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True History



[Author Unknown]


Please read the chapters in order for best understanding!


Declaration of Independence

American Citizen, or U.S. citizen?

Chapter 1  A Little TRUE History
Chapter 2  The TRUTH About Inalienable Rights.
Chapter 3  The TRUTH About Income Tax!
Chapter 4  The TRUTH About Income!
Chapter 5  The TRUTH About the 16th Amendment
Chapter 6  The TRUTH About the 14th Amendment   
Chapter 7  The TRUTH About Social Security  
Chapter 8  The TRUTH About the United States Government Bankruptcy 
Chapter 9  The TRUTH About Court Rooms - Stay Out
Chapter 10 Tax Protester Arguments. Don't be Myth-informed
Chapter 11 The TRUTH About W-4 Withholding  
Chapter 12 To File or Not to File
Chapter 13 Does This Work?
Chapter 14 Welcome to FREEDOM!
Revised: March 04, 2012


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