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The Sabbath and the Covenants
Running time = 1:28:24  hr:min:sec

This youtube video is one of the most important videos produced.  It answers the question as to why most of us attend Church on Sunday instead of Saturday.  This video should be viewed once through and then a second time using the video "pause" button to study the scripture versus.  You are viewing this video from the Internet and as such, you may want to save the video to your hard drive for viewing at your pleasure. 

Below is an Internet Hyperlink which may be used to download a software program which saves "Youtube" videos in many formats:





  Holy Bible in Audio  [Outside Page Link]

Yes, you can listen to the entire Bible on the Internet! You can also buy Audio Bible as commercial software for your Windows PC.  Back in the forties, Alexander Scourby recorded the very first narration of the Bible.  It was produced by "The American Foundation For The Blind" and distributed by "The American Bible Society" as "The Talking Bible."

    Scriptures for America  

Pastor Pete Peters has recorded several recordings that explain the Holy Bible as it relates to America and other misunderstood terms of the Scriptures.  As the audio files are very large, we suggest that you "save" and play the files from your hard drive.  For those who are using MS Windows, right click your mouse and select "save as."

Flash Video   Amazing Discoveries 
          Total Onslaught

          Repairing the Breach

Professor Walter J. Veith has traveled widely throughout North America and the world presenting his visually documented Amazing Discoveries seminar series to large, enthusiastic crowds. The information presented is based on his in-depth research in the areas of evolution and Creation, health and diet, and Bible prophecy.

Professor Walter J. Veith obtained his doctorate in zoology from the University of Cape Town in 1979. He believes that the theory of evolution does not provide a plausible explanation of our origins, and that the geological and paleontological data do not support evolution over long periods of time. He believes that the evidence rather implies catastrophism, which is consistent with the Genesis account. He lectures on this topic in Europe, Africa, and North America.
Flash Video   World's Last Chance Prophetic Videos 
World's Last Chance" is a Biblically-based community focused on prophetic truths revealing the imminent return of the Savior.  The folks at "World's Last Chance" brings us professionally produced videos on the Prophecies of the Holy Bible.
Flash Video  Ron DiCianni: Painting the Resurrection
WARNING - This PDF file is very large. It will take a few minutes to download. This mural was commissioned by the "Museum of Biblical Art" in Dallas, TX., after experiencing a tragic fire which culminated in nearly a total loss to the museum’s contents, among which was a mural that was well known for them as a “pilgrimage piece” one that many came from all over the world to see.  After deciding to rebuild, the museum entered in negotiations with "Ron DiClanni" to execute a new mural on the topic of "The Resurrection of Christ."

The Author of the Holy Bible

The Bible isn't like any other book that has been written.  The claims of the Bible are unlike any other book - it's not a human book!  Unless you have a rock-solid commitment to the truth, it will not change your life - it will only be so many words in a sea of words.  God called His Word "living."  You can't mess with it, it's too heavy!  In an attempt to disprove the Bible, Ivan Panin (via mathematics) proves that the Holy Bible was authored by God.

Flash Video  Roman Empire Rules World Today   (Outside Video Link)

This video is in three (3) parts and it exposes the Vatican's power over the Nations of the World.   The Vatican and its POPES are shown to represent "Lucifer" (Satan) the Devil and they have their roots in Paganism.  We see the Presidents of the United States bowing down and giving homage to the "White" Pope as well as the "Heads of State" of other Countries.   They all come to the Vatican for the purpose of recieving their "Orders."

pdf   Vatican Assassins: Wounded in the House of My Friends
                      by Eric Jon Phelps [Third Edition - 1,833 Pages

 WARNING - This PDF file is very large.  It will take a few minutes to download.

The book "Vatican Assassins" is basically a compilation of quotes from Jesuits and the Roman catholic system.  It is a handful, and a threat to Rome because it exposes their real colors.

After reading this book, you will have an understanding why "
Joseph Biden" (a catholic "Jesuit") is using his office of "President" to detroy our nation of "The United States of America."  This book is a real eye opener !

pdf   The National Sunday Law   

Have you ever wondered about the writings of the Book of Revelation of the Holy Bible?  This booklet is very revealing and gives us insight into bible prophecy that very few people are aware of.  One of the best booklets that I have ever read.

pdf   Two Gods And Two Testaments or One God One Bible 

What if the Lord told you to do something, would you do it?  What if the Lord told you to obey Him, would you?  What if the Lord asked you to keep something of His, would you keep it?  You see, the Lord has asked this before, but everyone is told that we don't have to obey His laws anymore.  . . . 

If you have software installed that blocks active-x or popups, you may not be able to view this web page.  To view this web page, your web browser must accept "frames."

The Tax Exempt Church

To the best of knowledge; almost every Church in the United States has applied for corporate status and have applied for an Internal Revenue tax exemption.  How does the government of the United States look upon such status and exemptions?  This paper explains that when a Church incorporates and applies for tax exemptions, the government looks upon the Church as a corporate body of the state that is doing business for profit.  There is no such thing as a "Tax Exempt Church."

Star Wars

Nord W. Davis, Jr., tells us that America is filled with people who "worship Jesus," beg  for His help and appear to have "great faith" but who are not going to be with us in the Kingdom.  It is toward the understanding of that great truth, that this personal letter, humble and incomplete as its few pages must necessarily be, is dedicated.

The Writings of Minister Sheldon Emery

Sheldon Emery was truly a pastor who fit the prophet Jeremiah's description.  Through his teaching, many Christian Americans came to realize just how meaningful world history really was.  Because of his ability, they learned how to apply the Bible, God's Law, to their everyday lives and how it should be applied to American government.  Herein are several articles by Pastor Sheldon Emery.

Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, and the Jews

Unknown to most Americans is the fact that the first motion picture camera was invented by Thomas Alva Edison in East Orange, New Jersey.  A lifelong inventor, Mr. Edison had over 1,000 inventions patented when he died in 1931.

Inventing a motion picture camera that worked properly was the easy part for Edison.  Keeping the Jews from using the camera without paying him royalties for his invention was the hard part. . . .

The International Jew

At the apex of his business career Henry Ford, the industrial genius sensed that a terrific effort was being made to take his business from him and manipulate it into the hands of the money-changers.  Mr. Ford had the impression that these manipulators were being engineered by powerful Jewish financiers.

He called to his office the most intelligent research men within his acquaintance.  He commissioned them to make a thorough study of the International Jew and publish their findings in "The Dearborn Independent," which at that time was the official organ of the Ford Motor Company.  No expense was spared, and it is estimated that literally millions of dollars were spent by Mr. Ford on this project. The original articles were carried first in "The Dearborn Independent," and then published in book form.

Flash Video   The Synagogue of Satan Revealed 

The Lord Jesus Christ used the term "Synagogue Of SATAN" two different times in the "Book of Revelation" to describe People who were within the Church, and who claimed to be "JEWS" but they were not.  The term "Synagogue Of SATAN" can also be used to describe People within the "Church" of our day who claim to be "Christians" but they are not!  Do not be FOOLED!  Do not be DECEIVED!

pdf   Webster and the term "Jew" 

Perhaps now, we are ready to explore the fascinating trail of the evolution of the term, "Jew."  We intend giving you a most comprehensive study of this word.  After reading and studying it, we feel that you will cease to look upon most of the "Jews" among us as GOD's "Chosen" race.

Oh Come, Let Us Adore Who??

Christmas carols, colored lights, decorated trees.  Everyone knows that Santa's on his way.  Everyone loves Christmas, including most Christians.  But, do you know where Christmas began?

The Real Christmas Story  (Outside Page Link)

Dr. Jones of God's Kingdom Ministries brings us an interesting view of how December 25th became Christmas and the date which we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

The Mark of the Beast

We are living in a period of time where nearly everyone in the world has been assigned a number.  Every Nation that has a national debt is required by their multinational creditors to track taxpayers' income.  As you will soon find out, treaties with multinational authorities require the United States and other governments to issue Social Security numbers.  This Treatise is well documented, not only from the perspective of the Holy Bible, but by the laws and Court cases of the United States.  Be sure to study the "Appendixes" for the law as it applies to the United States.

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

The word "Protocol" signifies a précis gummed on to the front of a  document, a draft of a  document, minutes of proceedings.  In this instance, "Protocol" means minutes of the proceedings of the Meetings of the Learned  Elders of  Zion.  These Protocols give the substance of addresses delivered to the innermost circle of the Rulers of  Zion.  They  reveal the converted plan of action of the Jewish Nation developed through the ages and edited by the Elders themselves up to  date.  Parts  and summaries of the plan have been published from time to time during the centuries as the secrets of the Elders have leaked  out.  The  claim of the Jews that the Protocols are forgeries is in itself an admission of their genuineness, for they NEVER ATTEMPT TO ANSWER THE FACTS corresponding to the THREATS which the Protocols contain, and, indeed, the  correspondence between prophecy and fulfillment is too glaring to be set  aside or obscured.

We Are Not Anti-Semitic

In an answer to a letter of a concern reader, editor Art Hallowell, of the CBA Bulletin, addresses what some believe to be anti-Semitic statements as they relate to "Jews." Art Hollowell states that to the best of his knowledge, his paper has not allowed any "anti-Semitic comments," and the truth is, only true anti-Semites on the face of this earth are the Jews since they are not even a Semitic-people in the first place.  The Jews are a religious body, not a race of people, as they are converts to Judaism (a religion) from all the other races (which includes Caucasians).

 Sound Radio Interview of a Jewish Rabbi

James Wickstrom of the Turner Radio Network interviews a Jewish Rabbi.  Mr. Wickstrom is abrasive in his questions, but what is important are the answers that is given by Rabbi A.B. Finklstein.

This recording is presented in "Adobe Flash Player" format and the file is very large.    If you would like to save a recording, the only thing you can do is plug an audio recorder into you computer's external speaker output - Sorry.


   Antichrist Conspiracy  

Edward Hendrie brings us a book that is written to open the eyes of those who have been chosen for salvation but have been temporarily seduced by the doctrines of Roman Catholicism, Judaism, and other pagan religions, and to reveal to the Christian world the ravenous religious wolves in sheep’s clothing who are prowling in their midst.


   Jesuit Oath of Office

Did you know that the Vatican has its own secret societies and that the secret society of the Jesuits controls the governments of the World?  Here is the "Oath" that is taken by all members of the Jesuits.


   The Secret Terrorists

The United States must soon face the most deadly enemy it will ever have to face.  This enemy is not only the usual military enemy, but it has the organization and capability for massive espionage and clandestine operations within the United States.  It uses a facade that is virtually perfect to hide its operations.  In fact, right now, this enemy is working secretly to undermine the principles that made this country the greatest nation in the world.  This enemy is known as the "Jesuits" of the Roman Catholic Church.


Georgetown University Law Center alumni    [Outside Page Link]

Over the years, the Roman Catholic Church established several "Jesuit" Colleges and Universities to train and install its "Jesuit" members throughout the United States, especially in "Offices of High Places" of the government of the States of the Union and of the government of The United States of America.  As the "Popes" of the Roman Catholic Church have made declarations of "WAR" upon our Country of The United States of America at the time of its founding for being "Protestant" with States have a "Protestant Republic" form of governments, we must question the "Allegiance" of the Alumni "Jesuits" of Georgetown and other Universities.  This Georgetown Alumni is most disturbing for it shows the names of those who may be "Jesuits" holding "Congressional Offices" in the Congress, "Executive Offices" of the President, and "Judges" of the Courts of the United States government.


Make the primary Khazarian connection.  A significantly large number of the fold called Jews are not Semitic in origin, and their ancestors never set foot in old Palestine.  For over a millennium, an originally Asiatic tribe has had considerable, some say undue, influence on the course of world affairs, perhaps more than any other ethnic group.  Who are they?  Few, if any other cultures have impacted the world through the ages like this people.  Their real name almost faded away along the ages like this people.  Their real name almost faded away along with their once mighty empire of Khazaria. . . .

   The Anti-Gospel   

The anti-Gospel has at its core a devilish doctrine of the free will of man.  This anti-Gospel is inspired by the spirit of the Antichrist and is being preached in Churches today in place of the true Gospel of the sovereign grace of Christ.  The Devil is a very subtle liar who opposes God and his Gospel.  See Genesis 3:1; John 8:44.  That old serpent has stealthfully introduced his deceptive anti-Gospel into the Pulpits of Churches around the World.

 The American Evangelist's Vision   [Outside Page Link]

This vision is reprinted from the book entitled, "World War III And The Destiny Of America" by Charles R. Taylor.  This book is currently out of print and not in circulation.  The author was a respected teacher of Bible prophecy and the founder and President of "Today in Bible Prophecy, Inc."  As with all visions, care must be exercised to determine its truthfulness.

PDF  The American Evangelist's Vision

An American evangelist recorded the following supernatural vision in the year 1954.  Research reveals that not only are the prophecies of this vision true to the Scriptures quoted therein, but scientific and military leaders today are aware that these things are coming to pass or are very plausible in light of modern technological advances.  The evangelist remains anonymous.





Revised: September 19, 2022