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An IRS Attorney's Opinion

An Attorney, representing employees of an IRS Regional Office, writes a Treatise regarding the taxing of wages, salaries, and first time commissions.  This attorney provides you with defenses, law origin and authorities, how to handle a jury trial, how to handle your own defense, discussion of law, unacceptable defenses, tax evasion and willful failure to file issues.  This is a must read Treatise.

The Federal Register - Authority to not file IRS 1040 Tax Returns

Before a tax law can be enforced, the U.S.  Treasury Department must publish their Regulations in the Federal Register.  Here we find the IRS  Forms that are to be used in collecting Internal Revenue were published September 11, 1946.  We find it interesting that the U.S. Treasury Department has declared that no one is required to file 1040 Forms if W-2 Forms are on file with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (Internal Revenue Service).  This download may take time as you will be downloading three JPG photos of the Federal Register.

True History

In order to understand the income tax, you must understand how it came about and how it was originally meant to be collected.  This is a very informative book that will take you from the beginning of history of the United States and the purpose of its revenue laws.  This is a must read book.

   The IRS "Pink Papers" 

For several years, a rumor has been circulating that the employees of the Internal Revenue Service do not file tax returns.  Here is what is purportedly to be an inside Memo of the Internal Revenue Service that circulated among its employees.

The Mark of the Beast

You say that you are a Christian and you would never accept the Revelation 13:16-17  "Mark of the Beast.Surprise!! -  You may already have.

We are living in a period of time where nearly everyone in the World has been assigned a number.  Every Nation that has a National Debt is required by their multinational Creditors to track taxpayer's income.  As you will soon find out, Treaties with multinational Authorities require the United States and other governments to issue Social Security Numbers.  This Treatise is well documented, not only from the perspective of the Holy Bible, but by the laws and Court cases of the United States.  Be sure to study the Appendixes.

   IRS 1993 ADP Transaction Codes 

Have you ever wondered what the numeric codes that appear on IRS Correspondance were all about?  Here is a listing [1993 Ed.] of the ADP Transaction Codes.

   Frivolous Tax Arguments 

This is a Legal Brief that appears to have been written by the United States Department of Justice.  This Legal Brief tells of all the frivolous tax cases that have been brought before the Federal Courts.  If you want to challenge the tax laws, you need to read this Legal Brief.

   Flawed Tax Arguments to Avoid 

Attorney Larry Becraft put together a paper explaining what tax arguments don't work in the Federal Courts.  This is an excellant paper for anyone to read that believes that they are not subject to the Federal Tax Laws.

IRS Liens and Levies

Have you ever had your Bank Accounts, Salary/Wages, or other Property levied/lien by the Internal Revenue Service?  Did you know that most of those levies/liens were illegal?  Read on --

Letter to IRS Agent Gary Comnick

This is an open letter that was written to IRS Revenue Agent, Gary Comnick.  The letter discloses the fraud being used by the Internal Revenue Service in its exercise of power to issue "Notices of Levy."  The letter was never rebutted by the IRS.

   Ponsford's Letter to IRS 

Mr. Ponsford was under Criminal Investigation for failure to file tax returns.  This letter of Mr. Ponsford to the IRS explaining his understanding of the tax laws that resulted in the dismissal of the criminal investigation.

WARNING - This PDF File is large (26 pages) and may take a few minutes to download.  Best to use a high speed Internet connection.

   Release of IRS Tax Lien
As the Internal Revenue Service was not able to hold Mr. Ponsford for Criminal Investigation, the IRS Employees (in the alternative) made a fraudulent "Tax Assessment" and claimed that Mr. Ponsford owed over one million ($1,000,000.00) in back taxes and placed an "IRS Tax Lien" upon Mr. Ponsford's property even though Mr. Ponsford never seen that much money as "Income" during the years in question.  After thirty (30) years of putting a "cloud" on the "Title" of Mr. Ponsford's property, the IRS released its "IRS Tax Lien."  No attempt was ever made by the IRS in all those years to "foreclose" on Mr. Ponsford's property for the claimed back taxes owed.

   History of the Sixteenth Amendment 

The history of taxation from the earliest ages has been the history of the attempts of one class to make other classes pay the expenses, or an undue share of the expenses, of the Government.  Aristocrats have always been trying to shift the taxes on to the people, and the people on to the aristocrats; the landed interests on to the commercial and the commercial on to the landed.  . . .

The Federal Zone: Cracking the Code of Internal Revenue  [Outside Page Link]

Paul Andrew Mitchell has published a book that is designed to educate you about federal income tax law, the Treasury regulations which promulgate that law, and the various court decisions which have interpreted both and has made his book available in an electronic version on his web page.  One of the main purposes of this book is to explain how We, the American People, have been deliberately deceived by government officials who have systematically exploited this deception, to defraud us of our wealth and our freedom.

The case of  Burnett v. Commissioner

The United States District Court for the Virgin Islands decided an important case in 1996. Cited as Burnett v. Commissioner, KTC 1996-292 (D.V.I. 1996), the Court stated that Subtitle A taxes apply only to Washington, D.C. and the Territories.

Just Who Or What Is This "IRS?"

This letter was written by Attorney Larry Becraft and was mailed to the Internal Revenue Service by Davvy Kidd.  The letter brings into question that the Internal Revenue Service was never created by an enactment of law by the Congress of the United States, an allegation that has never been repudiated by the Internal Revenue Service.

Who and What is the IRS?

This is an introduction to the William Cooper Report (BATF/IRS Criminal Report) by Dan Meador.  Dan Meador fills in the gaps of the Cooper Report.

BATF/IRS Criminal Report

Investigation of the alleged Internal Revenue Service and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has disclosed a broad, premeditated conspiracy to defraud the Citizens of the united States of America.  Examination of the United   States   Code, the Code of Federal Regulations, the Statutes at Large, Congressional Record, the Federal Register, and Internal Revenue manuals, and many other sources to numerous to list, reveals a crime of such magnitude that words cannot adequately describe the betrayal of the American people.  What we have uncovered has clearly been designed to circumvent the limitations of the Constitution for the united States and implement the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO within the 50 States.

Defeated Legal Arguments

Attorney Larry Becraft gives a list of cases that have been argued and lost in the Courts.  Remember: the point here is not whether an issue is morally, ethically, theoretically, academically, lawfully or even "legally" correct!  The point is DOES IT WORK IN COURT and there is already legal precedent which will blow you out of the water if you use the argument.

The UCC Connection

This is a slightly condensed, casually paraphrased transcript of tapes of a seminar given in 1990 by Howard Freeman.  It was prepared to make available the knowledge and experience of Mr. Freeman in his search for an accessible and understandable explanation of the confusing state of the government and the courts.  It should be helpful to those who may have difficulty learning from such lectures, or those who want to develop a deeper understanding of this information without having to listen to three or four hours of recorded material.

pdf   Colonel Mandell House Predicts The Creation Of STRAWMAN

This is the first real evidence found that our current Social, Financial, and Legal system was deliberately designed to enslave humanity.

Liberty - Your Right To Make A Living

Part 1. COURT PROCEDURE/ DUE PROCESS      The methodology used by the federal courts and the Department of Justice to prevent any legal challenge to the income tax from being brought before the court in income tax cases is presented. The method, in violation of our most basic constitutional right, has consistently been held to void any claim of jurisdiction in cases where the plaintiff is other than the Internal Revenue Service.

Part 2. LIBERTY---THE RIGHT TO MAKE A LIVING       A citizen's Right to Liberty secured by the Constitution has been repeatedly adjudicated to include the right to pursue a livelihood, and such fundamental constitutional rights are not suitable objects for taxation.

Part 3. SPRINGER, POLLOCK, 16th AMENDMENT       The three items consistently claimed to adjudicate/authorize a tax on wages and salaries are reviewed and it is concluded they have been misrepresented for decades in what appears to be blatant fraud. The income tax imposed on an individual's wages or salary is a bald faced sham without any claim to acceptable legal adjudication.

Part 4. MOTION TO DISMISS THE INDICTMENT       A motion to dismiss for failure to state a cause of action in a willful failure to file case is based on the legal issues in Part 1. Reference books are identified for edification.

Part 5. HABEAS CORPUS/ CORUM NOBIS       The motion in Part 4 is reworked and expanded into an academic post conviction relief for a willful failure to file conviction. Reference material and procedural guidelines are offered.

Part 6. CORAM NOBIS       Is there any way to challenge a conviction on a willful failure to file charge after completion of sentence to remove probation requirements/restrictions, eliminate payment of court imposed fines, restore voting rights and gun ownership, remove a public stigma, improve employment and credit potential, etc.?  Using the legal issues of Part 1 and the analysis of Parts 4 and 5, the answer appears to be Yes and without any filing fee involved. 

Part 7.  PETITION FOR CERTIORARI    Will certiorari be granted?  The possibility is very remote.  Only a massive number of litigants, exposing their awareness that it is the judicial system that is breaking the law, may eventually compel the supreme court to consolidate the cases and address the issue.

Part 8.  CIVIL PROCEDURE  ---  WEB SITES AND ABUSIVE TAX SHELTERS   Civil actions are increasingly being filed in the courts on behalf of the IRS as a request for the court to order an injunction to close down a website for actions deemed undesirable by the IRS.  Let us review the standards of civil procedure to determine if the actions are in compliance with Fifth Amendment requirements of due process.

The Tax Exempt Church

To the best of knowledge; almost every Church in the United States has applied for Corporate status and have applied for an Internal Revenue tax exemption.  How does the government of the United States look upon such status and exemptions?  This paper explains that when a Church incorporates and applies for tax exemptions, the government looks upon the Church as a corporate body of the State that is doing business for profit.  There is no such thing as a "Tax Exempt Church."

Court Cases

Herein is an Index of several Court cases that were ruled upon in Federal Courts.  These cases are listed so that you may be better informed when preparing your own case.  To return back to this Menu Page, use your Web Browser "Back" button.

U.S. Social Security - The Ultimate Delusion

Queen Elizabeth controls and has amended the U.S. Social Security laws, as follows:

S.I. 1997 NO. 1778 - The Social Security (United States of America) Order 1997 Made 22nd of July 1997 coming into force 1st September 1997.  At the Court at Buckingham Palace the 22nd day of July 1997.  Now, therefore Her Majesty in pursuance of section 179 (1) (a) and (2) of the Social Security Administration Act of 1992 and all other powers enabling Her in that behalf, is please, by and with advise of Her privy Council, to order, and it is hereby ordered as follows:

"This Order may be cited as the Social Security (United States of America) Order 1997 and shall come into force on 1st September 1997."

Does this give a new meaning to Federal Judge William Wayne Justice stating in Court that he takes his Orders from England?  This "Order" goes on to redefine words in the Social Security Act and makes some changes in the United States Law.






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