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Dec 21 2017

Note: Video has been "Censored" by "YouTube."

Jews Without Jesus

Jews Without Jesus

  Dec 28 2017

Antisemitism In Hyysterical Spin

Antisemitism In Hysterical Spin

Dec 07 2017

The Flip Sde Of Trump's Embassy Move

The Flip Side Of Trump's Embassy Move

  Dec 13 2017

Trump Serves the War Gods

Trump Serves The War Gods

Nov 29 2017

Note: Video source from "YouTube" no longer available

The Silent Anti-Semite

The Silent Anti-Semite

  Dec 04 2017

Note: Video source from "YouTube" no longer available

Flynn's Plea Smacks Of Israelgate

Flynn's Plea Smacks Of Isaelgate

Nov 15 2017

Note: Video source from "YouTube" no longer available

Bannon Woos The Jews!

Bannon Woos The Jews!

  Nov 23 2017

Note: Video source from "YouTube" no longer available

The Kushner Plan That Plopped

The Kushner Plan That Plopped!

Nov 05 2017

The Rise Of The Three Israaels

The Rise Of The Three Israels

  Nov 08 2017

Note: Video source from "YouTube" no longer available

Balfour Debunked

Belfour Debunked

Oct 26 2017

Hiding A Military Dictatorship

Hiding A Military Dictatorship

  Nov 02 2017

Seeds Of America's Colapse

Seeds Of America's Collapse

Oct. 17 2017

ADL's Hate Symbols In Reverse

ADL's Hate Symbols In Reverse

  Oct. 23 2017

Are Millennials Taking Over?

Are Millennials Taking Over?

Oct. 04 2017

Student Debt Crises Solved

Student Crises Solved!

  Oct 09 2017

How The Media Fakes The News

How The Media Fakes the News

Sept. 20 2017

Russia Beats U.S. In The Middle East

Russia Bears US In The Middle East

  Sept. 26 2017

Trump's UN Freak Show Featuring Haley & McMaster

Trump's UN Freak Show
Lindsy & McMaster

Sept. 06 2017

Why The Media Loves Antifa

Why The Media Loves Antria

  Sept. 14 2017

Truump's Jews And Generals

Trump's Jews And Generals

August 15 2017

Not a
Nathanael video

Charlootsville Police Tells All!

Charlottes Police Officer Tells All!

  August 23 2017

Why Isreal Should Not Exist

Why Isreal Should Not Exist

August 11 2017

Riders On The Storm

Riders On The Storm

  August 18 2017

Who's Pushing War With North Korea?

Who's Pushing War With North Korea?

July 25 2017

The Church Is Our True Country

The Church Is Our True Country

  August 02 2017

Why Congress Hates Russia

Why Congress Hates Russia

July 13 2017

Sitting On Top Of The World

Sitting On Top Of The World

  July 19 2017

Trump's Emerging World Order

Trump's Emerging World Order

June 28 2017 

Kushner Sings Soprano

Kushner Sings Soprano 

  July 05 2017

An Ameriica First Syria Policy

An America First Syria Policy

June 14 2017

The Wagner Hitler Loved

The Wagner Hitler Loved

  June 22 2017

City of New Orleans

City Of New Orleans

June 01 2017

The Damnation Of Confedereate Memory

The Damnation Of Memory

  June 08 2017

America First Or Israel First?

America First Or Israel First?

May 18 2017

Trump To Visit Iseal, Saudi Arabia, Vatican

Trump To Visit Israel, Saudi Arabia, Vatican

  May 21 2017

Wall Street Sends Kushner & Trump To Saudi Arabia

Wall Street Sends Kushner & Trump To Saudi Arabia

May 08 2017

The Boxer

The Boxer

  May 14 2017

Putin Warns Against WW3

Putin Warns Against WW3

April 27 2017

Why The Jews Loathe LePen

Why The Jews Loathe LePen

  May 03 2017

Trump's 'Buy American' Hoax

Trump's 'Buy American' Hoax

April 11 2017

In The Camps

In The Camps

  April 18 2017

Swamp Time With Donald Trump

Swamp Time With Donald Trump

March 25 2017

The Amazon Book Burning

The Amazon Book Burning

  April 03 2017

The Carnal Jew

The Canal Jew

March 13 2017

America's Two Minutes Of Hate

America's Two Minutes Of Hate

  March 19 2017

The Partisan

The Partisan

Feb 28 2017

Why Don't The Rabbis Believe In Jesus?

Why Don't Rabbis Believe In Jesus?

  March 03 2017

How Trump Can Beat The Deep State

How Trump Can Beat The Deep State

Feb 15 2017

Trump Fights Israel's War On Iran

Trump Fights Israel's War On Iran

  Feb 22 2017

Jewish Facial Recognition

Jewish Facial Recognition

Feb 05 2017

My Jewish Past

My Jewish Past

  Feb 09 2017

If Putin's A Killer - America's A Butcher

If Putin's A Killer - America's A Butcher

Jan 25 2017

Trump Takes A Dip In The Jewish Swamp

Trump Takes A Dip In The Jewish Swamp

  Jan 31 2017

'Mad Dog' Mattis Barks At Russia

'Mad Dog' Mattis Barks At Russia

Jan 09 2017

Don't Move The Embassy Mr. Trump!

Don't Move The Embassy Mr. Trump!

  Jan 15 2017

Trump's Frist Hudred Days

Trump's First Hundred Days


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