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Dec 20 2016
When The Antichrist Comes

When The Antichrist Comes

Dec 09 2016
Trump's "Mad Dog" Military Policy

Trump's "Mad Dog" Military Policy

  Dec 14 2016
How Tillerson Corrupted The Boy Scouts

How Tillerson Corrupted The Boy Scouts

Nov 17 2016
Will Trump Break The Media?

Will Trump Break The Media?

  Nov 28 2016
Synagigye And State Slays America

Synagogue And State Slays America

Nov 02 2016

What A Hillary Presidency Would Bring

What A Hillary Presidency Would Bring

  Nov 12 2016
President Trump

President Trump

Oct 21 2016
Trump Drains The Swamp In Final Debate

Trump Drains The Swamp In Final Debate

  Oct 25 2016
Trump In The Eye Of The Storm

Trump In The Eye Of The Storm

Oct 05 2016
Let's Make 9/11 'Jewish Remembrance Month'

Let's Make 9/11 'Jewish Remebrance Month'

  Oct 12 2016
US 'False Flag' Against Russia Puts Hillary In

U.S. 'False Flag' Against Russia Puts Hillary In

Sept 25 2016
Is Putin Controlling US Elections?

Is Putin Controlling US Elections?

  Sept 30 2016
How The Trump-Clinton Debate Was Rigged

How The Trump-Clinton Debate Was Rigged

Sept 14 2016
Is Hillary Clinton The Anti-Christ?

Is Hillary Clinton The Anti-Christ?

  Sept 20 2016

Hillary Clinton Wants Your Guns

Hillary Clinton Wants Your Guns!

Aug 31 2016
Khizr Kahn As Democratic Hit Man

Khiz Kahn As Democrat Hit Man

  Sept 09 2016
Why The World War 3 Will Surely Be On 8 October 2016

Why The World War 3 Will Surely Be on 8 October 2016

Aug 15 2016
How Jews Lost The Lord's Prayer

How Jews Lost The Lord’s Prayer

  Aug 28 2016
Can Trump Get The Black Vote?

Can Trump Get The Black Vote?

July 27 2016
Trump Plays The LGBTQ Card

Trump Plays The LGBTQ Card

  Aug 04 2016
General Allen's War Cry At DNC

General Allen's War Cry At DNC

July 17 2016
The Travesty Of Justice Ginsburg

The Travesty of Justice Ginsburg

  July 23 2016
Who's Applauding Internet Censorship

Who's Applauding Internet Censorship?

July 05 2016
Who Will Replace Elie Wiesel?

Who Will Replace Elie Wiesel?

  July 14 2016
Bernie Joins The Bar Mitzvah

Bernie Joins The Bar Mitzvah

June 23 2016
The Constitution's Fatal Flaw

The Constitution's Fatal Flaw

  This is not a
Nathanael Kapner

It is submitted as a matter of interest.

Benjamin Freedman warns United States of Khazar Jews

Benjamin Freedman warns United States of Khazar Jews (1961)

May 31 2016
How Jews Talk

How Jews Talk

  June 06 2016
Trump's Catch 22 Military Policy

Trump's Catch 22 Military Policy

May 16 2016
The Riddle Of Jewish Success

The Riddle Of Jewish Success

  May 24 2016
If Prince Was Your Girlfriend

If Prince Was Your Girlfriend

April 28 2016
Night Of The Living Dead

Night Of The Living Dead

  May 05 2016
Will Trump Defy The Jewish Lobby?

Will Trump Defy The Jewish Lobby?

April 17 2016
Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl?

Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl?

  April 23 2016
Trump Rabsacjs Hukkary's Foreign Policy

Trump Ransacks Hillary's Foreign Policy

April 04 2016
What If Our Jobs Don't Come Back?

What If Our Jobs Don't Come Back?

  April 11 2016
Layers Of Jewish Power

Layers Of Jewish Power

March 17 2016

What You Don't See About The Anti-Christ

What You Don't See About
The Anti-Christ

  March 28 2016
A Knoci At Midnight

A Knock At Midnight

Feb 23 2016
Why Israel Gets Away With_Murder

Why Israel Gets Away With Murder

  March 04 2016
Will Trump Be Denied The Nomination?

Will Trump Be Denied The Nomination?

Feb 05 2016
What Putin Can Teach Trump

What Putin Can Teach Trump

  Feb 11 2016
How To Survive The Holocaust

How To Survive The Holocaust

Jan 18 2016
What If Cruz Becomes President?

What If Cruz Becomes President?

  Jan 29 2016
World News Wrap Up .. January 2016

World News Wrap Up .. January 2016

Jan 05 2016
What To Expect In 2016

What To Expect In 2016

  Jan 11 2015
Obama Rebrands Gun Control

Obama Rebrands Gun Control


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