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Brother Nathanael

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Dec 20 2013
The Fed's Pipeline To Israel

The Fed's Pipeline To Israel

This Video is posted on YouTube.com
This is not a Kipner Video

Zionism and Christianity, and Unholy Alliance

Zionism and Christianity:
Unholy Alliance

Dec 06 2013
Repeal ObamaCare Impeach Obama

Repeal ObamaCare Impeach Obama

Dec 13 2013
The Mugging Of America

The Mugging Of America

Nov 19 2013
Holocaust On Tour In Iran

Holocaust On Tour In Iran

Nov 29 2013
4 Point Plan To Stop AIPAC

4 Point Plan To Stop AIPAC

Nov 06 2013
ObamaCare 'Code' Can't Be Fixed

ObamaCare 'Code' Can't Be Fixed

Nov 13 2013
TPP & One World Government

TPP & One World Government

Oct 23 2013
America's New Social Classes

America's New Social Classes

Oct 30 2013 

Why ObamaCare Must Be Stopped

Oct 09 2013
Ron Paul's Gold Standard Nightmare

Ron Paul's Gold Standard Nightmare

Oct 15 2013
Ron Paul Money VS Sound Money

Ron Paul Money VS Sound Money

Sept 27 2013
Putin's A Game Changer

Putin's A Game Changer

Oct 02 2013
A Plan To Replace The FED

A Plan To Replace The FED

Aug 30 2013
Syria ... Another War For The Jews

Syria ... Another War For The Jews

Sept 18 2013
The Kosher Seal Revealed

The Kosher Seal Revealed

Aug 11 2013 
Dostoevsky Versus The Jews

Dostoevsky Versus The Jews

Aug 18 2013 
Gun Grabbers Make Home Visits

Gun Grabbers Make Home Visits

Aug 01 2013 
Politically Incorrect Jewish News 

Politically Incorrect Jewish News

Aug 05 2013 
Jewish Directed Iran Sanctions Backfire

Jewish Directed Iran Sanctions Backfire

July 26 2013
Politically Incorrect Jewish News

Politically Incorrect Jewish News

July 28 2013
Globalization And Jewish Nationalism

Globalization And Jewish Nationalism

July 18 2013
Politically Incorrect Jewish News

Politically Incorrect Jewish News

July 21, 2013 
The Jews Who Rule America

The Jews Who Rule America

July 07 2013
The Great Transformation

The Great Transformation

July 11 2013
Politically Incorrect Jewish News

Politically Incorrect Jewish News

July 01 2013
Supreme Court's Gay Marriage Agenda

Supreme Court's Gay Marriage Agenda

July 05 2013
Politically Incorrect Jewish News

Politically Incorrect Jewish News

June 17 2013
Obama's Jewish War On Syria

Obama's Jewish War On Syria

June 24 2013
The Jews Who Own the Media

The Jews Who Own The Media

June 09 2013
Obama's NSA Spy Op Revealed

Obama's NSA Spy Op Revealed

June 14 2013
Edward Snowden ... When Truth Becomes Treason

Edward Snowden ... When Truth Becomes Treason

May 31 2013
Maniac McCain Meets Terroists In Syria

Maniac McCain Meets Terroists In Syria

June 04 2013
A Religious Solution To A Jewish Problem

A Religious Solution To A Jewish Problem

May 20 2013
The Real IRS Scandal

The Truth Behind The Real IRS Scandal

May 26 2013

National ID Lurks In Immigration Bill

May 07 2013
The Coming Of The Anti-Christ

The Coming Of The Anti-Christ

May 12 2013
Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

April 21 2013
Boston's Prelude To Martial Law

Boston's Prelude To Martial Law

April 29 2013
Why Jews Love Big Sis

Why Jews Love Big Sis

April 08 2013
Exposing Zionist Christians

Exposing Zionist Christians

April 17 2013
Boston Marathon ... Liberty Graveyard

Boston Marathon ... Liberty Graveyard

Mar 25 2013
Obama Puppet Goes To Israel

Obama Puppet Goes To Israel

April 01 2013
Why Jews Push Gay Marriage

Why Jews Push Gay Marriage

Mar 12 2013
The End Of Sovereign America

The End Of Sovereign America

Mar 19 2013
Gun Control Fight Goes Viral!

Gun Control Fight Goes Viral!

Feb 26 2013
Satan At The Walling Wall

Satan At The Wailing Wall

Mar 06 2013
The Return Of The Idiot

The Return Of The Idiot

Feb 10 2013
Dirty Tactics Of The Jewish Lobby

Dirty Tactics Of The Jewish Lobby

Feb 18 2013

Can Jews Be Saved?

Jan 27 2013
Why Jews Must Believe In Jesus

Why Jews Must Believe In Jesus

Feb 03 2013
Jewish Lobby Crushes Chuck Hagel

Jewish Lobby Crushes Chuck Hagel

Jan 13 2013
Trends To Watch In 2013

Trends To Watch In 2013

Jan 20 2013
A Military Coup In America?

A Military Coup In America?

Jan 01 2013
Jews Lead Gun Control Charge

Jews Lead Gun Control Charge

Jan 06 2013
Why Really Happened At Sandy Hook?

What Really Happened At Sandy Hook?

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