use the motor vehicle in accordance to  the regulations as imposed upon him by the State.  (Ref. AS Title 08, Section 66 and AS 28.10.211.  [Alaska Statutes - Application For TitleSection (c)When an application for title refers to a new vehicle, the application must be accompanied by a 'manufacturer's statement of origin' and other information reasonably required by the department.)

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Travel As A Right  (A Legal Brief) 

A legal brief founded upon the laws of the State of Washington.


Travel As A Right  (A Legal Brief)

A legal brief founded upon the laws of the State of North Carolina.


Driver Licensing vs. the Right to Travel  (A Legal Brief)

A legal brief as used in the States of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia.




Revised: August 30, 2020