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Brother Nathanial Curch Affirmation


Without warning, Brother Nathanael's website, that he created to display his "Videos," has been taken down from the Internet. 

There is a "Rumor" that he passed away during the "Yom Kippor Holidays" (Sunday-Monday, Sept. 24-25, 2023) and as this is only a "Rumor," there are no details.

If there is any truth about the "Rumor," I hope the death of Brother Nathanael be of "Natural Causes," not by the hand of violance,

Below are a few of the "Videos" that Brother Nathanael created.  These are a few which I was able to preserve.

Gordon Warren Epperly


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Dec 16 2015
Hillary Slams Trump On Muslim Ban

Hillary Slams Trump On Muslim Ban

  Dec 20 2015
How Putin Celebrates Christmas

How Putin Celebrates Christmas

Dec 01 2015
Why Turkey ShotDown Russia's Plane

Why Turkey ShotDown Russia's Plane

  Dec 07 2015
Trump Takes The Kosher Seal

Trump Takes The Kosher Seal

Nov 16 2015
Mossad Fingerprints On Paris Attacks

Massad's Fingerprints On Paris Attacks

  Nov 24 2015
Why the Jews Love Hillary

Why The Jews Love Hillary

Nov 04 2015
GOP Warmongers Shill For Israel

GOP Warmongers Shill For Israel

  Nov 13 2015
Bad Future For Jerusalem

Bad Future For Jerusalem

Oct 22 2015
Trump's Got Plans For America

Trump's Got Plans For America

  Oct 27 2015
Why I Believe In Jesus Christ

Why I Believe In Jesus Christ

Oct 07 2015
The Future Belongs To Russia

The Future Belongs To Russia

  Oct 14 2015
Obama Mocked By Entire World

Obama Mocked By Entire World

Sept 23 2015
Refugee Crises Or Political Ploy?

Refugee Crisis Or Political Ploy?

  Oct 01 2015
Hagee's Horses Of The Apocalypse Debunked

Hagee's Horses Of The Apocalypose Debunked

Sept 10 2015
Ben Carson's Fractured Foreign Policy

Ben Carson's Fractured Foreign Policy

  Sept 16 2015
University of Illinois 'Israel' Scandal

University Of Illinois 'Israel' Scandal

Aug 25 2015
Trummp's Deck Of Jewish Cards

Trump's Deck Of Jewish Cards

  Sept 01 2015
Bro Nathanael - If I Were President

Bro Nathanael - If I Were President

Aug 12 2015
Thought Police - Prison Without Bars

Thought Police - Prison Without Bars

  Aug 20 2015
The Church In Putin's Eyes

The Church In Putin's Eyes

July 27 2015
Trump's Got A Trump Card

Trump's Got A Trump Card

  Aug 04 2015
When Trump Makes A Deal

When Trump Makes A Deal

July 19 2015
Auschwitz 'Bookkeeper' Gets Jewish Justice

Auschwitz 'Bookkeeper' Gets Jewish Jutice

  July 23 2015
Will Jews Bust Iran Deal?

Will Jews Bust Iran Deal?

July 07 2015
Big Brother's Forced Vaccinations

Big Brother's Forced Vaccinations

  July 14 2010
The Church In Same-Sex America

The Church Same-Sex America

June 22 2015
Should We Bless The Jews?

Should We Bless The Jews?

  June 29 2015

Jewish Tyranny At Supreme Court

Jewish Tyranny At Supreme Court

June 08 2015
Elections For Jews Only

Elections For Jews Only

  June 17 2015
How The IMF Really Works

How The IMF Really Works

May 21 2015
Nuland Sticks Her Nose In Minsk

Nuland Sticks Her Nose In Minsk

  May 27 2015
ISIS In Greater Istael's Scheme

ISIS Greater Israel's Scheme

May 08 2015
How To Fix America

How To Fix America

  May 14 2015
Russia Tips The Grand Chess Board

Russia Tips The Grand Chess Board

April 22 2015
Animal Farm For Modern Man

Animal Farm For Modern Man

  April 30 2015
Baltimore Riots ... Prelude to Urban War

Baltimore Riots ... Prelude to Urban War

April 06 2015
Refuting Jews For Judaism

Refuting Jews For Judaism

  April 15 2015
Bad Start With Hillary

Bad Start With Hillary

March 25 2015
What Does It Mean To Be Jewish?

What Does It Mean To Be Jewish?

  March 31 2015
What 2020 Will Bring

What 2020 Will Bring

March 06 2015
World War 3 ... Birth Of A Brave New World

World War 3 ... Birth Of A Brave New World

  March 18 2015
Generals March To A Neocon Tune

Generals March To A Neocon Tune

Feb 17 2015
Five Faces Of Judaism

Five Faces Of Judaism

  Feb 26 2015
Bibi Comes To Capitol Hill

Bibi Comes To Capitol Hill

Feb 04 2015
Greece Resists IMF Swindle

Greece Resists IMF Swindle

  Feb 10 2015 
America Hits Dead End In Ukraine

America Hits Dead End In Ukraine

Jan 20 2015
Enabling A Big Brother Future

Enabling A Big Brother Future

  Jan 29 2015
Dieudonne Defies Holocaust Religion!

Deudonne Defies Holocaust Religion

Jan 04 2015
Will Hagee Have A Rapture?

Will Hagee Have A Rapture?

  Jan 12 2015
Did Mossad Do Charlie Hebdo?

Did Mossad Do Charlie Hebdo?

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