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I went to a lot of trouble to find a picture of a Bible with blank pages for the cover. I find that in talking with Christians, great portions of God's Word is such a mystery to them that they might as well be blank pages. Our Heavenly Father did not intend it to be so, but in our disobedience, He has taken His Word from us. For instance, as you can see in this text from St. Matthew 15:21-28, Jesus was walking along the coasts of Tyre and a certain woman called out to Him to heal her daughter. Notice that Jesus Christ, The Man with the most compassion of any who have walked the earth, answered her not a word. He paid no attention to her!

His disciples came to him regarding her, and He gave them His Instructions, " I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel." And they kept walking. Then she came to Him directly. and even worshipped Him and begged Him for help.. Christ then answered her saying that it was not good or proper to take the children's bread and cast it to dogs. The compassionate Jesus called this woman a dog. Today, we would call it a "racial slur," a highly insulting remark.

Then, as the text states, she admitted to being a dog! She then stated that even the dogs can get the crumbs which fall from the master's table. At that point, Christ told her that she had great faith, healed the daughter of this non-Israelite woman, and went on His way. You will plainly notice however, that Jesus Christ did not invite this woman to follow Him and there is no record that she ever did. Here was a woman who actually worshipped Christ, and a woman who Christ, Himself, said had great faith, but who would never be counted among the Elect, those saved from the foundation of the world. Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever.

America is filled with people who "worship Jesus," beg for His help and appear to have "great faith" but who are not going to be with us in the Kingdom. It is toward the understanding of that great truth, that this personal letter, humble and incomplete as its few pages must necessarily be, is dedicated.

Nord W. Davis, Jr., January 1993


I would like to thank Gary Hunt for making the letters of Nord W. Davis Jr. available over the internet.  Be sure and visit Gary Hunt's web page Outpost of Freedom for more valuable information.

Gordon Epperly


Star Wars is composed of Fifteen Lessons. Each lesson has footnotes, explanations, graphics and commentary that were part of the original publication [Note: Only pertinent graphics are currently included.]. These pages are arranged to provide the information much as the original. All graphics, &c., are included. The back cover of the original publication is included with the final lesson, and has its own message (as does the cover, read the Foreword). The links, below, will take you to each of the respective lessons.

Lesson One - - -  On the Covenant

Lesson Two - - - Who did Christ die for?

Lesson Three - -   Is the Bible really the Bible?

Lesson Four - - -  Wood, Hay & Stubble - What 
                            of the United States of America?

                            Nord Davis, Jr. Biographical
                            resume and Doctrinal Statement

Lesson Five - - - - More on the New World

Lesson Six - - - -  The Beast

Lesson Seven - -  The Serpent

Lesson Eight - - - Fruit of the Seed of the Serpent

Lesson Nine - - -  Seed Lines

Lesson Ten - - - - Mark of the Beast or Magen David

Lesson Eleven - -  Adolph Hitler

Lesson Twelve  -  Holocaust

Lesson Thirteen -  Herod and the Shedding
                            of Righteous Blood

Lesson Fourteen - The Enemy, Today

Lesson Fifteen - -  The Serpent's Seed and 
                            The Bride of Christ

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