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The enclosed works of the Patriots are presented as a sharing of knowledge.  PLEASE USE THEIR WORKS AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Several of the Treatises, Briefs, and Opinions are very lengthy.  I would like to encourage you to "bookmark" this Page, "save" the files to your Computer Hard Drive (just in case they disappear), and print a "hard copy" to study.  Please share the works of the Patriots with your friends and neighbors.

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United States Constitution

Index Page - Non-Existant Amendments  

Non-Existant Amendments to Constitution
      for The United States of America
Vatican Assassins: Wounded in the House of My Friends
Thirteenth Amendment
Fourteenth Amendment
Sixteenth Amendment
Seventeeth Amendment

Election Fraud of November 3, 2020

Index Page - Title of Nobility Amendment

Court Documents
Demon of Discord
The Code for the State of Virginia
The Missing Amendment
The TONA Amendment

Index Page - U.S. Constitution, 14th Amendment
                        A Law That Never Existed

Court Documents
Historical Documents
House and Senate Journals of the States
Miscellaneous Documents
U.S. Constitution
U.S. House and Senate Journals
U.S. Statutes

U.S. Constitution, 16th Amendment
            A Law That Never Existed
                  (A Legal Brief)

Admission of 'Ohio' into the Union
           Admitted into the Union in 1950
                  (U.S. House and Senate Reports) 
Reserved Powers of the States
"State Powers" under Article X of the Bill of Rights
The call to convene the "Committee of States"
"State Nullification of (defacto) Constitutional Amendments
Internal Revenue

Index Page - IRS Documents and Articles

An IRS Attorney's Opinion
BATF/IRS Criminal Report
Court Cases
Defeated Legal Arguments
Frivolous Tax Arguments
History of the Sixteenth Amendment
IRS 1993 ADP Transaction Codes
IRS Liens and Levies
Just Who Or What Is This "IRS?"
Letter to IRS Agent Gary Comnick
Liberty - Your Right To Make A Living
Ponsford's Letter to IRS
The case of "Burnett v. Commissioner"
The Federal Register -
       Adoption of IRS Forms
The Federal Zone:
       Cracking the Code of Internal Revenue
The IRS "Pink Papers"
The Mark of the Beast
The Tax Exempt Church
The UCC Connection
True History
U.S. Social Security -
       The Ultimate Delusion
Who and What is the IRS?

Emergency Powers of the United States

Index Page - Emergency Powers

CRS Report for Congress
FEMA - The Secret Government
Letter of John B. Nelson
Policy Analysis
Senate Report 93-549
The Bankruptcy of the United States
The Lieber Code
The Militarization of United States
      Civilian Law Enforcement
The Story of the "Buck Act"
The United States under National Emergency

Secret Societies

Index Page - Illuminati and Council on Foreign Relations

Books of Eustace Mullins
Brother Nathanael Kapner Foundation
Council on Foreign Relations
      Membership List
Myron Fagan on the Illuminati
New World Order Map
Secrets of the Federal Reserve
Some of the issues the American
      Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) supports
The Historical Influence
      of International Banking
The International Jew
The Jewish Power Structure
The New Age and the Illuminati
The Protocols of the Elders of Zion
The Protocols of the Elders of Zion -
      (A Letter)
The World Order
Tri Lateral Commission Membership List
U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater

Banks and Banking

Index Page - Money and the Federal Reserve Banks

Billions$ for the Bankers -
       Debts for the People
Creating Money is a Taxing Operation
Federal Reserve Bank Notes
       Declared Un-Constitutional
Memorandum of Law -
       The Money Issue
Money Facts  (Q & A)
Primer on Money, A
Rip-Off by the Federal Reserve
Secrets of the Federal Reserve
The Forgotten Role of
       the Constitution in
       Monetary Law
The Great Banking Deception
The Historical Influence
       of International Banking

My Favorite Page Links

Index Page - Favorite Page Links

Holy Bible, Church, and Religion

Index Page - The Church and the Holy Bible

Antichrist Conspiracy
Holy Bible in Audio Scriptures
       for America
Mural Painting of  the Resurrection
       of Jesus Christ our Savior
Oh Come, Let Us Adore Who??
Professor Walter Veith on
       Holy Bible Prophecy
Roman Empire Rules World Today
Star Wars
The Anti-Gospel
The Author of the Holy Bible
The International Jew
The Mark of the Beast
The National Sunday Law
The Protocols of the Elders of Zion
The Tax Exempt Church
The Writings of
       Minister Sheldon Emery
Thomas Edison and the Jew
Two Gods and Two Testaments
       or One God One Bible
Vatican Assassins: Wounded in the House of My Friends
We Are Not Anti-Semitic
Webster and the term "Jew"
World's Last Chance Prophetic Videos

Courts and Law

Index Page - Legal Briefs and other Documents

An IRS Attorney's Opinion
Background Studies In American Law
Citizen's Rule Book
Commercial Liens
Conversation with a Marriage
       License Bureau
Duty of the Jury
Epperly vs. Potter & Cribley
Hiding Behind the BAR
Invisible Contracts
Jurisdictional Warfare
Law of Nations
Legal Briefs On The Right To Travel
Legal System v. Law System
Liberty - Your Right To  Make A Living
Memorandum of Law on the Name
Modern Robber Barons
Mortgage Fraud
Nazi Gun Law in the United States
Opinion of Judge Black,
       (November 20, 1860)
Strawman - The Nature of the Cage
Taking Away Firearms
Tax Cases
The Anti-Government Movement Guidebook
The BAR Card
The Becraft Briefs
The Case of "Newdow v. Congress"
The Case of "Stratemyer v. Hancock
      Insurance Company"
The Mark of the Beast
The Secret Of The Special
       Maritime Jurisdiction
The UCC Connection
Trial by Jury
U.S. Constitution "State Powers"
Who Is Running America?
Woe Unto You Lawyers

Other Items of Interest

Index Page - Items of Interest

Articles by Lee Brobst
Alaska Marijuana Ballot Initiative
Constitution of the
      Newstates of America
Federalism Unmasked
Houston Law Review
      (Pledge of Allegiance)
I'm Taking Action
Inherent National Bankruptcy
Israel's Secret Illegal
Letter - Marijuana Ballot Initiatives
Marijuana (Litigation)
Myron Fagan on the Illuminati
Nuclear Weapons
Obama's Health Care  (Flow Chart)
Our Enemy, The State
Our Flag
Pronouns in the
     United States Constitution
Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
The Death of Common Sense
The Flag Code
The Globalization of United States
      Domestic Land Use Policy
The Protocols of the Elders of Zion
The Pledge Of Allegiance
The Secret of the Special
      Maritime Jurisdiction
The Truth About Abraham Lincoln
The United States isn't a Country;
      it is a Corporation!
The Vision of George Washington
U.S. Constitution "State Powers"
U.S. Legal History
U.S.  v.  U.S.  v.  United States
Welcome to the New World Order
Whether You Like Him Or Hate Him
Women in Public Offices of
     the United States

Index Page - Audio Files

Benjamin H. Freedman
Health Care  (Mike Laverne)
Introduction to Abatements
Jurisdictional Warfare
John F. Kennedy
Paul Harvey
Conspiracy Speeches
Mark Laverine interviews Neurosurgeon
Myron Fagan on the Illuminati and
      Council on Foreign Relations
Red Skelton  (Pledge of Allegiance)
Scriptures for America
The Sovietization of America

Index Page - Video Files

All Wars are Banker's Wars
Argentina (PowerPoint Presentation)
Best of Ray Stevens
Break The Bonds Of Tyranny
Brother Nathanael Kapner Videos
Collapse of Western Economy
David Duke Videos
Fall of the Republic
History Channel - Secrete Societies
History Channel - America,
       The Story Of Us
History Channel - Sniper
Illuminati and CFR  (Myron Fagan)
Illuminati and Witchcraft  (John Todd)
Make Mine Freedom
Money As Debt
Money Masters
Mural Painting of the Resurrection
      of Jesus Christ our Savior
Nazi Occult
Open Letter to President Obama
Pledge of Allegiance
Professor Walter Veith on
        Holy Bible Prophecy
Revolutionary Holocaust
Roman Empire Rules World Today
Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecy
Strawman - The Nature of the Cage
Telling it like it is - UK Style
The Corporation
The End of America
The Forbidden Book
The Government
The Man Who Knew To Much
The Obama Deception
The Other Israel
The Satanic Vatican and Illuminati
The Secrete of Oz
The Zionist Story
Thirty little known facts
      about America
This Is How Israel Controls
      Your Media
We The People
World's Last Chance Prophetic Videos

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