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Brother Nathanial Curch Affirmation

Without warning, Brother Nathanael's website, that he created to display his "Videos," has been taken down from the Internet. 

There is a "Rumor" that he passed away during the "Yom Kippor Holidays" (Sunday-Monday, Sept. 24-25, 2023) and as this is only a "Rumor," there are no details.

If there is any truth about the "Rumor," I hope the death of Brother Nathanael be of "Natural Causes," not by the hand of violance,

Below are a few of the "Videos" that Brother Nathanael created.  These are a few which I was able to preserve.

Gordon Warren Epperly

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Dec. 17 2019

Trump Has A Hankkah Party

Trump Has A Hanakkah Party

  Dec. 24 2019

ADL's Depraved Books For Children

ADL's Depraved Books For Children

Dec. 03 2019

How To Fix The Media

How To Fix The Media

  Dec. 11 2019

A Recipe For Civil War

A Recipe For Civil War

Nov. 20 2019

How o Name The Whistleblower

How To Name The Whistleblower

  Nov. 26 2019

Antisemitism Kickoff 2020!

Antisemitism Kickoff 2020!

Nov. 12 2019

Bloomberg Or Bust

Bloomberg Or Bust

  Nov. 15 2019

This Glenn Beck video is not affiliated with Brother Nathaneal

YouTube Video

The Democrats' Hydra'

The Democrats' Hydra'

Oct. 29 2019

Schiff's Secret Sanhedrin

Schiff's Secret Sanhedrin

  Nov. 05 2019

We're Sanctioning The Wrong People

We're Sanctioning The Wrong People

Oct. 15 2019

What A Trump Rally Reveals

What A Trump Rally Reveals

  Oct. 23 2019

The Tide Is Turning In America

The Tide Is Turning In America

Sept. 27 2019

How To Fix America

How To Fix America

  Oct. 02 2019

The Lying Eyes Of Adam Schiff

The Lying Eyes Of Adam Schiff

Sept. 13 2019

Time To End The Jewish Fed

Time To End The Jewish Fed

  Sept. 19 2019

The Undrainable Swamp

The Undrainable Swamp

Sept. 05 2019

The Synagogue On Capitol Hill

The Synagogue On Capitol Hill

Sept. 10 2019

Will Larry Silverstein ever be brought to justice for the 9/11 Twin Tower disaster?

Let's Make 9/11 'Jewish Remembrance Month'

Let's Make 9/11 'Jewish Remembrance Month'

Aug. 18 2019

Autopsy Of An Epsteined Amernica

Autopsy Of An Epsteined America

  Aug. 26 2019

Trump's Unfinished Business

Trump's Unfinished Business

Aug. 07 2019

Buy Your Gun Yet?

Buy Your Gun Yet?

  Aug. 13 2019

How The Epstein Case Might Unravel

How The Epstein Case Might Unravel

July 26 2019

Israel Caged In The Muslim World

Israel Caged In The Muslem World

  Aug. 01 2019

The Jeffrey Epstein Meme

The Jeffrey Epstein Meme

July 16 2019

Does Dershowitz Have Dirty Uderwear?

Does Dershowitz Have Dirty Underwear?

  July 22 2019

Holocaust Hoax For Kids!

Holocaust Hoax For Kids!

July 10 2019

Story Of Issac

Story Of Issac

  July 12 2019

The Missing Links In Epstein's Sex Crimes

The Missing Links In Epstein's Sex Crimes

June 20 2019

The Lie Of The U.S. Dollar

The Lie Of The US Dollar

  June 30 2019

Is It Really The Jews?

Is It Really The Jews

May 29 2019

Ring Of Fire

Ring Of Fire

  June 11 2019

Sigmund Freud On Neurotic Censorship

Sigmund Freud On Neurotic Censorship

May 15 2019

Come On Back To The War

Come On Back To The War

  May 23 2019

Velcome To Vile TV!

Velcome To Vile TV!

May 04 2019

The Great Pretender

The Great Pretender

  May 08 2019

Mystery Babylon In Swift Key

Mystery Babylon In Swift Key

April 21 2019

The Silent Fate of Julian Assange

The Silent Fate of Julian Assange

  April 25 2019

The Woman At The Well

The Woman At The Well

April 11 2019

Mark of the Beast

Mark of the Beast

  April 18 2019

Soldier Boy

Soldier Boy

March 26 2019

The 2020 Political Freak Show

The 2020 Political Freak Show

  April 06 2019

Brother Nathanael's Inautguration Address

Brother Nathanael's Inauguration Address

March 16 2019

Beto's Brave New World

Beto's Brave New World

  March 19 2019

The Pageantry Of Mass Murders

The Pageantry Of Mass Murders

March 03 2019

First Amendment Can Bust Big Tech

First Amendment Can Bust Big Tech

  March 08 2019

Surrealism In Omar's Antisemitism

Surrealism In Omer's Antisemitism

Feb. 15 2019

AntiBDS As Group Think

AntiBDS As Group Think

  Feb. 22 2019

My Struggle

My Struggle

Feb. 01 2019

This is not a Brother Nathaneal Video

Headlines With A Voice

What's Happening to Trump?

President Pelosi
  Feb. 08 2019

Botching A Coup In Venezuela

Botching A Coup In Venezuala

Jan. 24 2019

The Rabbi's Impossible Messiah

The Rabbi's Impossibe Messiah

Feb. 01 2019

Christie Sticks It To Kushner

Christie Sticks It To Kushner

Jan. 03 2019

A One State Strategy

A One State Solution Strategy

  Jan. 15 2019

Has Trump Fired Bolton Tet?

Has Trump Fired Bolton Yet?

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