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Brother Nathanael

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Dec 16 2012
The Globalization Of Hanukkah

The Globalization Of Hanukkah

Dec 23 2012
My Journey Into The Orthodox Church

My Journey Into The Orthodox Church

Dec 03 2012
Isreal Give UN Vote The Finger

Israel Give UN Vote The Finger

Dec 11 2012
When Jews Rule The World

When Jews Rule The World

Nov 19 2012
Israel... Butchers Of Gaza

Israel... Butchers Of Gaza

Nov 27 2012
Petraeus Under Jewry's Thumb

Petraeus Under Jewry's Thumb

Nov 05 2012
How The Jews Control Elections

How The Jews Control Elections

Nov 14 2012
Obama's New Social Order

Obama's New Social Order

Oct 22 2012
Todays International Jew

Todays International Jew

Oct 29 2012
The Obama Hoax Finally Revealed

The Obama Hoax Finally Revealed

Oct 11 2012
Presidential Debates - No Jobs For Johnny

Presidential Debates - No Jobs For Johnny

Oct 15 2012
Rabbis Against Zionism

Rabbis Against Zionism

Oct. 02 2012
Who Owns The Media 2012

Who Owns The Media 2012

Sept. 25 2012
Judism & The Religion Of The Anti-Christ

Judism & The Religion Of The Anti-Christ

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This is not a Kapner Video

How the Jews Undermine America

How the Jews Undermine America

Sept. 12 2012
Bad News For WikiLeaks

Bad News For WikiLeaks

Sept. 18 2012
Anti-Amerkan Protest Exposed

Anti-Amerkan Protest Exposed

Sept. 05 2012
Sybols Of Rachel Corrie's Murder

Sybols Of Rachel Corrie's Murder

Sept. 06 2012

This is not a Kapner Video

Anti-Christian Comments of Democratic Chairman Mark Alan Siegel

Anti-Christian Comments of Democratic Chairman Mark Alan Siegel

Aug 26 2012
Are Jews The Chosen People?

Are Jews The Chosen People?

Aug 29 2012
Homelands Security's Deadly Ammo Plan

Homelands Security's Deadly Ammo Plan

Aug 13 2012
Banksters & The End Of Cash

Banksters & The End Of Cash

Aug 19 2012
Pussy Riot's Global Showdown

Pussy Riot's Global Showdown

July 29 2012
Putin Foils The Jews In Syria

Putin Foils The Jews In Syria

Aug 04 2012
Will Israel Be The Nest World Power?

Will Israel Be The Next World Power?

July 15 2012
Secrets Of The Synagogue

Secrets Of The Synagogue

July 15 2012
Obama & UN Coming For Your Guns!

Obama & UN Coming For Your Guns!

July 01 2012
Three Faces Of The Anti-Christ

Three Faces Of The Anti-Christ

July 08 2012
America's Doomed Economy

America's Doomed Economy

June 17 2012
Who will lead after Ron Paul?

Who will lead after Ron Paul?

June 26 2012
Why Israel Is A Threat To World Peace

Why Israel Is A Threat To World Peace

June 03 2012
The Jews Behind U.S. Spy Drones

The Jews Behind U.S. Spy Drones

June 10 2012
Woody Allen's Vast Wasteland

Woody Allen's Vast Wasteland

May 20 2012
The End Of White America

The End Of White America

May 27 2012
Modern Man In A Jewish Age

Modern Man In A Jewish Age

May 07 2012
Who's Your Favorite Anti-Semite?

Who's Your Favorite Anti-Semite?

May 13 2012
Obam's Alleged 'Same-Sex' Past

Obama's Alleged 'Same Sex' Past

April 22 2012
NSA's Jewish Spy Masters

NSA's Jewish Spy Masters

April 29 2012
CISPA - Internet Spy Bill Exposed

CISPA - Internet Spy Bill Exposed

April 09 2012
Kissinger & The Jews

Kissinger & The Jews

April 18 2012
Messiah Came To Conquer Death

Messiah Came To Conquer Death

Mar 29 2012
The Mystery Of Monastic Silence

The Mystery Of Monastic Silence

April 04 2012
SWIFT ... Jewry's Weapon Of Mass Destruction

SWIFT ... Jewry's Weapon Of Mass Destruction

Mar 17 2012
Is Hillary Clinton A Zionist Shill?

Is Hillary Clinton A Zionist Shill?

Mar 24 2012
Jewish Imperialism & The U.S. Military

Jewish Imperialism & The U.S. Military

Mar 01 2012
The Church vs. The Synagogue

The Church vs. The Synagogue

Mar 09 2012

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How Putin Will Change The World

How Putin Will Change The World

Feb 14 2012
Putin Trumps Zionist Plan For Syria

Putin Trumps Zionist Plan For Syria

Feb 23 2012
Who's Behind The Firing Of Pat Buchanan?

Who's Behind The Firing Of Pat Buchanan?

Feb 02 2012
The New Jewish Class Wars

The New Jewish Class Wars

Feb 07 2012
Jewry's Push For War On Iran

Jewry's Push For War On Iran

Jan 19 2012
Has Jewry Infiltrated The Local Police?

Has Jewry Infiltrated The Local Police?

Jan 24 2012
Obama's Unshakable Bondage To Bibi

Obama's Unshakable Bondage To Bibi

Jan 05 2012
The Jews Behind The NDAA

The Jews Behind The NDAA

Jan 12 2012
The Jewish War On Vladimir Putin

The Jewish War On Vladimir Putin

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