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Brother Nathanael


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Dec 17 2014
Return Of The Jewish Neocons

Return Of The Jewish Neocons

  Dec 23 2014
America Meets Ghost Of Christmas Future

America Meets Ghost Of Christmas Future

Dec 02 2014
Real Money And the Jewish Dialectic

Real Money And The Jewish Dialectic

  Dec 11 2014
Who Is The True Israel? 

Who Is The True Israel?

Nov 19 2014
The Plot To Make America Gay

The Plot To Make America Gay

  Nov 24 2014
Obama's Free Pass To Illegals

Obama's Free Pass To Illegals

Nov 05 2014
Secrets Of Jewish Money Control

Secrets Of Jewish Money Control

  Nov 12 2014
Zionist Christians Teach Jewish Heresy

Zionist Christians Teach Jewish Heresey

Oct 21 2014
The Ebola Dictatorshp

The Ebola Dictatorshp

  Oct 28 2014
Why Judaism Is Bankrupt

Why Judaism Is Bankrupt

Oct 08 2014
Robots Grabbing Your Job

Robots Grabbing Your Job

  Oct 16 2014
This Video is posted on YouTube.com
This is not a Kapner Video

The Sabbath and the Covenants

The Sabbath and the Covenants

  Sept 30 2014
My Jewish Bloodlines

My Jewish Bloodlines

Sept 17 2014
Jewish War On Holy Russia

Jewish War On Holy Russia

  Sept 23 2014
Is ISIS Goog For The Jews?

Is ISIS Good For The Jews?

Sept 01 2014
The Four Curses On Judaism

The Four Curses On Judaism

  Sept 09 2014
Moral Rot Of Zionist Christians

Moral Rot Of Zionist Christians

Aug 19, 2014
Is Michael Brown A National Hero?

Is Michael Brown A National Hero?

  Aug 26 2014
Fed's Fischer: Bail-Ins Coming For Your Cash

Fed's Fischar: Bail-Ins For Your Cash

Aug 04 2014
BRICS...Breaking The Jewish Money Power

BRICS ... Breaking The Jewish Money Power

  Aug 11 2014
How Jews Justify Gaza Genocide

How Jews Jusify Gaza Genocide

July 21 2014
Ukraine's False Flag Plane Shoot Down
Ukraine's False Flag Plane Shoot Down
  July 29 2014
Israel's Plan To Obliterate Gaza

Israel's Plan To Obliterate Gaza

July 10 2014
Obama Scam On Immigration

Obama Scam On Immigration

  July 14 2014
Gaza & The Myth Of Israel's Right To Exist

Gazza & The Myth Of Israel's Right To Exist

June 15 2014
Cantor's Out, Brat's In!

Cantor's Out, Brat's In!

  July 02 2014 
Has America Ceased To Exist?

Has America Ceased To Exist?

June 05 2014
Obama's Billion Dollar Cold War Begins

Obama's Billion Dollar Cold War Begins

  June 11 2014
What If Jews Ran America?

What If Jews Ran America?

May 20 2014
Stop The Jews From Rebuilding The Temple

Stop The Jews From Rebuilding The Temple

  May 30 2014
Eurosceptics Revolt

Eurosceptics Revolt

May 04 2014
Jews For Jesus Hypes The Holocaust

'Jews For Jesus' Hypes The Holocaust

  May 13 2014
America's Lies On Ukraine

America's Lies On Ukraine

Apr 12 2014
Sucking Up To Sheldon Adelson

Sucking Up To Sheldon Adelson

  Apr 24 2014
The Religion Of The Future

The Religion Of The Future

Mar 29 2014
Nationalist Soution To Money

Nationalist Solution To Money

  Apr 02 2014
The Real Battle For Ukraine

The Real Battle For Ukraine

This Video is posted on YouTube.com
This is not a Kapner Video

The DORA Debates

The DORA Debates

  Mar 20 2014
Can The Jews Stop Putin?

Can The Jews Stop Putin?

Mar 08 2014
How To Become A Constitutional Expert On Money

How To Become A Constitutional Expert On Money

  Mar 12 2014
The Religion Of Vladimir Putin

The Religion Of Vladimir Putin

Feb 18 2014
Money For People NOT Jewish Bankers

Money For People NOT Jewish Bankers

  Feb 27 2014
Do We Want A Jewish State?

Do We Want A Jewish State?

Feb 01 2014
Let's Unite To End The Fed

Let's Unite To End The Fed

  Feb 10 2014
National Monetary Reform Convention Now!

National Monetary Reform Convention Now!

Jan 04 2014
Petrodollar Scam Breaking

Petrodollar Scam Breaking Down

  Jan 16 2014
Will A New Napoleon Arise?

Will A New Napoleon Arise?

This Video is posted on YouTube.com
This is not a Kapner Video

Reinventing American Health Care

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel Tries to Legitimize Obamacare to Chris Wallace

  This Video is posted on YouTube.com This is not a Kapner Video

Jewish Professor To Scrap The American Constitution

Jewish Professor To Scrap The American Constitution


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